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BRIEF: Nobody Puts Baby In A Binder

What the Flip?
It might seem like it should be against the law to flip-flop on your abortion stance the way Mitt Romney does, but it’d just be unconstitutional to take away his right to choose what’s best for him and his situation.

Moderately Offensive
Even after receiving pressure from both campaigns to not do her job as moderator by, y’know, moderating, Candy Crowley didn’t let anything get in the way of showing them who’s boss at the Presidential Debate last night. Further proof that if you need a job done right, you gotta call a woman. Which should be easy since Mitt Romney’s got binders full of ‘em! Hey-o!

Nobody Puts Baby In A Binder
Ladies, our “issues” are totes becoming a primary focus of the Presidential race, with both candidates desperately trying to appeal to women voters. Dang, my back hurts from having this entire election resting on my shoulders.

Wow, Anti-choicers. Just Wow.
An anti-choice activist group called “Live Action” has been setting up hoax meetings with women’s health organizations, posing as big time donors as an attempt to get deets on their political strategies. They could not be reached to comment. Perhaps they were too busy setting up sting operations at homeless shelters.

1 in 3
Although we live in a world where elected officials are constantly telling you otherwise, this article shows that having an abortion does not, in fact, mean you’re damaged goods. Make sure Todd Akin’s sitting down when he hears this.

Like a Boss
Deb Butler still ain’t havin’ none of that mandated transvaginal wand crap. In her recent campaign ad, she calls out her opponent for North Carolina state senate (who is pro-aforementioned crap) by wielding the wand and basically asking “What the hell, guy?”

Joe Says the Darndest Things
Joe Walsh said something super sexist about opponent Tammy Duckworth (AGAIN), but then proceeded to get oh-so-very owned by the legend herself. Seriously, Illinois. If you don’t vote for Tammy in two weeks, we’re not friends anymore.

Faith in NH
As if being the only chance at having a pro-choice female governor in the entire country wasn’t reason enough to vote for Maggie Hassan, this outstanding editorial lists every other reason that she needs to be elected. C’mon, New Hampshire. You can so do this.

Y’know Who Gets A Bad Rap? Rapists.
Wisconsin State Representative Roger Rivard thought, “This is totally an acceptable thing to say” and told a newspaper that he tried to avoid premarital sex because his dad warned him “some girls rape easy.” He’s also being endorsed by fellow gross-human-being Paul Ryan, because of course he is.

Tammy Vs. Tommy
Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin showed opponent Tommy Thompson how it’s done, outraising him by a million friggin’ dollars this quarter. This could have something to do with Tammy running a “spirited campaign” while Thompson’s campaign surrogate has been caught saying he’d like to “send Obama back to Kenya.” Not cool, bro.

New Props for Newell
The DLCC recognizes a rockstar when they see one. They listed Colorado State Senate incumbent Linda Newell as an “essential race” since she “won by fewer than 200 votes” the first time around and “this year’s race is shaping up to be equally close.” Gah! Help a sister out?

Operation: MsRepresentation
Every group of friends has a know-it-all…give your friends a shot this election cycle by telling them to sign up for Operation: MsRepresentation! Not only will they have access to the latest election deets, but studies show your love life will improve by 93.7%.

BRIEF: He Who Must Not Be Named

Only 27 Days Until the Election!

Partied Like It Was Our Birthday
So, the WTF Awards were beyond amazing. We laughed (heehee, that lady said “testicles”), we cried (wahh, Rush Limbaugh exists), we ate cupcakes (ill-advised to do all three things at once). Couldn’t attend but still want to make a difference in this election? It seriously takes like, two seconds. Here’s what you may have missed while MsRep was party rockin’ last week…

He Who Must Not Be Named
Congressman Voldemort Todd Akin tried the thing where he says words that don’t offend everyone within earshot. He failed miserably.

Pretty Fluke’ing Awesome
Sandra Fluke continues to be an exemplary women’s rights warrior, but you already knew that.

Dammit, Science
In this anti-contraception ad made by some nuns in Ohio, you’ll be shocked to learn that “contracepting” (yup.) will ruin your pheromones and make your husband leave you for another man. Nuns: Experts on dude love and the English language!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!
…When you wield the powers of deductive reasoning. Turns out, more access to birth control results in fewer abortions. Mind = blown.

Pro-Life, Sort Of
Roughly 47,000 women die (and millions more are seriously injured) every year from unsafe abortions, which are due to the lack of legal abortion services. Well, this just makes the whole “pro-life” thing awkward.

I Got Homes In Different Area Codes
Don’t you hate it when you forget how many houses you own? Wisconsin voters apparently aren’t super fond of the fact that U.S Senate candidate Tommy Thompson couldn’t recall all of his properties and forgot about his $1.3 million condo (oops?). Sheesh, good thing Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has a big ol’ lead in the polls.

Australia Don’t Play That
Prime Minister Julia Gillard was all “Oh hell nah” to Tony Abbott—Australia’s Leader of the Opposition, who has a history of being misogynistic. After he thought it’d be cool to question her as a leader by making fun of the fact that her father recently passed away (who says chivalry’s dead?), homegirl proceeded to unleash a 15 minute pro-women verbal smackdown in the front of the House of Reps.

Goin’ HAM in New Hampshire
Former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter is no stranger to being a beacon of awesomeness (like when she pulled out an upset victory over an incumbent to win her first race for Congress) and currently has a solid lead in the polls. But this is no time to get comfy, New Hampshire…

Too Close for Kuster’s Comfort
Ann McLane Kuster, on the other hand, has an ever-so-slight lead over her opponent.  If there were ever a time that she needed your help to win, it’s now (especially since she lost her race in 2010 by 1 freakin’ percent!!!).

500K Ain’t No Thang
Dude, way to go Florida. Val Demings raised $500,000 in the last three months, all thanks to “the men and women…who are chipping in $10 and $20 at a time to support [her] campaign.” This race is definitely within reach, folks, so keep it comin’!

BRIEF: Sexist and I Know It

Only 39 Days Until the Election!

Whoop! There She Is!
Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has built some serious momentum, and is currently tied with incumbent Scott Brown—despite his supporters’ racist attempts at being clever by mocking her with Native American war whoops. Charming.

Stabenow Rather Than Later
In more great Senate news, Debbie Stabenow currently holds a 50% to 34% lead over former Congressman Pete Hoekstra. Michigan, it’s Erie how Superior Debbie is to her opponent—you can trust Huron that. Or my name’s Ontario.

Winning in Wisconsin
We aren’t done with the awesome Senate news (which women are currently running for in record numbers)… a new poll shows that Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has pulled ahead by 9 points! No big deal. She’ll just be the first woman Senator from Wisconsin and first openly gay Senator in the history of EVER.

What a N00t
Newt Gingrich made a super hilarious joke and said we all have the “moral obligation” to support Congressman Todd Akin. Oh Newt, you slay me! As if we would vote for a WTF Award nominee instead of the amazing Claire McCaskill for U.S. Senate.

Not So New News
Missouri made St. Louis-based State Representative Stacey Newman have a re-do primary since she had only won by 1 vote, so this time she won by 1,861 votes. Perhaps the overwhelming win had something to do with her habit of defending women’s rights in the most badass manner possible, like when she voted against an abortion ban and then told the governor, “I also want to remind you what birth control is and what it means to women in Missouri. Birth control determines every woman’s social, economic, and political equality. Every. Single. Woman.” In. Your. Face.

Empire State of Mind
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter just received an endorsement from Citizen Action of New York, which is known for fighting for affordable health care for all, regardless of gender. Said Slaughter, “Their record of winning…hard-fought battles…is truly remarkable, and I’m looking forward to fighting many of more of these battles.” Ay, we’re votin’ here!

Go Biggert or Go Home
Congresswoman Judy Biggert (IL-13) is in a super tight race with her opponent, but this handy-dandy gigantic endorsement should help. It’s tough work being a pro-choice Republican, but someone’s gotta do it!

Bad News Bears
Montana, get your voting caps on for Kim Gillan who’s trailing in her race (to represent y’all in the House of Reps) by 9 points. However, she’s been doing a great job getting her message across in debates, and with several more scheduled before the election, it’s definitely still up for grabs!

Arizona: Vote Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
Vernon Parker has been avoiding a debate with Congressional candidate Kyrsten Sinema at all costs. Understandable, though, since it’s probably hard to speak eloquently with such an anti-choice, anti-women mouth.

I’m Sexist and I Know It
John Norris has written a must-read article, asking the question that everyone else is afraid to ask: Is America ready for a male Secretary of State? It’s not that we don’t like men or anything…it’s just that they should know their place, y’know?

Everyday I’m Rafflin’
Last call for tickets to our WTF Awards! Seriously, guys. Free Drinks. Delicious appetizers. Chillin’ with elected officials and candidates galore. And a huge raffle—filled with gift certificates, signed memorabilia, and booze. Come WTF the night away in the classiest way possible!

BRIEF: Why You Mad, Bro?

Why Is This A Thing That Is Happening?
Despite Todd Akin’s uncanny ability to offend women, rape victims, and biologists all at one time (thereby earning himself a “WTF Award” nomination!), his race with WCF-endorsed Senator Claire McCaskill is a close one. Missouri, you need to find a legitimate way to shut that whole thing down.

Speak of the Devil
Lulli Akin compared how the GOP has distanced themselves from hubby Todd Legit-Rape Akin to “when the colonists,” (please keep reading, dear reader) “rose up and said, ‘Not in my home. You don’t come and rape my daughters.” Ridiculous, nonsensical rape comments must run in the family.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts…
WCF-endorsed candidate Elizabeth Warren has closed in on Scott Brown in the polls with a tie! Homeboy’s recent dip in popularity may have something to do with his stance on abortion being more ambiguous than the third season of Lost.

Old Boys Girls Club
This year has seen more female congressional candidates than ever! Probably because, as Karen Middleton—the President of Emerge America—observed, “Women are pretty frustrated with what they’re seeing…We tend to be problem solvers.” Which works out, since there’s hella problems to be solved.

Islanders Are People Too
Turns out, even women who live in the Canadian Maritimes need access to abortions. But because these women have had to travel to the mainland in order to do so, Shannon Hardy has started Maritime Abortion Services Support, giving them the options that every woman should have. Remember what we said about women solving problems?

Even More Problem Solving
Missouri lawmakers tried to loop-hole their way out of making insurance companies cover contraception, but a women labor union was like, “Um…that’s a direct violation of federal law…” and sued them. Touché. Missouri, DON’T make us nominate you for a “WTF Award!” We’ll totally do it.

Wait a Minute, Doc…
Ohio Governor John Kasich’s DeLorean got stuck in the 1950’s when he started babbling about how “the politician” is always on the road while women are “at home doing the laundry.” Hey, here’s something Tide will never be able to bleach out: sexism.

Virginia is for Liars?
“I love complying with medically-unnecessary restrictions that are forced on me due to my gender,” said no one ever.

Why You Mad, Bro?
In response to Congressman Joe Walsh’s accusation that she needs to stop acting “entitled” and “get a job,” women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke told him to please shut the hell up (but, a little more eloquently than that). Let’s put Walsh out of his women-hating misery by voting WCF-endorsed Tammy Duckworth into office instead.

What do a court in Idaho and MsRep have in common? When we heard about the single mother of three who bought pregnancy-terminating medication since there were no abortion providers anywhere close, neither one of us thought, “Yeah, let’s imprison her.”

And the Award Goes To…
“WTF Award” nominee Jan Brewer is starting to look like a shoe-in, y’all!

Last Call!
The nominees for our “WTF Awards” have been announced! Take a look, cast your vote, and get your tickets! This is going to be a night you won’t wanna miss.

BRIEF: Call the Waambulance

This Is How We Do It!
Congrats to WCF-endorsed candidates Maggie Hassan, Carol Shea-Porter, and Ann McLane Kuster for their victorious primaries last night! C’mon New Hampshire, just one more election and you’ll have three rockstar women reppin’ you in office—not to mention, if Hassan is elected, she’ll be the ONLY pro-choice woman Governor in the country. Make MsRep proud!

Will the Real Joe Walsh Please Shut Up?
Remember that time Congressman Joe Walsh said WCF-endorsed candidate Tammy Duckworth was not a “real hero” (oh, P.S., she’s an Iraq War veteran)? Well, apparently Joe wasn’t quite done, recently attacking Duckworth by saying she’s only “interested in…which outfit she’ll be wearing.” You mean besides the Army uniform she wore when she was literally fighting for your freedom? Jerk.

And He Rages On
The class act also told Georgetown Law graduate and women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke to “get a job”…because in between campaigning alongside the President and being a featured speaker at the DNC, the girl’s a real slacker. What’s this guy’s deal with women who get the job done? There are therapists that can help with that, buddy.

Call the Waambulance
After WCF-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren signed a passerby’s Native American cookbook, radio host Howie Carr went on a weird (and racist) women-hating tirade, asking, “How often does Fauxchahontas wear that pink-red thing she’s got on? Granny…you can afford to buy some new clothes.” Seriously, guys. Therapy.

Scary Larry
When WCF-endorsed candidate Lisa Sprague, running for Leon County Sheriff in Florida, went to shake opponent Larry Campbell’s hand after a candidate forum, he responded with a “F–k you!” Classy. Side note: he also said he would totally love to shoot her. Florida, please don’t let this guy out in public, much less in office.

Fingers Crossed and Purses Out
WCF-endorsed candidate Carrie Woerner is setting herself up for a successful November election for the New York Assembly’s 113th District, outraising her opponent (an incumbent) $47,000 to $16,182, with $22,525 coming out of her own pocket. “Putting my money into my campaign signals I have skin in the game.” Carrie’s running with her purse, and you can help her out by voting with yours.

Hopes Are High For NY
WCF-endorsed candidates Bridget Fleming, Cecilia Tkaczyk, and Nily Rozic are gearing up for their primaries tomorrow for Southampton Town Board, New York State Senate, and New York Assembly’s 25th District, respectively. And with New York lagging in the the number of women serving in the state legislature (31st place! WTH?), it’s high time we get these ladies into office.

Break Me Off a Piece of That Title X
Sad news in Tennessee: Not only do local officials continue to strip funding for Planned Parenthood, but they’ve been reallocating the funds to organizations that refuse to provide abortions, or even refer women to another clinic that does. Give Tennessee a damn break!

Don’t Bring the Missus
Mississippi lawmakers continue their cherished tradition of lame-saucing with their latest anti-choice law, HB 1390. At the ONE clinic that they have left in the entire state, doctors who provide abortion care are now required to have all kinds of burdensome certifications, in addition to having admitting privileges at a local hospital—even though every hospital has denied their requests so far. Mississippi, you’re beggin’ for a “WTF” Award.

Not-So-Kool Aid
Although she lost her primary last Thursday, a big congrats to Elizabeth Childs on a hard fought race for Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional District. Former Rep. Claudine Schneider had some insight on how tough it is to be a pro-choice Republican candidate, saying that many members of Congress “have drunk the Kool-Aid that makes them think it is more important to win than to do what is right by ending discrimination.” In that case, let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of Childs.

What Comes Before Part B?
Paaartaay!…MsRep would apologize for that terrible joke, but she’s too busy getting ready for her birthday celebration at WCF’s 23rd Annual DC Parties of Your Choice Gala on October 2nd at Union Station. If cupcakes, comp’d drinks, and hanging out with Congresswomen sound up your alley, get your tickets ASAP!

BRIEF: You Have the Right to Remain Silent

On A Sexist Roll
Fresh off his delightful rape-is-totally-the-same-as-wedlock quote, U.S. Senate candidate from Pennsylvania Tom Smith told a female reporter that, because she was talking to another woman, he assumed they were discussing shoes. He was probably also confused that she was reporting on his campaign at all and wasn’t, y’know, in a kitchen.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent
U.S. Senate candidate from North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp has an opponent that doesn’t think life is quite difficult enough for victims of rape or incest. In fact, he wants to throw them in jail if they get an abortion. Uhm…MsRep must have missed the episode of Law and Order: SVU when they put the RAPE VICTIM behind bars.

My Body, My Choice, Obvs.
Major highlight from the Democratic National Convention last night: Michelle Obama talked about how the government should probably mind its own business when it comes to someone else’s uterus, saying, “Women are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and our health care.” Hm…maybe she’s onto something, Romney.

Come Together, Right Now, Over Mitt
The one thing that brings people from every part of the political spectrum together: the realization that Mitt Romney’s constantly changing views on abortion are cray.

Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote
There’s something seriously jacked up when doctors are saying it was easier to perform abortions in the 60’s (when it was ILLEGAL) than today. We have a slight inkling that that’s not really what the Supreme Court had in mind.

Children are the Future
Unless they accidently get pregnant. Then they’re on their own.

20,000 Rapes = BFD!
Congressman Roscoe Bartlett explained his anti-choice views last Thursday by saying the number of women who get pregnant from rape is too “tiny” to worry about. 20,000 women a year beg to differ, jerk.

You go, CO-CO!
Colorado’s personhood movement was a whopping 4,000 signatures short of getting their proposal on the November ballot, making it the SECOND unsuccessful such attempt. You know the ol’ saying…if at first you don’t succeed—fail, fail again.

Esty’s Estimates
Recent polls show WCF endorsed-candidate Elizabeth Esty with a 9 point lead over her opponent. This is no time to get comfy, Connecticut. We gotta get out those purses ASAP and vote!

Gut Check Time
With only about a week left before WCF endorsed-candidate Nily Rozic’s primary, she’s using every last moment to try to secure New York’s 25th Assembly District seat. Shrugging off her opponent prior campaign experience, i.e., his previous failed runs (plural) for office, Rozic said “I don’t wait in line.” Atta girl! You can come in the clutch for Nily by voting with your purse!

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
Former WCF woman-in-office Gabrielle Giffords may have resigned her seat from Congress earlier this year, but she’s found a way to stay in the game by forming the new “Gabby PAC.” Said Giffords, “[This] PAC will…support candidates who are dedicated to…commonsense,” and probably those who NEVER give up, no matter what.

Party Like It’s 2012!
Do you like cocktails? How about scrumptious food? How about making fun of sexist dumb-dumbs who have way too much power? How about getting those dumb-dumbs OUT of power by voting for awesome pro-choice women? Then you should totes join MsRep at Union Station on October 2nd for this year’s “Parties of Your Choice Gala,” where we’re gonna bring in da noise—and possibly even da funk.

BRIEF: Back To School Sale on Pregnancy Tests

Back To School Sale on Pregnancy Tests
A charter school in Louisiana is now forcing girls to take a new kind of test. Under their new policy, girls are required to take pregnancy tests if they are suspected of being pregnant. Any student who is pregnant will be forced to go on home study. Don’t want to take the test? No problem, they’ll just assume the worst and kick you out anyway. Oh also, they get to pick your doctor. MsRep is giving the Delhi Charter School a big, fat F.

High Fives All Around
Some congrats are in order! First of all, props to WCF- endorsed candidate Representative Stacey Newman for winning the seat to represent Missouri’s 87th District by ONE FREAKIN’ VOTE! And let’s not forget about WCF-endorsed candidates Laura Ruderman and Crystal Williams for running great races even though they didn’t advance in the elections for Washington’s 1st Congressional District and Missouri’s Senate, respectively. All of these races show how important it is for you to get to the polls…and while you’re at it, whip out your purse!

More Good News
And give it up for Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who was the first Muslim woman to be elected to the Michigan legislature back in 2008 and won the primary for the 6th District in Michigan’s House of Representatives last night. MsRep is always less than thrilled when two rock star women candidates have to duke it out, but Rashida’s always been a go-getter that won’t let her constituents down. Bonus: she’s ok saying the word vagina.

Hacking into Women’s Rights
Last week, a cyber-security(?!?) bill failed to pass in the U.S. Senate when some members offered amendments repealing the Affordable Care Act and banning abortion in D.C. after 20 weeks. Senator Joe Lieberman decried the bill “yet another vehicle for partisan ideological shots at one another.” Bah, who uses the Internet anyway?

Not Akin to Akin
In Missouri, WCF woman-in-office U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill has been facing extreme negative advertising from PACs, depicting her as “bloated, sometimes goofy, sometimes exhausted.” Meanwhile, her GOP opponent, Todd Akin, has been leading the charge to strip federal Title X funding from Planned Parenthood, and aggressively supported a measure to undermine a woman’s right to purchase private health insurance plans that cover abortion care. If Akin beats McCaskill in the upcoming election, MsRep thinks everyone will be pretty Missouri-able.

He’s the PITTS
In the ongoing battle to defund Planned Parenthood, North Carolina State Representative Larry Pittman claimed the organization was “bloody, indecent, [and] immoral.” You know what’s indecent? Not letting women make informed, independent decisions about health, sex, and family planning. You know what’s immoral? Shutting down an organization that provides life saving health screenings. Want to get rid of the Pitt-falls of this state? Check out some exceptional women running for office in North Carolina, including Patsy, Janet, Elaine, and Deborah.

Gushing over Gillibrand
WCF woman-in-office U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
held a fundraiser last week asking her donors not to support her reelection campaign. Instead, Gillibrand asked supporters to funnel more money into getting more women in office. As the Senator put it, “If we had 50% of women in Congress, we would not be debating contraception. We would be debating the economy, small business, jobs, national security — everything but.” AMEN.

After getting endorsed last week by President Bill Clinton, WCF-endorsed candidate Tarryl Clark was endorsed last week by the Star Tribune, one of Minnesota’s largest papers, in her bid for 6th Congressional District. The paper said, “Clark alone has shown that she can operate effectively in today’s rough-and-tumble partisan lawmaking environment.” MsRep is no astrologist, but she thinks the stars are aligning for Clark.

If at First You Don’t Succeed…
MsRep was a little surprised to learn that 2010 was the “Year of the Woman.” Don’t get us wrong, it’s nice to see both Democrats and Republicans cheering the fact that more women were running for office than ever before. But here’s the funny thing…in 2010 women actually lost seats in Congress. So you can understand if MsRep is a little skeptical when she hears 2012 bandied about as the Year of the Woman Seriously We Mean It This Time. Want to make 2012 a banner year for women? Then vote with your friggin’ purse.

Liar, Liar
As MsRep mentioned last week, Texas is proposing a new rule that would prohibit doctors in the Women’s Health Program from even discussing abortions with their patients. This week, five groups of over 47,000 physicians and medical students wrote a letter to the Texas Department of State Health Services saying the rule would “jeopardize medical ethics and doctors’ relationships with their patients.” Ya THINK?!?

What’s Black and White and Read Four Times Over?
MsRep extends her congratulations to WCF-endorsed candidate Elizabeth Esty for winning the endorsements of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR newspapers! The New York Times, The Hartford Courant, the Danbury-News-Times, and The Register Citizen all selected Esty as their Democrat in the race for Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District, and two even called for her opponent, Chris Donovan, to pull out of the race following a scandal. Esty has had a handful of very vocal detractors, but maybe this will shut them up.

No Signs of Slowing Down for Sutton
WCF-endorsed candidate Congresswoman Betty Sutton
is leading a tight race against anti-choice Congressman Jim Renacci, holding on to a 42 to 40 percent lead. The race for Ohio’s 16th Congressional District is (Sutt)ON!

Violence Against (Some) Women Act
Senator Bill Grassley (R-Iowa) and Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington) butted heads on the Senate floor last week over the inclusion of LGBT and immigrant women in the Violence Against Women Act. Senator Grassley stormed out in the middle of Senator Murray’s remarks, citing the inclusion of these women in the bill as “political.” Political? Grassley, I think you mispronounced “common sense.”

Reason to ReJoyce!
WCF-endorsed candidate Joyce Healy-Abrams, who is campaigning to represent Ohio’s 7th Congressional District, has been endorsed by National Famers Union and the Ohio Education Association. She’s always been such a B.A.!

Winning Gold Isn’t Ladylike
In an article about U.S. Olympic gold medalists in Judo, Andrew Brown questioned whether the sport was “wholesome” since the women show “pure, fierce… aggression,” and compared it to “two drunken women bashing” each other outside of a bar. Don’t you hate it when those silly girls think they can do the same things as men…like vote and play sports? Speaking of sports…

Blowing the Whistle on Sexism
Tomorrow, for the first time in NFL history, a woman will be on the field refereeing the game. NFL, your call for forward progress is very audible, and MsRep is glad you went for this touchdown instead of sitting on the sidelines. Ohh, snap! …Okay. We’re done.