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BRIEF: Nobody Puts Baby In A Binder

What the Flip?
It might seem like it should be against the law to flip-flop on your abortion stance the way Mitt Romney does, but it’d just be unconstitutional to take away his right to choose what’s best for him and his situation.

Moderately Offensive
Even after receiving pressure from both campaigns to not do her job as moderator by, y’know, moderating, Candy Crowley didn’t let anything get in the way of showing them who’s boss at the Presidential Debate last night. Further proof that if you need a job done right, you gotta call a woman. Which should be easy since Mitt Romney’s got binders full of ‘em! Hey-o!

Nobody Puts Baby In A Binder
Ladies, our “issues” are totes becoming a primary focus of the Presidential race, with both candidates desperately trying to appeal to women voters. Dang, my back hurts from having this entire election resting on my shoulders.

Wow, Anti-choicers. Just Wow.
An anti-choice activist group called “Live Action” has been setting up hoax meetings with women’s health organizations, posing as big time donors as an attempt to get deets on their political strategies. They could not be reached to comment. Perhaps they were too busy setting up sting operations at homeless shelters.

1 in 3
Although we live in a world where elected officials are constantly telling you otherwise, this article shows that having an abortion does not, in fact, mean you’re damaged goods. Make sure Todd Akin’s sitting down when he hears this.

Like a Boss
Deb Butler still ain’t havin’ none of that mandated transvaginal wand crap. In her recent campaign ad, she calls out her opponent for North Carolina state senate (who is pro-aforementioned crap) by wielding the wand and basically asking “What the hell, guy?”

Joe Says the Darndest Things
Joe Walsh said something super sexist about opponent Tammy Duckworth (AGAIN), but then proceeded to get oh-so-very owned by the legend herself. Seriously, Illinois. If you don’t vote for Tammy in two weeks, we’re not friends anymore.

Faith in NH
As if being the only chance at having a pro-choice female governor in the entire country wasn’t reason enough to vote for Maggie Hassan, this outstanding editorial lists every other reason that she needs to be elected. C’mon, New Hampshire. You can so do this.

Y’know Who Gets A Bad Rap? Rapists.
Wisconsin State Representative Roger Rivard thought, “This is totally an acceptable thing to say” and told a newspaper that he tried to avoid premarital sex because his dad warned him “some girls rape easy.” He’s also being endorsed by fellow gross-human-being Paul Ryan, because of course he is.

Tammy Vs. Tommy
Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin showed opponent Tommy Thompson how it’s done, outraising him by a million friggin’ dollars this quarter. This could have something to do with Tammy running a “spirited campaign” while Thompson’s campaign surrogate has been caught saying he’d like to “send Obama back to Kenya.” Not cool, bro.

New Props for Newell
The DLCC recognizes a rockstar when they see one. They listed Colorado State Senate incumbent Linda Newell as an “essential race” since she “won by fewer than 200 votes” the first time around and “this year’s race is shaping up to be equally close.” Gah! Help a sister out?

Operation: MsRepresentation
Every group of friends has a know-it-all…give your friends a shot this election cycle by telling them to sign up for Operation: MsRepresentation! Not only will they have access to the latest election deets, but studies show your love life will improve by 93.7%.

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