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NYTimes Magazine Interviews Pelosi

In a brief interview with the New York Times Magazine’s Deborah Solomon, lowest price cialis, the Speaker says her election as the first female Speaker received less media attention than did John Boehner’s elevation four years later to the same post.

Overlooked: The Year of the Black Elected Women

And in TheDefendersOnline, lowest price cialis, Lee Daniels points out that a record-tying 17 black women ran for Congress this year—and a record 15 of them won.

Two Women Vying to Replace Steele

Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele’s job security is in doubt—and two women have announced their intentions to replace him.

The “Birth or Not” Abortion SiteA Cheap, lowest price cialis, Shameless Political Stunt?

It’s not entirely clear yet who is behind this sick site in which a couple purports to be making its decision to keep or abort the wife’s fetus based on online poll results, lowest price cialis, but the evidence is mounting that it’s a stunt organized by anti-choice conservatives to score political points by intentionally trivializing one of the most important, lowest price cialis, serious decisions any woman, lowest price cialis, any family has to make.

The Weep in Review: Political Boys Do Cry

The Boston Globe’s Joan Venocchi explains why there’s no crying allowed (or aloud) in politics—unless you’re a man.

Everyone’s telling President Obama to “man up.’’

Maybe he should “Pelosi up’’ or “Palin up’’ — in other words, lowest price cialis, act like a tough chick. Lowest price cialis, Because that kind of woman knows how to handle disappointment and defeat without a whimper.

Today, lowest price cialis, there’s no crying in politics, lowest price cialis, unless you’re a guy.

Fey Was Correct About Palin and Rape Kits

Censors may have removed Tina Fey’s comments about Sarah Palin from her Mark Twain Prize acceptance speech in DC earlier this month, lowest price cialis, but Media Matters’ fact checkers say the SNL satirist was dead on.

Don’t Believe Hillary’s 2016 Denials

It’s not even 2011 yet, lowest price cialis, but reporters keep pestering Hillary Clinton about her 2016 electoral ambitions—and she keeps telling them she’s not interested in electoral office. Lowest price cialis, Don’t believe the denials, lowest price cialis, says Salon’s Steve Kornacki.

State Update: MN, lowest price cialis, TN

In Minnesota, lowest price cialis, the top five leadership positions in the new Republican senate majority, lowest price cialis, including speaker-to-be Amy Koch, lowest price cialis, are all women; likewise, lowest price cialis, Tennessee Republicans have chosen Nashville’s Beth Harwell to be the first female Speaker of the state House of Representatives.

Women Abroad

The week brought many interesting developments abroad for female politicians and women’s rights: In Malaysia, lowest price cialis, a group called simply Empower announced a new initiative to increase female representation in government and politics; a 22-year-old Sierra Leone woman, lowest price cialis, fresh from her attendance at the Young Women’s World Forum in Britain, lowest price cialis, wrote in the London Guardian about the obstacles facing female leaders in her home country; attendees at a three-day conference in Ghana called for more media coverage of women’s issues in West African countries; and in the Ukraine, lowest price cialis, topless female protestors from the group Femen are generating plenty of media attention for their calls for gender equity in that former Soviet state.

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First things first: WCF does not support Ann Marie Buerkle

MsRep wants to thank our supporters (especially the New Yorkers!) who reached out to clarify the mention of Ann Marie Buerkle in yesterday’s Brief. Cialis sale, We want to make sure everyone knows that Buerkle is not a woman WCF endorses, cialis sale, as she does not support women’s reproductive health choices.

She was mentioned solely because she is the one woman with an outstanding race, cialis sale, which will affect the overall number of women in the 112th Congress. Cialis sale, If she wins the NY-25 seat, cialis sale, women will hold 16.6 percent of Congressional seats.

WCF invests in women on both sides of the aisle, cialis sale, but only those who believe in advancing our essential and fundamental freedoms. Cialis sale, Otherwise, cialis sale, women’s numbers in public office may rise, cialis sale, but women’s rights, cialis sale, freedom, cialis sale, and quality of life may suffer greatly as a result.

MsRep’s Continued Talk of Palin’s Pack of Petrifying Women

It’s been a very confusing election year, cialis sale, in so many ways. Cialis sale, Given the wide sea of 2010 women candidates and the gaping differences in their values, cialis sale, MsRep has striven to both elevate our endorsed candidates and discuss the larger picture of women and politics.

Unfortunately, cialis sale, that picture has included a sharp rise of extreme socially conservative, cialis sale, anti-choice women, cialis sale, and they became an important part of MsRep’s analysis; pointing out their dangerous views on women’s reproductive freedom and their disconcerting thrust into the spotlight.

One key point in analyzing the state of women’s representation is to report on how many Congressional seats they hold. Cialis sale, That said, cialis sale, we know that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Cialis sale, As Lauren wrote this week, cialis sale,

We saw an increase in the number of anti-choice women elected this year (and lost a handful of proven advocates for reproductive health choices), cialis sale, and have created quite a dangerous landscape for women’s freedom, cialis sale, health, cialis sale, and quality of life.”

Ann Marie Buerkle is one of those women.

WCF Heartbroken after Midterm Elections

As MsRep said yesterday, cialis sale, this year’s midterms were especially difficult for WCF, cialis sale, as we sent our entire staff onto the campaign trail with a number of our extraordinary women who support women’s reproductive health choices. Cialis sale, Unfortunately, cialis sale, we saw many more losses than wins, cialis sale, especially with our incumbent Congressional candidates—thus creating the fragile state of women’s freedom and privacy.

We take the recent backslide in women and advocates for reproductive health very seriously. Cialis sale, To ensure we can reverse this damage in 2012, cialis sale, the fight starts now.

Will you help WCF get a jump-start on propelling women forward in 2011 and beyond?

Your super-early investment in women candidates (and potential candidates) can have the most impact on their success. Cialis sale,

Want to read more about women, cialis sale, WCF, cialis sale, and choices?

These Huffington Post blogs from our President/CEO Sam Bennett address these issues:

June 8 Victories for Female Candidates: What Will They Do for Women?

Sarah Palin’s brand of “feminism” hurts women and further divides country

Who Needs More Women in Government? Everyone.

The Oxymoron of the Sarah Palin “Conservative Feminism” Brand

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It’s Official: Equality Emergency in the New Congress

WCF’s Lauren Martin delivers the unfortunate but official news: America is moving backwards on gender equality, viagra without a prescription, as there is now no doubt that there will be fewer women in Congress next January than presently. Viagra without a prescription, With Murkowski’s recent win and Ann Marie Buerkle’s lead, viagra without a prescription, it looks like we may land at women holding 16.6% of the seats in Congress. Viagra without a prescription, HuffPo’s Kate Kelly gave a nice shout-out to our own Sam Bennett and what we are calling an “equality emergency” in American politics.

How Do We Reverse The Backslide?

This year’s midterms were especially heartbreaking for WCF, viagra without a prescription, as we sent our entire staff onto the campaign trail with a number of our extraordinary women. Viagra without a prescription, Unfortunately, viagra without a prescription, we saw many more losses than wins, viagra without a prescription, especially with our incumbent Congressional candidates—thus creating the backslide and fragile state of women’s reproductive health choices.

Our candidates continue to tell us that WCF provided them with the early, viagra without a prescription, continuous, viagra without a prescription, and unique support they needed at the most critical time. In addition, viagra without a prescription, our She Should Run program helps women consider running for office and prepare themselves to become a candidate. Viagra without a prescription, This is a crucial factor in filling the political pipeline with women and ensuring that future backslides in women’s representation do not occur.

Will you help WCF respond to 2010’s Equality Disaster and prepare to propel women forward in 2010 and beyond?

Your support early in women candidates and potential candidates can have the most impact on her success. Viagra without a prescription, Help WCF begin to reverse this year’s unacceptable backslide today.

Don’t Mess With Nancy

Despite all the talk of a House Democratic revolt, viagra without a prescription, the Speaker easily sacked North Carolina Rep. Viagra without a prescription, Heath Shuler in his effort Wednesday to unseat her as Democratic minority leader in the next Congress, viagra without a prescription, winning 150-43. Viagra without a prescription, “The No. Viagra without a prescription, 1 reason in support of Nancy Pelosi is that she will hold the White House responsible, viagra without a prescription,” said Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan. Viagra without a prescription, “Nancy Pelosi will be the only Democratic leader standing up, viagra without a prescription, saying ‘no’ and planting the flag in the ground.” Support from 31 female Democrats was critical.

Equal Pay? Not Today.

A bill to enact the Paycheck Fairness Act passed more than a year ago by the House of Representatives was blocked yet again on Wednesday by 41 filibustering Senators, viagra without a prescription, all Republicans. Viagra without a prescription, In a statement, viagra without a prescription, President Obama called the vote “deeply disappointing, viagra without a prescription,” and the AAUW is equally miffed. Viagra without a prescription, You can bet there will be no chance of it passing in the new Congress that takes power in January.

Murkowski Prevails (AUDIO)

It’s official: As only the second person ever to win a Senate race as a write-in candidate—Strom Thurmond was the first—Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski has been re-elected. Viagra without a prescription, NPR has a good story here.

About Those New Female House Republicans…

Let’s set aside the whole debate over whether 2010 was the “Year of the Republican Woman” or not, viagra without a prescription, and take a moment to meet the new GOP women elected to the House of Representatives. Viagra without a prescription, Slate has a nice slide show with profiles and photos of each.

….and The Defeated Democrats Who May Attempt Comebacks

The Hill’s Sean Miller reports that some of the House Democrats who lost two weeks ago may try to regain their seats, viagra without a prescription, including Nevada’s Dina Titus.

Keenan Warns of Boehner’s Anti-Choice Agenda

In a essay, viagra without a prescription, NARAL Pro-Choice America president Nancy Keenan warns of under-the-radar assaults on reproductive freedom in the next Congress led by Speaker-to-be John Boehner. Viagra without a prescription, “We all know friends and family members who are struggling—but we also know these individuals do not want politicians to wage a divisive war on safe, viagra without a prescription, legal abortion when so many are facing economic hardship, viagra without a prescription,” writes Keenan.

Fey’s Palin Remark Edited Out

In last week’s Brief, viagra without a prescription, MsRep mentioned the cheeky, viagra without a prescription, if caustic remark Tina Fey made about Sarah Palin in Washington during her acceptance speech upon becoming the youngest person to win the Mark Twain Prize. Viagra without a prescription, That remark will be edited out of the televised broadcast. Viagra without a prescription, Apparently, viagra without a prescription, feminism in the media today means protecting Palin from any mention of uncomfortable subjects like, viagra without a prescription, say, viagra without a prescription, rape kits.

State Update: SD, viagra without a prescription, TX & VA

In state news, viagra without a prescription, despite featuring a high-profile matchup between two female nominees in its at-large U.S. Viagra without a prescription, House contest this year, viagra without a prescription, South Dakota women were underrepresented in races for state legislature and statewide office; in Republican-dominated Texas, viagra without a prescription, by contrast, viagra without a prescription, the good Republican year meant gains for women seeking public office; and in Virginia, viagra without a prescription, pro-choice license plates are now available!

That’s the latest Weekly Brief! Please make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation’s Weekly Brief via email, viagra without a prescription, and tell your friends!

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Also, viagra without a prescription, please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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With last night’s concession of Rep. Purchase viagra, Melissa Bean, purchase viagra, the news we feared has come true: Women’s representation in Congress will decrease for the first time in over three decades as a result of the 2010 midterms.

Exactly how far we will backslide remains to be seen, purchase viagra, with Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Ann Marie Buerkle’s (NY-25) races still too close to call. Purchase viagra, If both win, purchase viagra, women will hold a total of 89 out of 535 Congressional seats, purchase viagra, or 16.6 percent.

If both Murkowski and Buerkle lose, purchase viagra, the furthest we will backslide is to 87 women in Congress; 16.2 percent.

Add to this the fact that we saw an increase in the number of anti-choice women elected this year (and lost a handful of proven advocates for reproductive health choices), purchase viagra, and we have created quite a dangerous landscape for women’s freedom, purchase viagra, health, purchase viagra, and quality of life.

So where do we go from here? How do we move forward knowing that women voters didn’t come to the polls to save their own advocates this year? How do we motivate women across the country to undo this damage in 2012?

And will any of us see women hold 50% of the seats in Congress, purchase viagra, state legislatures, purchase viagra, or governorships in our lifetime? At this rate, purchase viagra, the answer is no.

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Stave off your post-election blues: Keep in touch with MsRep and get top women and politics news weekly.

The [Non] Year of the Women: A Retrospective Look at 2010

MsRep must begin with a quick survey of some of the post-election commentary about the fate of women on election day and in the upcoming Congress.

  1. The storyline taking hold, buy viagra online, of course, buy viagra online, is that Republican women–specifically conservative Republican women–carried the day, buy viagra online, as reported in stories like this one from USNews. Buy viagra online, In short, buy viagra online, that the Year of the Woman was actually the Year of the Republican Woman.
  2. But political scientist Susan Carroll, buy viagra online, a senior scholar at Rutger’s Center for American Women and Politics, buy viagra online, explains in a guest column for CNN that the results are mixed, buy viagra online, with Republican women winning some key races but overall having a low survival rate during this year’s primaries–and WCF’s Jill Miller Zimon points us to a 5-page memo produced by CAWP that summarized the implications of 2010 for women in politics.
  3. In fact, buy viagra online, report Politico’s Marin Cogan and Richard E. Buy viagra online, Cohen, buy viagra online, there is a still a pretty big partisan gender gap in Congress.
  4. The bottom line, buy viagra online, as the New York Times’ Ashley Parker writes, buy viagra online, is that the “idea that 2010 would be the second coming for the Year of the Woman may have been overstated from the beginning.”

Disappointed Women Voters and 2010 Results

The LA Times’ Matea Gold and Jordon Steffen discuss the voting behavior of women, buy viagra online, particularly unmarried and single women, buy viagra online, during last week’s midterm elections. Buy viagra online, [D]isappointment and apathy translated into a jolting drop in female support this year for House Democrats, buy viagra online, who won just 48% of the women’s vote, buy viagra online, down from 55% four years ago, buy viagra online, according to exit polls, buy viagra online,” they write.

Choice and the New Congress

Relatedly, buy viagra online, there has been a lot of victory-lapping by anti-choicers in the days since the election. Buy viagra online, As both religiously-oriented writers are glibly trying to depict the 2010 election as national rebuke of pro-choice attitudes, buy viagra online, and others contend that the anti-choice movement is secular victory for anti-choicers, buy viagra online, it is time to be especially vigilant.

Must-Read of the Week: The Soft War on Feminism

…has to be Salon’s Caryl Rivers, buy viagra online, writing about the new “soft war” on feminism. Buy viagra online, MsRep recommends reading the whole thing, buy viagra online, but the best excerpt may be this:

The “soft war” is disturbing and pervasive but too little noticed. Buy viagra online, The many ways and the many arenas in which women are slipping behind are obscured by narratives about men failing (which some of them are, buy viagra online, but not elite white men) and about the ways in which achievement can only bring women misery and pain. Buy viagra online, (And, buy viagra online, by the way, buy viagra online, destroy society in the process.)

Pelosi’s Future

There has also been a lot of chatter about Nancy Pelosi’s fate in the wake of the 2010 results. Buy viagra online, Despite manifold calls for her to step aside, buy viagra online, she says she will seek maintain her position at the head of the Democratic caucus as its new minority leader beginning in January. Buy viagra online, WCF’s own Jodi Jacobson, buy viagra online, over at RH Reality Check, buy viagra online, offers her take on Pelosi’s future and what it means for the House Democratic caucus.

Let’s Not Forget Barbara Bush Is Pro-Choice

Speaking of Jodi, buy viagra online, she has a great post reminding us that, buy viagra online, amid the weird buzz about the “fetus in a jar” story told by former President George W. Buy viagra online, Bush in his new book, buy viagra online, the media typically fails to mention that Bush’s mother Barbara is pro-choice.

Fey Ain’t Joking

Tina Fey came to DC this week to accept the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor–the youngest recipient ever. Buy viagra online, In her acceptance speech she said the rise of conservative women was good for all women “unless you don’t want to pay for your own rape kit . Buy viagra online, . Buy viagra online, . Buy viagra online, unless you’re a lesbian who wants to get married to your partner of 20 years . Buy viagra online, . Buy viagra online, . Buy viagra online, [or] unless you believe in evolution.”

The Cracked Ceiling

Forbes’ Collette Martin offers powerful observations on Anne Kornblut and her new book, buy viagra online, Notes From the Cracked Ceiling, buy viagra online, about women in politics after the 2008 presidential race. Buy viagra online, Martin talks about the very fine line that women who enter politics must walk:

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that the challenges women face in advancing to the highest ranks in politics bear an uncanny resemblance to the challenges women face in securing the top positions in Corporate America. Buy viagra online, Women need to be tough, buy viagra online, but not too tough. Buy viagra online, They need to be attractive, buy viagra online, but not too attractive. Buy viagra online, They can’t be too feminine, buy viagra online, or too masculine. Buy viagra online, They should either be childless, buy viagra online, or have children who are grown. Buy viagra online, They should either be single, buy viagra online, or have a spouse who has achieved success in his own right. Buy viagra online,

Egyptian Women Emergent

As WCF’s Sam Bennett likes to remind people, buy viagra online, the United States trails Afghanistan and Cuba in the share of women holding national elected office. Buy viagra online, Meanwhile, buy viagra online, Egypt is making big strides in the election of women to public office.

State Update: GA, buy viagra online, WI

Atlanta Journal and Constitution columnist Jim Galloway talks about the Georgia GOP’s over-reliance on white male voters and white male leadership in the state legislature, buy viagra online, especially in the wake of the House Democrats selection of an African American woman to be their new caucus chair; thanks to eight new female faces, buy viagra online, the Wisconsin legislature saw a net increase in female state legislators this cycle.

That’s this week’s Brief! Please make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation’s Weekly Brief via email, buy viagra online, and tell your friends!

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This post was submitted by Kristen Kiewiet de Jonge, online viagra, WCF Communications Fellow.

The closely-watched race between Kamala Harris and Steve Cooley for Attorney General of California is still undecided seven days after the election. Online viagra, The San Francisco Chronicle reports that there are hundreds of thousands of ballots left to count in Los Angeles, online viagra, Alameda, online viagra, San Diego and Orange counties. Online viagra, Harris’ campaign recently released a news bulletin asserting that, online viagra,

The majority of the counties where Kamala surged on Election Day, online viagra, including many counties where she defeated Cooley by a two-to-one margin, online viagra, have yet to tally their uncounted ballots in any significant numbers.

Kamala Harris

Harris has recruited over 1, online viagra,000 volunteers to monitor the counting of provisional and late-arriving absentee ballots across many of California’s 58 counties. Online viagra, Election officials have a November 30 deadline to complete the process.

Harris is undoubtedly a rising star in politics, online viagra, with some predicting that she could someday become Governor of California and others, online viagra, such as Gwen Ifll, online viagra, describing her as a “female Barack Obama.” If she does not win this election, online viagra, there has been some speculation that she could become Mayor of San Francisco, online viagra, as current Mayor Gavin Newsom was recently elected Lieutenant Governor.

Harris is the first-ever woman to serve as District Attorney of San Francisco and the first African-American and Asian- American to hold the office in California. Online viagra, If she wins the race, online viagra, she will become the first woman of color to serve as Attorney General in California.

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Feeling Down…Even, buy cheap viagra online, MsRepresented, buy cheap viagra online, after Election Day?

Don’t fret - MsRep is still here for you. Buy cheap viagra online, Due to popular demand and troubling election results, buy cheap viagra online, MsRep will continue to keep you updated on the breaking and most critical women and politics news through the end of the year. Buy cheap viagra online, She may not give you a Daily Brief, buy cheap viagra online, but it will certainly be a weekly dose of non-partisan, buy cheap viagra online, women-filled political news.

Click here to stay up to speed on women and politics news from MsRep.

One must be informed to fight the abysmal state of women’s political representation.

Gutty Murray Toughs Out Narrow Win

MsRep has to say it: Patty Murray is one tough politician. Buy cheap viagra online, In a difficult year for Democrats and incumbents, buy cheap viagra online, she held off Dino Rossi–albeit in a very close race–to win her fourth term in the Senate. Buy cheap viagra online, (Rossi conceded last night.)

Only four other women have achieved this feat and thus served as long or longer in the Senate: Maine’s Margaret Chase Smith; Maryland’s Barbara Mikulski; and Californians Diane Feinstein* and fellow class-of-92′er Barbara Boxer. Buy cheap viagra online, (Actually, buy cheap viagra online, having first won a special election in 1992 to fill a partial term, buy cheap viagra online, Dianne Feinstein has served long than both Boxer and Murray despite winning only three regular elections since…so Murray has actually won one more full-term election than DiFi.)

Congrats Patty! WCF is proud to have worked on your campaign and thrilled to have your needed presence in the Senate.

Equality: Ur doing it wrong.

Seeing this headline on POLITICO yesterday almost made many of us cry: “John Boehner’s boys: The new power club.”

We couldn’t resist putting a more fitting caption on this testosterone-overloaded picture.

Post-Election Powerhouse Press Call

WCF’s president Sam Bennett and political director Erin Cutraro hosted a fantastic media call yesterday that included some high-caliber experts about, buy cheap viagra online, and participants in, buy cheap viagra online, women’s politics:

  • American University’s Women & Politics Institute Director and author Jennifer Lawless
  • Renowned Center for American Women and Politics Director Debbie Walsh
  • Groundbreaking former Virginia Congressional candidate Krystal Ball
  • Leading political strategist Celinda Lake
  • Terri Sewell, buy cheap viagra online, the first African American woman elected to Congress in AL-07

The panelists took questions from WCF members and the media about Tuesday’s election results and what it meant for representation in Congress and elsewhere. Buy cheap viagra online, Read some of the great coverage of the call by NPR and the Associated Press.

Somebody Should Sack Shuler

After Tuesday’s House losses, buy cheap viagra online, it’s perfectly reasonable for there to be talk of a change in Democratic Caucus leadership to replace Nancy Pelosi from what now becomes the minority leader’s position. Buy cheap viagra online, It’s clear that Republican strategy to demonize the unpopular Speaker, buy cheap viagra online, as the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson discusses, buy cheap viagra online, worked on Tuesday.

But Heath Shuler as the new minority leader–is he kidding?

The former Redskin quarterback–once rated by ESPN the 4th biggest NFL “draft bust” of all time–couldn’t carry the Speaker’s luggage through an airport without fumbling. Buy cheap viagra online, MsRep presumes Shuler is just trying to raise his profile or provide himself some electoral safety in his swing district by looking like the tough guy who challenged Pelosi’s authority.

Women In The New Congress

During WCF’s press call yesterday, buy cheap viagra online, many women and politics experts explained that the share of women within each party caucus held the same because Democrats lost women and men in roughly the same proportions as they presently have, buy cheap viagra online, and the same for Republican gains by gender. Buy cheap viagra online, It’s only because the current Democratic caucus is more female (23 percent) than the GOP caucus (9 percent) that the net Democratic losses pulled the overall female share down. Buy cheap viagra online, Washington Post blogger Garance Franke-Ruta takes a closer look at those new GOP women.

Women Not In the New Congress

Elsewhere in the WaPo, buy cheap viagra online, Jason Horowitz examines the fate of three female GOP statewide candidates–Meg Whitman, buy cheap viagra online, Carly Fiorina and Linda McMahon–who, buy cheap viagra online, despite their business backgrounds and ample campaign resources, buy cheap viagra online, lost Tuesday in what otherwise was the so-called “Year of the Republican Woman.”

The Economy–Not Anti-Choice Positions–Elected Them

Citing WCF’s own Jodi Jacobson–in a post she wrote over at RHReality Check–Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory provides the cold, buy cheap viagra online, hard truth: Even though many anti-choice candidates who won congressional races did so because of the economy, buy cheap viagra online, watch for them to claim their victories were a mandate to restrict reproductive freedoms.

Change Slow For Female Candidates in Two Laggard States

Despite’s Nikki Haley glass ceiling-breaking victory in the governor’s office, buy cheap viagra online, South Carolina still has the smallest share of female state legislators in the country; halfway across the country, buy cheap viagra online, Utah has only had one female governor, buy cheap viagra online, one House member and no Senators–and none of the women running this year won. Buy cheap viagra online,’s Lisa Edge writes that South Carolina still has a long way to go toward women’s equality, buy cheap viagra online, and the Salt Lake Tribune’s Peg McEntee argues the same is true in Utah.

Meghan McCain: O’Donnell “Out Of Her Frickin’ Mind”

Yikes–let’s all please get out of Meghan McCain’s way. Buy cheap viagra online, She let failed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell have it the other night on The Tonight Show, buy cheap viagra online, saying she’s “out of her frickin’ mind.” She also echoed Karl Rove’s assertion (joined by WaPo columnist Michael Gerson) that Sarah Palin is not ready for prime-time, buy cheap viagra online, especially because her forthcoming Alaska reality show is “unpresidential.”

Female Breadwinners Still Must Make the Sandwiches At Home

So, buy cheap viagra online, as women gain economic parity in their marriages by advancing in status and salary at the workplace, buy cheap viagra online, the balance of duties at home is shifting as well so that men are shouldering more of the burden around the house, buy cheap viagra online, right? Um, buy cheap viagra online, sorry, buy cheap viagra online, but no.

That’s today’s Daily Brief! And please make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation’s Brief via email, buy cheap viagra online, and tell your friends!

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Also, buy cheap viagra online, please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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