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Buy viagra without prescription

This post was submitted by Sophie Shulman, buy viagra without prescription, WCF Communications Fellow

In a recent attack ad, buy viagra without prescription, Carly Fiorina accused Senator Barbara Boxer of being an ineffectual representative, buy viagra without prescription, with her name on only three bills in the past 18 years. Buy viagra without prescription, This prompted Rod Pennington to conclude that virtually all female Senators are essentially:

“Empty pants suits keeping chairs warm and taking orders from their male party leadership.”

I’m trying to figure out which Senate Rod Pennington and Carly Fiorina are watching. Buy viagra without prescription, In the U.S. Buy viagra without prescription, Senate, buy viagra without prescription, Barbara Boxer is the first female Chairwoman of the Environment and Public Works Committee and simultaneously, buy viagra without prescription, Chair of the Select Committee on Ethics, buy viagra without prescription, making her the only Senator in charge of two committees at the same time. Buy viagra without prescription, Also, buy viagra without prescription, a quick online search reveals that, buy viagra without prescription, in the current Congress alone, buy viagra without prescription, Boxer’s name is on over 500 pieces of legislation, buy viagra without prescription, including an international effort to combat HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, buy viagra without prescription, and an important taxpayer protection amendment to the Wall Street Reform bill.

Despite Pennington’s claim that women take their direction from male power-brokers in the Senate, buy viagra without prescription, he seems to have forgotten that, buy viagra without prescription, in addition to Boxer, buy viagra without prescription, who serves as Chief Deputy Whip, buy viagra without prescription, Sens. Buy viagra without prescription, Patty Murray, buy viagra without prescription, Blanche Lincoln and Debbie Stabenow all hold leadership positions. Buy viagra without prescription, In fact, buy viagra without prescription, the 4-to-10 ratio among the majority leadership is actually much higher than the actual percentage of women in the Senate (17%)—showing that these women are excelling in their political careers.

The recent health care reform debate also made it clear why we need women in Congress. Buy viagra without prescription, Senator Barbara Mikulski, buy viagra without prescription, a leading member of the Health, buy viagra without prescription, Education, buy viagra without prescription, Labor, buy viagra without prescription, and Pensions Committee, buy viagra without prescription, played a key role in ensuring that women received equal treatment in insurance plans.

The Supreme Court’s rejection of Ledbetter shows why having women in Congress—and on the Court—is essential to promoting women’s equality. Buy viagra without prescription, After Justice Ginsburg’s inspirational dissent, buy viagra without prescription, Congress quickly stepped up to remedy our unfair pay systems. Buy viagra without prescription, Boxer was one of the first to co-sponsor the bill, buy viagra without prescription, and was soon followed by Sens. Buy viagra without prescription, Debbie Stabenow, buy viagra without prescription, Olympia Snowe, buy viagra without prescription, Patty Murray, buy viagra without prescription, Barbara Mikulski, buy viagra without prescription, Claire McCaskill, buy viagra without prescription, Amy Klobuchar, buy viagra without prescription, Dianne Feinstein, buy viagra without prescription, Hillary Clinton and Maria Cantwell. Buy viagra without prescription, Although the final bill was not passed until 2009, buy viagra without prescription, it seems unlikely that we would have the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act today without the support of these influential women.

Last year, buy viagra without prescription, Sen. Buy viagra without prescription, Boxer was named the Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on International Operations and Organizations, buy viagra without prescription, Human Rights, buy viagra without prescription, Democracy, buy viagra without prescription, and Global Women’s Issues. Buy viagra without prescription, This is the first subcommittee to ever focus specifically on women’s issues, buy viagra without prescription, and I’m certain that Boxer’s many years of service on the Foreign Relations Committee were instrumental in its creation. Buy viagra without prescription, In response to her appointment, buy viagra without prescription, she eloquently stated that:

“Too often, buy viagra without prescription, we turn our eyes away as women are persecuted, buy viagra without prescription, abused and treated as second-class citizens. But even the most conservative historians have noted that when women are given the freedom to live up to their full potential, buy viagra without prescription, society as a whole flourishes. Buy viagra without prescription, I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Congress and with Secretary Clinton to stamp out violence against women in the world.”

This is an observation that many men would never make. Buy viagra without prescription, Just as it took Justice Ginsburg to point out that our pay systems were unequal, buy viagra without prescription, often we need women to be part of the conversation to show what men choose not to see. Buy viagra without prescription, In his article, buy viagra without prescription, Pennington poses the question:

“Could it be political correctness and the desire to have a woman, buy viagra without prescription, any woman, buy viagra without prescription, in a high office is to blame?”

The women that I’ve come to respect and admire in the U.S. Buy viagra without prescription, Senate have fought for women’s rights, buy viagra without prescription, equal opportunity, buy viagra without prescription, and justice for all. Buy viagra without prescription, I’m very proud to have these 17 women in the U.S. Buy viagra without prescription, Senate, buy viagra without prescription, and hope the rest of America doesn’t share Pennington’s ridiculous and archaic assertions.

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Online viagra

This post was submitted by Sophie Shulman, online viagra, WCF Communications Fellow

As a young woman working in the political world, online viagra, I am often confronted by the assertion that my generation does not feel as strongly about reproductive choices as our predecessors. Online viagra, After all, online viagra, Roe v. Online viagra, Wade was decided in 1973, online viagra, and we’ve grown up in an era in which women appear to be fully liberated.

Campus Progress Conference

But the truth is that my cohort is uniquely—and dramatically—affected by Roe and its aftermath. Yesterday, online viagra, I had the opportunity to hear a panel of reproductive rights advocates discuss these issues at the Campus Progress National Conference. Online viagra, Shelby Knox, online viagra, a women’s rights advocate who works to mobilize young people around the idea of “reproductive justice, online viagra,” described young people as:

“The generation that has been scared away from contraception.”

She was referring to the years of systematic weakening of the rights that were identified by Roe, online viagra, which have limited women’s access and knowledge about contraception and abortion. Online viagra, In addition to numerous laws requiring parental consent and lack of public funding, online viagra, reproductive choices have been severely affected by poor sex education in schools. Online viagra, Knox’s personal story of growing up in a small town in Texas with abstinence-only sex education classes was made into a documentary that attempted to explain how vital comprehensive sex-ed is to reducing pregnancy (and abortion) rates, online viagra, as well as sexually transmitted infections.

Another panelist, online viagra, Khadine Bennett, online viagra, a Staff Attorney for ACLU of Illinois, online viagra, pointed out that:

“If you are in a middle-to-upper class school, online viagra, you are more likely to get comprehensive sex education than if you are low-income.”

Essentially, online viagra, access to information about contraceptives and reproductive health options is based now, online viagra, more than ever, online viagra, based on one’s socio-economic status. Online viagra, While this is hardly new, online viagra, it upends one of the main problems that Roe attempted to address—poor women in the United States have a much greater need for affordable and safe reproductive options. Online viagra,

Since Roe, online viagra, conservative, online viagra, anti-choice organizations have been attacking the foundations of the decision, online viagra, and while they have not succeeded in overturning it, online viagra, yet, online viagra, they have made things much more difficult for women across the country. Online viagra, Part of the problem is that the women who fought for Roe in the 1960s and 1970s thought that they had won—and stopped pushing for further protection of their rights. Online viagra, As Bennett described her work in Illinois:

“We’re countering years and years of anti-choice work. Online viagra, We were tired of fighting… of being in this defensive position.”

That’s why the ACLU in Illinois, online viagra, and more and more women’s groups across the country are working to stop anti-choice bills—and to create proactive legislation in anticipation of the next attack. Online viagra, According to Elizabeth Nash, online viagra, from the Guttmacher Institute, online viagra, of all the reproductive health proposals adopted in the past decade, online viagra, 27 have been anti-choice and only 4 protected women’s reproductive choices.

And in the past year, online viagra, anti-choice conservatives have found a new battleground in which to limit women’s rights; the health care bill reminded American women that their health choices are still not totally theirs to decide. Online viagra, Indeed, online viagra, since the passage of the bill, online viagra, as Nash says:

“Anti-choice legislators at the state level have seen an opportunity to restrict abortion in insurance.”

Just as comprehensive sexual education now seems to be a luxury, online viagra, anti-choice advocates are attempting to make it harder for low-income women to have access to a necessary health service. Online viagra, Men and women deserve to have equal coverage of their medical needs, online viagra, and to have an equal opportunity to make their own health decisions. Online viagra,

These changes will have the most serious impact on young women—who will have to live their entire lives with these restrictions. Online viagra, But women of all ages have a responsibility to fight these measures in any way they can. Online viagra, While the debates in Congress and the Supreme Court garner the most attention, online viagra, the battles for reproductive choices are often fought in state legislatures. Online viagra, Jordan Goldberg, online viagra, from the Center for Reproductive Rights, online viagra, made the argument that:

“On a day-to-day basis, online viagra, when a woman tries to get an abortion, online viagra, [she] is affected by the laws of her state.”

And, online viagra, individuals can also have a more decisive impact at the local level. Online viagra, That’s why, online viagra, here at WCF, online viagra, we endorse women candidates at every level—because we know that it is not only a stepping stone to higher office, online viagra, but also an essential arena for women’s issues.

Perhaps women my age are less aware of how their lives are affected by their access to reproductive choices—but if the anti-choice conservatives get their way, online viagra, I think they will quickly realize how important these rights are. Online viagra, I challenge women everywhere—and of every generation—to spread this message, online viagra, call their local, online viagra, state, online viagra, or federal representatives, online viagra, or even run for office, online viagra, because we can’t afford to lose these battles.

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Cialis prices

This post was submitted by Rebecca Freedholm, cialis prices, WCF Communications Fellow

Kathleen Parker from the Washington Post disapproves of Obama’s approach to the BP oil spill. Cialis prices, In fact, cialis prices, she thinks that Obama has been passive, cialis prices, appeasing, cialis prices, ineffective, cialis prices, and downright feminine! That’s right, cialis prices, apparently our president’s biggest fault is that he is acting like a woman.

Last week Parker deemed Obama “our first female president, cialis prices,” and it certainly was not meant as a compliment. Cialis prices, She primarily criticized Obama’s communication style, cialis prices, claiming that the president is “suffering a rhetorical-testosterone deficit when it comes to dealing with crises.”

Although Parker insists that her description of Obama’s alleged gender-swap is not a dig at women, cialis prices, linking femininity with ineffectiveness and passivity can be construed as nothing but what it is: sexist and insulting. Cialis prices,

How else could you interpret one blaming Obama’s supposed futility on his stereotypically female qualities? And as Rose Afriyie observed, cialis prices, Parker refuses to cite examples of how this form of “feminine communication” can be anything besides disastrous:

“…nowhere in her analysis of the BP oil spill does she speak to how this alleged feminine communication style has been an asset. Cialis prices, In this way, cialis prices, her analysis is more of a slight against women in leadership than it is of the President. And it begs the question, cialis prices, when is being called a woman going to be an affirmation instead of an offense against one’s competence?”

Afriyie’s question is essential, cialis prices, and one that should have been running through the minds of all Washington Post readers. Cialis prices, When will calling someone a woman cease to be an insult? The more we disparage men for acting “womanly” or women for displaying masculine qualities, cialis prices, the more we perpetuate the use of toxic gender stereotypes.

The more misogynistic language is used and sexist arguments are made, cialis prices, the more our society’s destructive gender hierarchy is reinforced. Cialis prices, Mary Curtis reflects on the harm of these stereotypes in her response to Parker’s column:

“Criticizing the president for policy or demeanor or anything else is fine. Cialis prices, But emasculating him based on worn-out stereotypes is depressing. Cialis prices, If he isn’t the angry black man he must be a gentle white woman. Cialis prices, We are all prisoners of what others have decided we must be. Cialis prices, Might as well give our little boys trucks and our little girls dolls and forget about it.”

Parker is right about one thing: We have “come a long way gender-wise.” But the anti-woman ideas expressed in her column hurl us backward. Cialis prices, Sadly, cialis prices, we can be sure that she isn’t the only one in America holding these sexist beliefs.

And it’s exactly this archaic line of thinking that prevents women from running for and entering public office. Cialis prices, If we equate feminine qualities to being intrinsically negative and ineffective, cialis prices, why would anyone want to support a woman candidate?

These destructive ideas about gender must end now.

At WCF, cialis prices, we believe that conformity to traditional gender roles should not be the key to the Oval Office. Cialis prices, Moreover, cialis prices, we believe that women bring valuable and vital perspectives, cialis prices, experiences, cialis prices, and qualities into the political arena. Cialis prices,

The longer we allow such denigration of women to persist, cialis prices, the harder it will be for women to rise to leadership in all fields. Cialis prices, As it’s been demonstrated that women’s increased participation in decision-making creates better outcomes, cialis prices, preventing gender equality isn’t just a blow to women—it’s devastating to our entire country.

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Cheap cialis

This post was submitted by Sophie Shulman, cheap cialis, WCF Communications Fellow

Terri Sewell, cheap cialis, WCF-Endorsed Candidate for Alabama’s 7th District, cheap cialis, just announced new fundraising numbers that show her with a steady lead over her opponent Shelia Smoot. Cheap cialis, The numbers suggest that in May and June, cheap cialis, Sewell raised at least $250, cheap cialis,000 more than Smoot—confirming our opinion that Sewell is the strongest candidate to represent Alabama.

Indeed, cheap cialis, Sewell’s story is one that reflects her deep roots in the district— growing up in Selma, cheap cialis, Alabama, cheap cialis, she is the daughter of a high school basketball coach and librarian. Cheap cialis, Although Sewell’s talents gave her the opportunity to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the world, cheap cialis, she ultimately chose to return home to share her talents with the people of Alabama. Cheap cialis, As she says herself:

“I have exactly the skill set in Washington that this District needs, cheap cialis, and the passion and desire to make sure that other have the same opportunities that I had.”

Sewell’s candidacy is so exciting because she also applies that same passion and desire to women’s rights. Cheap cialis, Her record as an Attorney shows that she is genuinely interested in the well-being and girls and women—she has worked to prevent domestic violence and has mentored young girls of color from disadvantaged backgrounds. Cheap cialis, Sewell also recognizes the importance of having women in leadership positions:

“I know that when women are at the table, cheap cialis, issues of families and children really get decided and discussed… Cheap cialis, Just watching the health care debate, cheap cialis, and the fact that the Stupak amendment got defeated is a very good example of how having effective women legislators in Congress makes a difference.”

And in Alabama, cheap cialis, electing a woman to office is especially significant. Cheap cialis, Alabama is ranked 48th in the nation for the number of women in public office, cheap cialis, and if elected, cheap cialis, Sewell would be the first woman ever elected to Congress from the state. Cheap cialis, Shelia Smoot, cheap cialis, Sewell’s opponent in the Democratic runoff, cheap cialis, is also a talented African American woman who supports women’s rights, cheap cialis, and its reassuring to know that, cheap cialis, either way, cheap cialis, Alabama voters are likely to make history this November. Cheap cialis, However, cheap cialis, Sewell has proven throughout her campaign—and professional career—that she has the knowledge, cheap cialis, skills, cheap cialis, and courage to stand up for her constituents and her ideals. Cheap cialis,

Let’s wish Sewell the best of luck in her runoff on Tuesday, cheap cialis, July 13, cheap cialis, and celebrate the shattering of another glass ceiling in Alabama!

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Cheapest viagra prices

This post was submitted by Rebecca Freedholm, cheapest viagra prices, WCF Communications Fellow

Yesterday my colleague, cheapest viagra prices, Sophie, cheapest viagra prices, made a strong argument for why Kagan’s gender is an important factor in her nomination to the Supreme Court—we need more women (especially women as well-qualified as Kagan) on the bench to advance women’s role in government and to protect the rights of all women. Cheapest viagra prices, She’s absolutely right.

Furthermore, cheapest viagra prices, increasing the number of women in prominent judicial positions is bound to enhance “the quality of justice” altogether. Cheapest viagra prices, As Amy Matsui from the National Women’s Law Center indicates, cheapest viagra prices, recent studies reveal women’s presence in the courts can make a crucial difference in the judicial decision-making process.

So when Ronni Berke and Carol Costello from CNN beg the question, cheapest viagra prices, “Do female judges rule differently than men, cheapest viagra prices,” the answer is a resounding “yes.” Not only are women proven to rule differently than men in a range federal court cases, cheapest viagra prices, but also the mere presence of women on the federal bench can influence how male judges vote. Cheapest viagra prices, Marcia Greenberger made this case yesterday in her testimonial for Kagan:

“One recent study demonstrated that male federal appellate court judges are more likely to see aspects of the law differently, cheapest viagra prices, particularly regarding claims of sex discrimination, cheapest viagra prices, if a female judge is on the panel. Cheapest viagra prices, This may be because, cheapest viagra prices, as Justice Ginsburg said in a speech last year, cheapest viagra prices, ‘Even though a wise old man and a wise old woman will reach the same decision, cheapest viagra prices, there are life experiences a woman has that come from growing up in a woman’s body that men don’t have.’”

Women bring a critical perspective to court, cheapest viagra prices, and as Lily Ledbetter emphasized in Kagan’s hearings, cheapest viagra prices, “who is on the Supreme Court makes all the difference.” Ledbetter’s case not only confirms that sex discrimination still exists in the workplace, cheapest viagra prices, but that female representation on the Supreme Court is vital in ensuring that women’s voices on issues of discrimination are truly heard.

A diverse, cheapest viagra prices, gender-balanced Supreme Court is necessary for protecting the rights of all citizens. Cheapest viagra prices,

“This study brings home how important it is to have a woman’s voice in the judicial decision-making process for courts to arrive at a good decision at the end of the day, cheapest viagra prices, and to have justice that serves both men and women. Cheapest viagra prices, And other studies suggest the more women there are, cheapest viagra prices, the more impact they have.”

We need more women on the Supreme Court. Cheapest viagra prices, Having Elena Kagan on the bench will increase women’s representation in our courts, cheapest viagra prices, improve the quality of the judicial decision-making process, cheapest viagra prices, and will more effectively serve the American people.

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Buy cheap viagra online

This post was submitted by Sophie Shulman, buy cheap viagra online, WCF Communications Fellow

Throughout the first few days of hearings to confirm Solicitor General Elena Kagan as the next Supreme Court Justice, buy cheap viagra online, the women on the Judiciary Committee, buy cheap viagra online, Senators Amy Klobuchar and Dianne Feinstein, buy cheap viagra online, have repeatedly brought up Kagan’s gender as a reason to support her nomination.

Eva Rodriguez at the Washington Post asked her readers yesterday whether this was appropriate—or necessary.

“Yes, buy cheap viagra online, Kagan was the first woman to serve as dean of Harvard Law School. Buy cheap viagra online, Yes, buy cheap viagra online, she broke the glass ceiling to become the first female solicitor general of the United States. Buy cheap viagra online, So what? Would anyone on the panel have praised a white, buy cheap viagra online, male nominee for being a great role model for young men? I seriously doubt it.”

While I admire Rodriguez’s perspective that women no longer need to fight to get access to the same opportunities as men, buy cheap viagra online, I can’t help but think we’re not there yet. Buy cheap viagra online, As Sen. Buy cheap viagra online, Feinstein noted during the hearings, buy cheap viagra online, recent cases such as Ledbetter prove that women still make less money than men—decades after women began to challenge the status quo.

And women are still seriously underrepresented in government, buy cheap viagra online, making up only 17% of Congress. Buy cheap viagra online, Yes, buy cheap viagra online, we have made progress. Buy cheap viagra online, But that does not mean that women have won the war.

Rodriguez also claimed that Kagan has not received special attention because of her gender as she has risen in political life.

“I was pleased that little attention was paid to the fact that she is a woman when she was nominated as solicitor general and then to the Supreme Court.”

Clearly, buy cheap viagra online, Rodriguez wasn’t taking into consideration the sexist attacks on Kagan’s appearance, buy cheap viagra online, sexual orientation, buy cheap viagra online, and marital status since President Obama announced his selection. Buy cheap viagra online, Indeed, buy cheap viagra online, the question should not be whether male nominees would be described as role models for young men—but whether a man would be questioned about his sexual preferences just because he has chosen not marry.

I think we should all hope—and work to create—the world that Rodriguez described. Buy cheap viagra online, But we’re just not there yet. Buy cheap viagra online, Three women on a Court of nine Justices is not equal representation. Buy cheap viagra online, And the cases heard by the Supreme Court have an enormous impact on the day-to-day lives of American women. Buy cheap viagra online, Protecting women’s reproductive health choices and fighting for pay equity are not issues that men in government have often prioritized.

So yes, buy cheap viagra online, it does matter that Solicitor General Kagan is a woman, buy cheap viagra online, because she will set a good example for young women, buy cheap viagra online, make one more crack in the glass ceiling, buy cheap viagra online, and bring her unique knowledge and experiences to the Court.

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Viagra online cheap

This post was submitted by Sophie Shulman, viagra online cheap, WCF Communications Fellow

One of the most valuable parts of my fellowship experience at WCF has been the opportunity to learn about the incredible women running for office all over the country. Viagra online cheap, Joyce Elliott, viagra online cheap, who is running for Congress in Arkansas’s 2nd district, viagra online cheap, was named last week as one of the DCCC’s Red-to-blue candidates—making her one of only 8 women in the program. Viagra online cheap, If elected, viagra online cheap, Elliott will also be the first person of color ever elected to Congress from Arkansas.

What makes her even more remarkable is that she is a female candidate who has proven her dedication to women’s rights—and her constituents. Viagra online cheap, Elliott’s district is one divided between urban and rural populations in Little Rock and the surrounding areas. Viagra online cheap, But Elliott, viagra online cheap, coming from a high school graduating class of 9 students and with years of experience working in Little Rock and the State Legislature has proven that she knows how to find common ground.

And that’s why she was re-elected to the State House and the State Senate, viagra online cheap, where she currently serves as Majority Leader, viagra online cheap, and why her constituents recently led her to a stunning victory in the Democratic Primary. Viagra online cheap, Elliott also has the attitude necessary to the break so many glass ceilings—throughout her political career she has been told that she couldn’t win—and yet she has emerged victorious every time. Viagra online cheap, She describes her motto for campaigning as:

“You think we’re not going to get anywhere? We really are.”

As a fellow at WCF, viagra online cheap, I find this perspective strikingly similar to how we approach getting more women in politics—supporting talented women, viagra online cheap, despite the odds.

And Elliott is the perfect example of why we work so hard for women candidates—she has stood up, viagra online cheap, time and again, viagra online cheap, for women’s interests. Viagra online cheap, In the State Legislature, viagra online cheap, she fought for access to emergency contraception, viagra online cheap, to uphold Roe v. Viagra online cheap, Wade, viagra online cheap, and passed a bill that will provide insurance coverage for birth control.

After working for years as a high school teacher, viagra online cheap, Elliott understands the importance of public education. Viagra online cheap, In addition, viagra online cheap, she has worked to achieve minimum wage increases and health care coverage for an additional 8, viagra online cheap,000 children in Arkansas—all of which has been extremely significant to Arkansas families and working women.

Elliott says that her record of supporting women is what gave her great power to win her primary. Viagra online cheap, Women came out in force to help her campaign—church groups, viagra online cheap, teachers associations, viagra online cheap, and female business networks all reached out to give back to Elliott. Viagra online cheap, Women knocked on doors and volunteered every day.
I’m inspired by her perseverance and her insistence that the values she holds are also the issues that will benefit her constituents the most.

Joyce Elliott is exactly the kind of woman we need in the U.S. Viagra online cheap, Congress because she won’t compromise her dedication to women—or to Arkansas. Viagra online cheap, Women in Arkansas have already come out to support her—now it’s your turn.

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