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Viagra without a prescription

After learning that the Fair Pay Act failed and women’s representation in Congress has officially decreased, viagra without a prescription, I’m happy to announce one piece of good pro-woman news today: Nancy Pelosi was just elected to serve as House Minority Leader.

Despite the loud cries about Pelosi’s divisive unpopularity, viagra without a prescription, House Democrats voted her in 150-43. Viagra without a prescription, As we said in our letter of support for Pelosi yesterday:

“Speaker Pelosi served as the first female Speaker of the House and she is an indispensible role model to many women in politics. Viagra without a prescription, During her tenure, viagra without a prescription, she faced major challenges and a tumultuous political climate.

Through it all, viagra without a prescription, she was able to unite Congress and pass historic Healthcare Reform legislation when others had tried and failed for decades. Viagra without a prescription, Speaker Pelosi has been a remarkably effective leader, viagra without a prescription, and her tenure as Speaker will be remembered for the record amount of legislation the House was able to pass.”

I’m thrilled that Pelosi will have the opportunity to continue serving as a powerful and high-profile model for all women. Viagra without a prescription, We need to see more women in the leadership of political parties and all areas of government.

Thank you, viagra without a prescription, Nancy Pelosi, viagra without a prescription, for your historic leadership and perserverence even in the face of great struggle. Viagra without a prescription, Please keep fighting and paving the path for the women to come after you.

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With last night’s concession of Rep. Cheap cialis online, Melissa Bean, cheap cialis online, the news we feared has come true: Women’s representation in Congress will decrease for the first time in over three decades as a result of the 2010 midterms.

Exactly how far we will backslide remains to be seen, cheap cialis online, with Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Ann Marie Buerkle’s (NY-25) races still too close to call. Cheap cialis online, If both win, cheap cialis online, women will hold a total of 89 out of 535 Congressional seats, cheap cialis online, or 16.6 percent.

If both Murkowski and Buerkle lose, cheap cialis online, the furthest we will backslide is to 87 women in Congress; 16.2 percent.

Add to this the fact that we saw an increase in the number of anti-choice women elected this year (and lost a handful of proven advocates for reproductive health choices), cheap cialis online, and we have created quite a dangerous landscape for women’s freedom, cheap cialis online, health, cheap cialis online, and quality of life.

So where do we go from here? How do we move forward knowing that women voters didn’t come to the polls to save their own advocates this year? How do we motivate women across the country to undo this damage in 2012?

And will any of us see women hold 50% of the seats in Congress, cheap cialis online, state legislatures, cheap cialis online, or governorships in our lifetime? At this rate, cheap cialis online, the answer is no.

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Cheap cialis

Despite my sadness in having to bid farewell to our first Female House Speaker, cheap cialis, I was uplifted by her words to Diane Sawyer. Cheap cialis, And I hope all women will listen:

“What’s really important is for women in politics and government to understand the gratitude we have to those who went before, cheap cialis, and the responsibility we have to those who come after. Cheap cialis, And I would want women to know that whatever the struggle, cheap cialis, it was worth it, cheap cialis, and whatever the risk, cheap cialis, it is worth it.”

Women were already 50 percent less likely than men to seriously consider running for office; and I can only hope that their hesitation doesn’t further decrease after seeing our Madam Speaker vilified and women candidates hurled into a battlefield of sleazy sexism.

I admire and applaud the Speaker for emphasizing the importance of women helping each other in this battle for political equality and giving us the encouragement to keep going, cheap cialis, no matter how hard it gets.

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Seeing this headline on POLITICO this morning almost made me cry.

John Boehner’s boys: The new power club

I decided the testosterone-overloaded picture needed a more fitting caption:

Our first female Speaker…gone. Buy cheap viagra online, Nine women House incumbents…ousted. Buy cheap viagra online, We’re on the brink of losing representation in Congress.

Feeling as lost as I am? Join WCF for a post-election clean-up-the-mess, buy cheap viagra online, where-do-we-go-from-here press call at 3:30pm EST today.

Just call 218-936-4700, buy cheap viagra online, Access Code: 8155104#.

Along with Debbie Walsh, buy cheap viagra online, Jennifer Lawless, buy cheap viagra online, Celinda Lake, buy cheap viagra online, Representative-Elect Terri Sewell, buy cheap viagra online, Krystal Ball, buy cheap viagra online, we’ll make some sense of this election year and discuss how to move forward for gender equality - sometime this century.


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Viagra discount

Krystal Ball has done nothing but impress me since the day I met her in 2009. Viagra discount, Yes, viagra discount, that’s after I was done giggling at her name, viagra discount, I’ll admit it. Viagra discount, But the point is that I moved on and got to know the kind of woman, viagra discount, public servant, viagra discount, and candidate she is.

Unfortunately, viagra discount, it’s been made very clear that many Americans are not able to get over a candidate’s name, viagra discount, gender, viagra discount, or age enough to hear what’s coming out of their mouth. Especially if that candidate is a young woman. Viagra discount, Add to that some embarrassing pictures from the past, viagra discount, and that’s likely all people will talk about (or Google).

Except, viagra discount, of course, viagra discount, if you’re a middle-aged male candidate who posed nude in Cosmopolitan. Viagra discount, Then, viagra discount, no biggie.

So when party pictures from Ball’s past surfaced, viagra discount, she could have easily surrendered; falling into a heap and admitting defeat. Viagra discount, But she didn’t. Instead, viagra discount, Ball called out the personal attacks for what they were: a sexist double standard and pointless waste of time. Viagra discount, As she said on Good Morning America:

“I think this is an example of exactly the type of politics that people are so frustrated and disgusted with. Viagra discount, Rather than talking about the issues, viagra discount, rather than focusing on solutions to the big challenges we’re facing, viagra discount, we’re trying to destroy each other personally, viagra discount, and it’s just not helpful in our society.”

Given that Ball is part of the Facebook Generation (though her pictures were not posted online, viagra discount, anywhere), viagra discount, she knows that others her age will face similar dilemmas when running for office - and wants to make sure this doesn’t deter them from becoming public servants:

“If you have some stupid photos in your past, viagra discount, it’s OK, viagra discount, you can still run for office; you can take this thing head on. Viagra discount, I personally believe we need people from my generation to step up and run for office, viagra discount, and the last thing that I wanted to see is for some stupid photos in the past to derail people’s ambitions to run for office and to serve.”

Ball’s admiration of Hillary Clinton also helped her through this ordeal; showing just how important it is for women to have political role models to look up to:

“I just remember looking at her and thinking, viagra discount, what an incredible, viagra discount, strong, viagra discount, courageous woman. Viagra discount, I drew on her example as a model of strength and courage, viagra discount, and that gave me the ability to come out and take this head on.”

When asked how she will talk to her daughter about this down the road, viagra discount, Ball didn’t budge from her position:

“I’m going to tell her to certainly be careful what she does in front of a camera, viagra discount, but not to be ashamed. Viagra discount, We all make mistakes in our life, viagra discount, and not to let it keep her from pursuing the things she wants to pursue and serving the country in the way that she wants to.”

Thank you, viagra discount, Krystal Ball, viagra discount, for teaching us not to judge a candidate by her name, viagra discount, that all candidates (even women!) are human with real (even sexual) lives, viagra discount, and that harping on personal attacks instead of focusing on the issues does nothing to move our country forward.

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Cheap lorazepam

Dede Scozzafava

Remember Dede Scozzafava? She was the moderate Republican running for Congress in NY-23 last year who was not only forced out of the primary by her own party, cheap lorazepam, but also viciously attacked by them.

Consequently, cheap lorazepam, Dede ended up backing the Democratic candidate and the GOP lost the seat, cheap lorazepam, which was expected to remain an easy Republican victory.

And this year, cheap lorazepam, it looks like competition between Republican candidates may lead to another Democratic victory—an outcome that POLITICO is calling “Dede’s Revenge.”

“Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman forced Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava out of the race, cheap lorazepam, creating the opening for now-Rep. Cheap lorazepam, Bill Owens to add a seat to the Democrats’ majority.

Hoffman is back for a second run, cheap lorazepam, seeking the Republican nomination in addition to the Conservative Party line that he already possesses in November. Cheap lorazepam, But he faces a tough, cheap lorazepam, well-funded challenger in Matt Doheny, cheap lorazepam, who has his own third-party nomination — the Independence Party nomination. Cheap lorazepam, All of it is good news for freshman Democratic Rep. Cheap lorazepam, Bill Owens.”

It’s nice to see the media hasn’t forgotten Scozzafava, cheap lorazepam, because we certainly never will.

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Yesterday’s primaries brought huge victories for women across the country—many who succeeded against great odds, effexor, such as Sen. Effexor, Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas and victim of egregious misogyny and racism, effexor, Nikki Haley, effexor, in South Carolina.

But the biggest headline we’re still seeing is how many of yesterday’s victorious women belong to the Republican party. Winning the GOP nomination last night were Carly Fiorina for U.S. Effexor, Senate in California, effexor, Meg Whitman for California Governor, effexor, and anti-establishment candidate Sharron Angle for U.S. Effexor, Senate in Nevada.

Though some of these women don’t share WCF’s views on reproductive health choices, effexor, I am encouraged. Effexor, This sudden deluge of victories has forced the country to stand up and take notice of women’s political power. Effexor,

That said, effexor, I want to ask these candidates one question: If elected, effexor, what will you do to advance women’s rights?

Many of you prevailed in spite of the Political Establishment. Effexor, Now, effexor, it is my great hope that you will use your hard-earned collective power to help us break up the Good Ol’ Boys’ Club and change the many existing harmful views against women.

It is my firm belief that we need more women in government—but it’s essential that they use their leadership to protect and empower all women in America.

That means working to turn the tide of the Establishment, effexor, which continually looks to restrict women’s freedoms across the board.

We all know how difficult it is for Republican women to defend reproductive health choices. Effexor, The party’s vicious attacks against Dede Scozzafava last year were a prime example of this.

In fact, effexor, RNC member Bill Crocker said in January, effexor,

“No more Scozzafavas, effexor, please. Effexor, No more Specters, effexor, please. Effexor, No more Chafees, effexor, please.”

Dede Scozzafava

Well at WCF, effexor, we want many more Scozzafavas, effexor, please. At WCF, effexor, we constantly look for Republican candidates who do support health choices, effexor, work to provide a safe haven for those women, effexor, and find new ways to recruit pro-choice Republican women.

Moderate Republican Woman shouldn’t be a bad word. Effexor, We want both parties to acknowledge that most Americans believe health choices should be left up to the individual, effexor, not the government or a politician.

So as the country lies in wait to see how many new GOP women will be elected this November, effexor, I challenge  these women to take a stand for their gender—not work against it.

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