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Cheap cialis tablets

This post was submitted by Kristen Kiewiet de Jonge, cheap cialis tablets, WCF Communications Fellow.

Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Carolyn Maloney

Several women in Congress have recently been passed over for key leadership positions, cheap cialis tablets, including Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Carolyn Maloney for the ranking position on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Wasserman Shultz will be a Vice-Chairman at the DCCC with expanded responsibilities under Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Steve Israel. Cheap cialis tablets, Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Carolyn Maloney lost out to Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Elijah Cummings in a vote undertaken by the House Democratic Caucus. 

Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Maloney was passed over because the White House reportedly preferred Cummings for the position.  The NY Daily News observed that

“…even though Maloney has more seniority [, cheap cialis tablets,] Cummings is well-liked, cheap cialis tablets, and his colleagues believe he can be a star on TV opposite the aggressive [Republican Darrell] Issa.  Insiders who backed Maloney thought legislators overlooked her chops with legislation, cheap cialis tablets, procedure and technical details that she could use to jam Issa.”

WCF President Sam Bennett signed a letter urging House members to vote for Maloney on Wednesday, cheap cialis tablets, along with leaders from the Feminist Majority, cheap cialis tablets, National Organization of Women and National Women’s Caucus, cheap cialis tablets, among others. Cheap cialis tablets, Two days after it was announced that Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Ed Towns would be stepping down from the position, cheap cialis tablets, members voted in Cummings by 119-61.

The reasons for passing over Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Wasserman Schultz for Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Steve Israel are less clear, cheap cialis tablets, especially because of her prolific fundraising. Cheap cialis tablets, Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Wasserman Schultz raised $8 million for the DCCC during the last election, cheap cialis tablets, while Rep. Cheap cialis tablets, Israel raised $3 million.  Regarding her involvement with the DCCC, cheap cialis tablets, she said

It’s never been about the title as much as rolling up my sleeves and doing the work. If you put in the time and effort, cheap cialis tablets, you get the result. Cheap cialis tablets, I am 44. Cheap cialis tablets, … Cheap cialis tablets, I am not in a tremendous hurry.”

Setbacks for both Reps. Cheap cialis tablets, Wasserman Schultz and Maloney diminish the standing and representation of women in Congress, cheap cialis tablets, especially during a time when Democrats have no women chairing major House committees.

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Cialis sale

Rep. Cialis sale, Allyson Schwartz and Rep. Cialis sale, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

This post was submitted by Kristen Kiewiet de Jonge, cialis sale, WCF Communications Fellow.

Strategic planning for the 2012 election cycle is fully underway at the DCCC. Cialis sale, Top Democrats including Rep. Cialis sale, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL), cialis sale, Rep. Cialis sale, Allyson Schwartz (PA), cialis sale, Rep. Cialis sale, Mike Ross (AK), cialis sale, Rep. Cialis sale, Donna Edwards (MD), cialis sale, Rep. Cialis sale, Ben Ray Lujan (NM), cialis sale, and Rep. Cialis sale, Tim Ryan (OH), cialis sale, met yesterday to discuss recruitment plans and battleground district opportunities. Cialis sale, According to Politico, cialis sale,

A major complicating factor for both parties, cialis sale, as they shape their 2012 battle plans, cialis sale, is that next year’s redistricting process could dramatically change the contours of the congressional map.

WCF urges the recruitment committee to integrate the inclusion of more women into its strategy for the upcoming election.  Committee members are encouraged to identify new opportunities for the recruitment of women candidates because the percentage of women in Congress decreased to a paltry 16.6% in this year’s election. Cialis sale, It is essential to the health and future of our country that 50% of our population have equal power and leadership.

Photo credit: Studio08denver, cialis sale, Flickr

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Viagra without a prescription

This post was submitted by Kristen Kiewiet de Jonge, viagra without a prescription, WCF Communications Fellow.

We should all thank House Speaker-elect John Boehner for crying because his interview on 60 Minutes has ignited debate over a sexist double standard in politics. Viagra without a prescription, On ABC’s The View, viagra without a prescription, Barbara Walters criticized Boehner for having “an emotional problem, viagra without a prescription,” and Emily’s List questioned whether it would affect his power as a politician. Viagra without a prescription, Among a host of others, viagra without a prescription, Ruth Marcus argued for “gender equity” and contemplated the paradox of crying in public, viagra without a prescription, saying, viagra without a prescription,

As a general matter, viagra without a prescription, it is considered more acceptable for girls to cry than for boys, viagra without a prescription, less humiliating for women than for men. Viagra without a prescription, For public figures, viagra without a prescription, though, viagra without a prescription, the situation is reversed… Tears are humanizing. Viagra without a prescription, I defy you to watch Boehner struggling to hold in his sobs and not like him better for it. Viagra without a prescription, If anything, viagra without a prescription, Barack Obama could benefit from a bit more crying…So I thought the ladies of “The View” had it wrong - and did women a disservice when they lit into Boehner. Viagra without a prescription, They should have celebrated his tearfulness and argued for gender equity in crying.

The problem with Marcus’ argument is that it is not socially acceptable for a woman in politics to cry. Viagra without a prescription, Competing issues are at work here—the construction of masculinity, viagra without a prescription, the projection of such onto the political space, viagra without a prescription, the necessity of sincerity and the requirements of being taken seriously as a woman in politics. Viagra without a prescription, Showing some emotion in public is socially acceptable, viagra without a prescription, crying is not.  Hillary Clinton, viagra without a prescription, for example, viagra without a prescription, appeared slightly emotional once in New Hampshire during the 2008 presidential race—an instance that seemed to garner a few political points. Viagra without a prescription, Pat Schroeder, viagra without a prescription, on the other hand, viagra without a prescription, received harsh criticism for tearfully discontinuing a run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1987. Viagra without a prescription, One critic explained that “her inability to command her emotions when she was making an announcement about the presidency only served to reinforce some basic stereotypes about women running for office – those stereotypes being lack of composure, viagra without a prescription, [and] inability to make tough decisions.” These stereotypes still exist in 2010.

The Name It. Viagra without a prescription, Change It. Viagra without a prescription, campaign uses the tool of reversibility to assess potential cases of sexism in media against women candidates.  In this instance, viagra without a prescription, there has been an absence of questioning over whether or not emotion will affect Boehner’s ability to run the House.  Politico, viagra without a prescription, however, viagra without a prescription, opened a forum yesterday on whether “Boehner’s Tears [are] a Sign of Strength?” It is extremely difficult to imagine the same headline describing a woman.  In the forum, viagra without a prescription, former Rep. Viagra without a prescription, Mickey Edwards, viagra without a prescription, a Republican, viagra without a prescription, even criticized Boehner’s female counterpart, viagra without a prescription, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, viagra without a prescription, for not showing enough emotion. Viagra without a prescription, He wrote that

It’s sad if Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t find in politics, viagra without a prescription, with each vote and policy affecting the lives of so many, viagra without a prescription, moments that touch deeply. Friendships, viagra without a prescription, transitions, viagra without a prescription, all these things reach inside us and make us better people; I hope not to be governed by men or women who are immune to those emotions that make us truly human.

Massachusetts State Rep. Viagra without a prescription, Denise Provost responded that, viagra without a prescription, “Tears may “humanize” some male politicians; [but] they serve to diminish and marginalize female ones.”  We agree and send our thanks to Speaker-elect Boehner for indirectly raising this important issue.

AP Photo/J. Viagra without a prescription, Scott Applewhite

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Cheap cialis online

This post was submitted by Kristen Kiewiet de Jonge, cheap cialis online, WCF Communications Fellow.

ABC News correspondent Elizabeth Vargas reported on the disparity of women in leadership yesterday on Good Morning America, cheap cialis online, quoting recent Catalyst research on the private sector. Two reports conveyed that

• Women held 15.7% of board seats in 2010—only a 0.5 percentage point gain over the 15.2% they held in 2009.
• In both 2009 and 2010, cheap cialis online, more than 50% of companies had at least two women board directors, cheap cialis online, yet more than 10% had no women serving on their boards. Cheap cialis online, The percentage of companies with three or more women board directors also remained flat.
• In 2010, cheap cialis online, women held only 14.4% of Executive Officer positions, cheap cialis online, up from 13.5% in 2009.
• In 2010, cheap cialis online, women Executive Officers held only 7.6% of the top earner positions, cheap cialis online, as compared with 6.3% in 2009.
• In 2009, cheap cialis online, more than two-thirds of companies had at least one woman Executive Officer; this number did not change in 2010. Cheap cialis online, The same held true for companies with no women Executive Officers.

Vargas interviewed CEO of Women for Hire, cheap cialis online, Tory Johnson, cheap cialis online, and National Managing Partner of Deloitte’s Women’s Initiative, cheap cialis online, Barbara Adaci.  Both advised professional women to enlist mentors, cheap cialis online, or sponsors, cheap cialis online, which would advocate for one’s leadership development and career advancement within the workplace.

Catalyst also published a report showing that mentors and/or sponsors have an impact on advancement, cheap cialis online, but men still benefit from them more than women. According to the report, cheap cialis online,

• Men who had a mentor received $9, cheap cialis online,260 more in their first post-MBA job than women with a mentor.
• Men with a mentor were paid $6, cheap cialis online,726 more than men without a mentor.
• Mentoring made less of an impact on women’s compensation. Cheap cialis online, Women with a mentor were paid only $661 more than women without a mentor.

The above report outlines the difference between mentors and sponsors, cheap cialis online, where the latter term is defined as a senior person inside an organization that helps another person advance to senior levels.  Herminia Ibarra pointed out the distinction in an article called “Why Men Still Get More Promotions than Women” in the Harvard Business Review, cheap cialis online, arguing that

All mentoring is not created equal… Cheap cialis online, There is a special kind of relationship—called sponsorship—in which the mentor goes beyond giving feedback and advice and uses his or her influence with senior executives to advocate for the mentee. Cheap cialis online, Our interviews and surveys alike suggest that high-potential women are overmentored and undersponsored relative to their male peers—and that they are not advancing in their organizations. Cheap cialis online, Furthermore, cheap cialis online, without sponsorship, cheap cialis online, women not only are less likely than men to be appointed to top roles but may also be more reluctant to go for them.

However, cheap cialis online, blaming women’s reluctance to pursue leadership roles can only go so far. Cheap cialis online, The Huffington Post picked up the story today and listed 21 companies that exclude women from leadership roles and four that have added a female director since the Catalyst reports were published, cheap cialis online, which include Synnex, cheap cialis online, Virgin Media, cheap cialis online, Philip Morris and Blockbuster.

Two conclusions must be drawn from the research above. Cheap cialis online, Women working in all sectors, cheap cialis online, including business and politics, cheap cialis online, must actively seek out professional sponsors, cheap cialis online, both male and female, cheap cialis online, in order to advance into leadership roles. Cheap cialis online, Employers, cheap cialis online, in addition, cheap cialis online, should make it a priority to be inclusive of women, cheap cialis online, recognizing the importance of diversity in the workplace and the potential that women have to make a positive impact on operations. Research has consistently shown that women in senior management not only increase profitability in the private sector, cheap cialis online, but also positively affect organizational excellence on the whole.

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Buy viagra online

This post was submitted by Kristen Kiewiet de Jonge, buy viagra online, WCF Communications Fellow.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Hundreds of impactful women gathered over the past two days in Washington, buy viagra online, DC for the TEDWomen conference, buy viagra online, an offshoot of the highly-popular annual TED Conference sponsored by the Sapling Foundation.  The program, buy viagra online, designed as an ideas exchange, buy viagra online, featured dozens of dynamic speakers on “how women think and work, buy viagra online, communicate and collaborate, buy viagra online, learn and lead – [and focused on] what this means and why it matters.”  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance to talk about the important role that women play in society, buy viagra online, saying, buy viagra online,

We can already see power of women and girls as agents of change. Buy viagra online, Women’s issues are not women’s issues, buy viagra online, they are humanity’s issues…Give women equal rights, buy viagra online, and an entire nation is more stable, buy viagra online, more secure.

Other speakers included Nancy Pelosi, buy viagra online, Speaker of the House, buy viagra online, Madeline Albright, buy viagra online, Former US Secretary of State, buy viagra online,  Eve Ensler, buy viagra online, feminist activist and founder of V-Day, buy viagra online, Arianna Huffington, buy viagra online, founder of the Huffington Post, buy viagra online, Sia Nyama Koroma, buy viagra online, First Lady of Sierra Leone, buy viagra online, Madame Callista Mutharika, buy viagra online, First Lady of Malawi, buy viagra online, Jacqueline Novogratz, buy viagra online, Acumen Fund philanthropist, buy viagra online, Sally Osberg of the Skoll Foundation, buy viagra online, Judith Rodin, buy viagra online, Rockefeller Foundation philanthropist, buy viagra online, Sheryl Sandberg, buy viagra online, COO of Facebook, buy viagra online, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, buy viagra online, and Tony Porter, buy viagra online, featured below, buy viagra online, among many others.

Topics ranged from healthcare, buy viagra online, peace-building, buy viagra online, politics, buy viagra online, social entrepreneurship and technology to finance, buy viagra online, psychology, buy viagra online, agriculture and anthropology, buy viagra online, to name a few.  Organizers of the conference enabled web access (for a $100 fee) to allow for participation across the globe.

Photo credit: James Duncan Davidson / TED
Video Credit: TED Talks

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Buy viagra without prescription

This post was submitted by Kristen Kiewiet de Jonge, buy viagra without prescription, WCF Communications Fellow.

Attorney General Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris won a hard-fought campaign for California Attorney General against Republican Steve Cooley by less than a percentage point 21 days after the election. Buy viagra without prescription, In her victory speech, buy viagra without prescription, Harris said that once she assumes office, buy viagra without prescription, “we’ll roll up our sleeves instead of throwing up our hands.” She has pledged to focus on a myriad of issues—chief among them a reduction in the state’s high rate of recidivism. 

Much has been written about Harris’s bright political future, buy viagra without prescription, but this race had real potential for a negative outcome. Buy viagra without prescription, According to the San Francisco Chronicle, buy viagra without prescription,

From a political standpoint, buy viagra without prescription, Kamala Harris’ upset victory over Steve Cooley for state attorney general was remarkable…They chose Harris, buy viagra without prescription, the 46-year-old career prosecutor with the more thoughtful and expansive vision of the role of an attorney general. Buy viagra without prescription, As with Brown, buy viagra without prescription, Harris said she would not defend laws she regarded as blatantly unconstitutional (such as Prop. Buy viagra without prescription, 8, buy viagra without prescription, the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage) and would help assure the implementation of the state’s landmark climate-change law. Buy viagra without prescription, Harris pledged to enforce the state’s death penalty law despite her personal opposition to it - but she repeatedly and correctly reminded voters that it was not the most pressing criminal-justice issue in the state.

Harris remained committed to her ideals throughout the race and effectively communicated her goals and plans for the role.  Once the election results were in, buy viagra without prescription, she said, buy viagra without prescription,

I’m proud that we can stand here today recognizing that we don’t have to and one does not have to run from their convictions when one runs for public office. The work that we will do going forward will be the work of rejecting false choices, buy viagra without prescription, of accepting the fact that we can, buy viagra without prescription, for example, buy viagra without prescription, be tough on crime and be smart on crime. Buy viagra without prescription, It will be the work of recognizing that through the office of the Attorney General of the state of California we may have, buy viagra without prescription, can have and should have a role in reforming the criminal justice system… it can be about the work of bringing the best of what California has always done, buy viagra without prescription, which is innovation to these systems, buy viagra without prescription, recognizing that we can infuse and should infuse metrics in our standard of success instead of measuring ourselves based on some blind adherence to tradition.

Harris is the first woman, buy viagra without prescription, as well as the first African-American and Indian-American, buy viagra without prescription, to the hold the seat. Buy viagra without prescription, Regarding her historical win, buy viagra without prescription, she said, buy viagra without prescription,

“I’ve always been a woman, buy viagra without prescription, what can I tell you? I’m sure a man could do the job just as well.”

Harris’s transition team includes LAPD Chief Bill Bratton, buy viagra without prescription, former Secretaries of State Warren Christopher and George Schultz and criminal justice reformer Connie Rice. Buy viagra without prescription, Her swearing in will take place on January 3.

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Online viagra

This post was submitted by Kristen Kiewiet de Jonge, online viagra, WCF Communications Fellow.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appointed Rep. Online viagra, Dina Titus to serve on the U.S. Online viagra, Commission on Civil Rights on Friday.  The Congresswoman recently lost her re-election campaign to Congressman-elect Joe Heck in Nevada’s third district by less than a percentage point. 

Rep. Online viagra, Dina Titus (NV-03)

Regarding her new position, online viagra, Rep. Online viagra, Titus said, online viagra,

“I am honored to accept Senator Reid’s appointment to the U.S. Online viagra, Commission on Civil Rights  and I look forward to this opportunity to continue my efforts to serve our country…  As a  member of the state Legislature, online viagra, I tirelessly fought on behalf of people with disabilities to  ensure they were treated fairly and equally. Online viagra, As a member of this distinguished Commission, online viagra, I  will build on those efforts as an advocate for the equal rights of all Americans.”

The post will soon be vacated by Commissioner Arlan Melendez, online viagra, Chairman and Chief Executive of Nevada’s Reno-Sparks Indian Colony. Online viagra, Each commissioner serves a term of six years.


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