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This post was submitted by Sophie Shulman, buy cialis cheap, WCF Communications Fellow

With Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings set to start next week, buy cialis cheap, the media has been buzzing about potential areas of weakness, buy cialis cheap, conflict, buy cialis cheap, and utilizing the sexist language that seems to be the accepted discourse around women in politics.

Surprisingly, buy cialis cheap, previously rejected Supreme Court nominee, buy cialis cheap, Robert Bork, buy cialis cheap, has entered into the conversation. Buy cialis cheap, Bork, buy cialis cheap, who was also serving as Solicitor General when he was nominated, buy cialis cheap, faced one of the most controversial confirmation processes in U.S. Buy cialis cheap, history, buy cialis cheap, and was ultimately rejected by the Senate because of his adamantly anti-choice stance.

And now it appears that Bork would like to make Kagan’s confirmation process just as contentious. Buy cialis cheap, Now working with the Americans United for Life to oppose Kagan, buy cialis cheap, Bork claimed that:

“The one thing the republicans would gain by making an issue of the Kagan hearings is a little integrity for future battles…[they would lose] their reputation for rolling over any time a woman or a liberal is nominated.”

Clearly, buy cialis cheap, anti-choice conservatives are determined to focus Kagan’s confirmation on the most controversial issue as possible. Buy cialis cheap, While Kagan has made clear her position on women’s reproductive health choices and maintaining the legal precedent set in Roe v. Buy cialis cheap, Wade, buy cialis cheap, getting more women on the Supreme Court should not be isolated to a single issue.

Not only does Kagan have years of experience as U.S. Buy cialis cheap, Solicitor General, buy cialis cheap, Dean of Harvard Law, buy cialis cheap, and as a law clerk for Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall, buy cialis cheap, there are also numerous documents released from her time in the Clinton White House—displaying her views and expertise on several topics.

I would hope that someone like Robert Bork—who endured a humiliating confirmation process despite his numerous qualifications—would not want to subject another talented candidate to the same experience. Buy cialis cheap, Indeed, buy cialis cheap, Kagan herself has complimented Bork for his openness during his confirmation:

“Not since Bork has any nominee candidly discussed, buy cialis cheap, or felt a need to discuss, buy cialis cheap, his or her views and philosophy.”

Instead, buy cialis cheap, Bork and his fellow social conservatives seem determined to keep another “woman” or “liberal” off the Supreme Court—at all costs. Despite this, buy cialis cheap, the sitting members of the Court seem not to mind that Kagan has worked in politics, buy cialis cheap, and in fact, buy cialis cheap, even conservative members have come out on her side. Buy cialis cheap, Justice Scalia, buy cialis cheap, one of the most right-wing members of the Court, buy cialis cheap, recently said:

“. Buy cialis cheap, . Buy cialis cheap, . Buy cialis cheap, I am happy to see that this latest nominee is not a federal judge – and not a judge at all.”

Justices Kennedy and Stevens have also expressed their admiration for the Solicitor General. Buy cialis cheap, Considering these numerous endorsements by sitting members, buy cialis cheap, a former President, buy cialis cheap, and several previous Solicitors General, buy cialis cheap, among others, buy cialis cheap, it will be remarkable if the anti-choice, buy cialis cheap, anti-woman movement succeeds in derailing her nomination. Buy cialis cheap, However, buy cialis cheap, we can almost expect that they will turn the confirmation process into a misogynistic circus.

Already this year we’ve seen many examples of extraordinary women rejected by the Old Boys’ Club—and we don’t want to see that happen to Elena Kagan. Buy cialis cheap, The Supreme Court needs more women—and it needs more Justices who will fight for a woman’s right to make her own reproductive health choices.

Sexism has no place in politics or Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Buy cialis cheap, Get ready to stand up for Kagan as she starts her hearings on Monday!

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