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BRIEF: Siri, are you a feminist?

Hot off the Press
By now, you’ve all heard that Congressman Barney Frank (MA-04) has announced his retirement. The twist, however, is that WCF woman-in-office Representative Maxine Waters (CA-35) is now set to become the ranking Democrat of the House Financial Services Committee, one of the most important committees in the House. Meanwhile, there are a number of women considering Frank’s seat, including State Senator Cynthia Green, former Brookline Board of Selectmen Chair Deborah Goldberg, and Brookline Selectwoman Jesse Mermell as well as already declared pro-choice Republican Elizabeth Childs. Stay tuned!

1st Out of the Gate
Former North Dakota Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp, who declared her candidacy for U.S. Senate only three weeks ago, is already leading in the polls. A new poll by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has Heidi leading Congressman Rick Berg by 5%, with a 21% lead among independents. Well, that was fast.

Are You Forgetting Something?
Bad news from Ohio—the Personhood Amendment has already been passed by the State House and now amendment supporters say that all of the necessary votes are lined up to pass the bill in the State Senate as well. And in Virginia, the amendment is first on the list of issues to be tackled in the January legislative session. Wasn’t there something else really important that legislatures should be working on instead? Oh yeah—JOBS.

Siri is no Feminist
That’s right, the new voice of the iPhone 4S has been heard giving all kinds of unique answers to iPhone users but there’s one answer she won’t give—where to find an abortion clinic. Instead, the voice assistant will direct owners to anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers. Questions she will answer, though: where to buy Viagra, where to see naked women, and places to dump a dead body. MsRep’s moral compass says that ain’t right . . .

Rhode Island State Treasurer Gina Raimondo is getting some very positive press lately over RI’s pension overhaul bill. Raimondo was a key player in getting the bill passed, a bill so important that Time magazine has dubbed Rhode Island “the little state that could.” MsRep is not at all surprised—Gina is a WCF woman-in-office, after all!

Last week, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spouted off a few names of potential running mates, should he win the Republican nomination. Among the list was anti-choice New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte. If the name Ayotte sounds familiar, here’s where you may have heard it: Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England was the 2006 Supreme Court case which validated a state’s right to require parental involvement if a minor wishes to terminate her pregnancy.

Where Are the Women?
While readers of MsRep are probably already aware of the gender disparity in elected office (women make up only 17% of Congress), there is one new place that is also missing women—the Occupy movements. While each movement is different, protestors around the country can’t help but notice this common trend. The Atlantic has an interesting article with all the deets.

Giving the Runaround
MsRep announced back in September that Representative Joe Walsh (IL-08) was so threatened by WCF-endorsed Tammy Duckworth that he decided to switch districts. Well, now it appears that the Congressman can’t make up his mind as it looks as though he’s returning to the 8th. Let’s show Walsh that he’s no match for Tammy!

A Woman’s Place
Elections in Egypt on Monday have cast many questions as to the role of women in the new Egyptian revolution. Many women turned up to vote but human rights groups have also said that there was a large backlash against women’s political participation. The world will be watching as election results are revealed and Egypt moves forward into a new democracy.

Dina, the Dynamo
WCF-endorsed former Representative Dina Titus is blasting away the competition! A recent poll shows Titus leading Ruben Kihuen in polling for the Democratic primary in NV-01 by 66%. She also has an 81% approval rating according to the poll. Wowza.

As if We Didn’t Love Her Enough Already . . .
Former President Bill Clinton has recently hinted that we may have one more reason to love the already fabulous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In an interview with NewsMax on Sunday, he hinted that after his wife finishes her term as SoS, it is likely that Hillary will pursue nongovernmental work in women and girls’ empowerment. Seriously, could she get any more awesome?

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