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A blog from WCF about the state of women and politics

About Us

Women and Politics is the blog of the Women's Campaign Forum (WCF). Founded in 1974, WCF is the only non-partisan political venture capitalist organization supporting women leaders at all levels of office, during the earliest stages of their public life. Our goal on Women and Politics is to give a real-world perspective into the world of women and politics: From the barriers women face in making the decision to run, to the sexism they encounter as candidates, to the institutional "good ol' boys" club in our government. We know that the strength and future of our nation depends on women achieving equal leadership. More and more research shows that women in higher power means greater success. The battle to achieve gender equality in elected office has, unfortunately, only just begun. There are 500,000 elected positions in this country, and only a fraction are held by women.
  • Women only make up 17% of members of Congress
  • State legislatures only have 23.5% women
  • Women hold 22% of state senate seats and 24% of state house seats
We have a long way to go—and we won't get there unless we motivate our country to elect more women to public office. Who Needs More Women in Government? Everyone.