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Generic viagra

Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

Joining the Obama Administration’s outreach to women, generic viagra, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Generic viagra, Representative Rosa DeLauro (D, generic viagra, CT-3) held a conference call last week, generic viagra, focusing on issues affecting women.

Pelosi and DeLauro plowed through accomplishments for and concerns about the status of women in the United States.

On the 2010 health care bill, generic viagra, DeLauro emphasized that the real benefits in the bill, generic viagra, for women, generic viagra, will be transformative:

“Women’s health for the first time is being treated on par with men’s health.”

I got a chance to ask the last of three questions and wanted to know about how they view the importance and influence of women in Congress. Generic viagra, The Speaker mentioned numerous leadership positions held and offered testimony to how women in the Congress and in the Administration work together.

Then, generic viagra, DeLauro responded by saying that having women in Congress changes the agenda, generic viagra, and thus, generic viagra, the country:

It’s not because our male colleagues aren’t sympathetic or caring, generic viagra, but it is because some of the issues have to do with the economic security of women or issues of safety that wouldn’t be raised to the national level of dialogue and discourse without women in the Congress…there’s a great understanding that women today in our society are economically marginal and whether they’re single, generic viagra, widowed, generic viagra, divorced or separated, generic viagra, they are struggling to make economic gains and the women who have served and are serving…know how to build consensus…

Speaker Pelosi ended by saying:

I will say flat out: Women have a great deal at stake in this election, generic viagra, whether it is their health and reproductive freedom or their economic security…and may I say that women have a role in our defense. Generic viagra, The list goes on and on…It is impossible to exaggerate what’s at stake for women in this election.

And finally, generic viagra, Speaker Pelosi said that whether we’re talking about young women or women “like her, generic viagra,” they intend to win for them.

Here’s a summary of the highlights discussed during the call (read the full statement here):

  1. The defeat of former President Bush’s plans to privatize Social Security. The Speaker said that she was “…pleased that he is admitting that we defeated him then and we will do it again.” She emphasized her belief that if President Bush had succeeded in privatization, generic viagra, then seniors would have lost nearly 50% of their retirement funds. Generic viagra,  At that point, generic viagra, she uttered the line that other outlets have reported, generic viagra, regarding the Republicans desires, generic viagra, “They’d like to get their hands on granny’s Social Security check.” However, generic viagra, she said, generic viagra, it must remain a guaranteed benefit in large part because of its importance to American women as caregivers who often can wind up being responsible for their parents.
  2. The Speaker reiterated a tweet she’d sent out during a Twitterchat with indicating that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has committed to scheduling a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act. Generic viagra, This bill updates the Equal Pay Act of 1963 with critical equal pay enforcement tools and is a follow up to the Lilly Ledbetter Act that has already been passed and signed into law.
  3. The elimination of being a woman as a pre-existing condition to health care coverage.
  4. Small business loan support to the tune of $3 billion provided via 12, generic viagra,000 loans to women-owned businesses
  5. Passage of SCHIP, generic viagra, an expansion of health care insurance for poor children, generic viagra, which had been vetoed by President Bush

More reading on the power and efforts of Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Pelosi Takes The Heat: If I Were Not Effective, generic viagra, They Wouldn’t Care About Me” by Melinda Henneberger at Politics Daily (a great interview piece)

The Age of Nancy by Gail Collins, generic viagra, from the New York Times, generic viagra, June 2010

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This post was submitted by Sophie Shulman, zithromax, WCF Communications Fellow

In a recent attack ad, zithromax, Carly Fiorina accused Senator Barbara Boxer of being an ineffectual representative, zithromax, with her name on only three bills in the past 18 years. Zithromax, This prompted Rod Pennington to conclude that virtually all female Senators are essentially:

“Empty pants suits keeping chairs warm and taking orders from their male party leadership.”

I’m trying to figure out which Senate Rod Pennington and Carly Fiorina are watching. Zithromax, In the U.S. Zithromax, Senate, zithromax, Barbara Boxer is the first female Chairwoman of the Environment and Public Works Committee and simultaneously, zithromax, Chair of the Select Committee on Ethics, zithromax, making her the only Senator in charge of two committees at the same time. Zithromax, Also, zithromax, a quick online search reveals that, zithromax, in the current Congress alone, zithromax, Boxer’s name is on over 500 pieces of legislation, zithromax, including an international effort to combat HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, zithromax, and an important taxpayer protection amendment to the Wall Street Reform bill.

Despite Pennington’s claim that women take their direction from male power-brokers in the Senate, zithromax, he seems to have forgotten that, zithromax, in addition to Boxer, zithromax, who serves as Chief Deputy Whip, zithromax, Sens. Zithromax, Patty Murray, zithromax, Blanche Lincoln and Debbie Stabenow all hold leadership positions. Zithromax, In fact, zithromax, the 4-to-10 ratio among the majority leadership is actually much higher than the actual percentage of women in the Senate (17%)—showing that these women are excelling in their political careers.

The recent health care reform debate also made it clear why we need women in Congress. Zithromax, Senator Barbara Mikulski, zithromax, a leading member of the Health, zithromax, Education, zithromax, Labor, zithromax, and Pensions Committee, zithromax, played a key role in ensuring that women received equal treatment in insurance plans.

The Supreme Court’s rejection of Ledbetter shows why having women in Congress—and on the Court—is essential to promoting women’s equality. Zithromax, After Justice Ginsburg’s inspirational dissent, zithromax, Congress quickly stepped up to remedy our unfair pay systems. Zithromax, Boxer was one of the first to co-sponsor the bill, zithromax, and was soon followed by Sens. Zithromax, Debbie Stabenow, zithromax, Olympia Snowe, zithromax, Patty Murray, zithromax, Barbara Mikulski, zithromax, Claire McCaskill, zithromax, Amy Klobuchar, zithromax, Dianne Feinstein, zithromax, Hillary Clinton and Maria Cantwell. Zithromax, Although the final bill was not passed until 2009, zithromax, it seems unlikely that we would have the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act today without the support of these influential women.

Last year, zithromax, Sen. Zithromax, Boxer was named the Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on International Operations and Organizations, zithromax, Human Rights, zithromax, Democracy, zithromax, and Global Women’s Issues. Zithromax, This is the first subcommittee to ever focus specifically on women’s issues, zithromax, and I’m certain that Boxer’s many years of service on the Foreign Relations Committee were instrumental in its creation. Zithromax, In response to her appointment, zithromax, she eloquently stated that:

“Too often, zithromax, we turn our eyes away as women are persecuted, zithromax, abused and treated as second-class citizens. But even the most conservative historians have noted that when women are given the freedom to live up to their full potential, zithromax, society as a whole flourishes. Zithromax, I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Congress and with Secretary Clinton to stamp out violence against women in the world.”

This is an observation that many men would never make. Zithromax, Just as it took Justice Ginsburg to point out that our pay systems were unequal, zithromax, often we need women to be part of the conversation to show what men choose not to see. Zithromax, In his article, zithromax, Pennington poses the question:

“Could it be political correctness and the desire to have a woman, zithromax, any woman, zithromax, in a high office is to blame?”

The women that I’ve come to respect and admire in the U.S. Zithromax, Senate have fought for women’s rights, zithromax, equal opportunity, zithromax, and justice for all. Zithromax, I’m very proud to have these 17 women in the U.S. Zithromax, Senate, zithromax, and hope the rest of America doesn’t share Pennington’s ridiculous and archaic assertions.

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Cheap zoloft

This post was submitted by Sophie Shulman, cheap zoloft, WCF Communications Fellow

As a young woman working in the political world, cheap zoloft, I am often confronted by the assertion that my generation does not feel as strongly about reproductive choices as our predecessors. Cheap zoloft, After all, cheap zoloft, Roe v. Cheap zoloft, Wade was decided in 1973, cheap zoloft, and we’ve grown up in an era in which women appear to be fully liberated.

Campus Progress Conference

But the truth is that my cohort is uniquely—and dramatically—affected by Roe and its aftermath. Yesterday, cheap zoloft, I had the opportunity to hear a panel of reproductive rights advocates discuss these issues at the Campus Progress National Conference. Cheap zoloft, Shelby Knox, cheap zoloft, a women’s rights advocate who works to mobilize young people around the idea of “reproductive justice, cheap zoloft,” described young people as:

“The generation that has been scared away from contraception.”

She was referring to the years of systematic weakening of the rights that were identified by Roe, cheap zoloft, which have limited women’s access and knowledge about contraception and abortion. Cheap zoloft, In addition to numerous laws requiring parental consent and lack of public funding, cheap zoloft, reproductive choices have been severely affected by poor sex education in schools. Cheap zoloft, Knox’s personal story of growing up in a small town in Texas with abstinence-only sex education classes was made into a documentary that attempted to explain how vital comprehensive sex-ed is to reducing pregnancy (and abortion) rates, cheap zoloft, as well as sexually transmitted infections.

Another panelist, cheap zoloft, Khadine Bennett, cheap zoloft, a Staff Attorney for ACLU of Illinois, cheap zoloft, pointed out that:

“If you are in a middle-to-upper class school, cheap zoloft, you are more likely to get comprehensive sex education than if you are low-income.”

Essentially, cheap zoloft, access to information about contraceptives and reproductive health options is based now, cheap zoloft, more than ever, cheap zoloft, based on one’s socio-economic status. Cheap zoloft, While this is hardly new, cheap zoloft, it upends one of the main problems that Roe attempted to address—poor women in the United States have a much greater need for affordable and safe reproductive options. Cheap zoloft,

Since Roe, cheap zoloft, conservative, cheap zoloft, anti-choice organizations have been attacking the foundations of the decision, cheap zoloft, and while they have not succeeded in overturning it, cheap zoloft, yet, cheap zoloft, they have made things much more difficult for women across the country. Cheap zoloft, Part of the problem is that the women who fought for Roe in the 1960s and 1970s thought that they had won—and stopped pushing for further protection of their rights. Cheap zoloft, As Bennett described her work in Illinois:

“We’re countering years and years of anti-choice work. Cheap zoloft, We were tired of fighting… of being in this defensive position.”

That’s why the ACLU in Illinois, cheap zoloft, and more and more women’s groups across the country are working to stop anti-choice bills—and to create proactive legislation in anticipation of the next attack. Cheap zoloft, According to Elizabeth Nash, cheap zoloft, from the Guttmacher Institute, cheap zoloft, of all the reproductive health proposals adopted in the past decade, cheap zoloft, 27 have been anti-choice and only 4 protected women’s reproductive choices.

And in the past year, cheap zoloft, anti-choice conservatives have found a new battleground in which to limit women’s rights; the health care bill reminded American women that their health choices are still not totally theirs to decide. Cheap zoloft, Indeed, cheap zoloft, since the passage of the bill, cheap zoloft, as Nash says:

“Anti-choice legislators at the state level have seen an opportunity to restrict abortion in insurance.”

Just as comprehensive sexual education now seems to be a luxury, cheap zoloft, anti-choice advocates are attempting to make it harder for low-income women to have access to a necessary health service. Cheap zoloft, Men and women deserve to have equal coverage of their medical needs, cheap zoloft, and to have an equal opportunity to make their own health decisions. Cheap zoloft,

These changes will have the most serious impact on young women—who will have to live their entire lives with these restrictions. Cheap zoloft, But women of all ages have a responsibility to fight these measures in any way they can. Cheap zoloft, While the debates in Congress and the Supreme Court garner the most attention, cheap zoloft, the battles for reproductive choices are often fought in state legislatures. Cheap zoloft, Jordan Goldberg, cheap zoloft, from the Center for Reproductive Rights, cheap zoloft, made the argument that:

“On a day-to-day basis, cheap zoloft, when a woman tries to get an abortion, cheap zoloft, [she] is affected by the laws of her state.”

And, cheap zoloft, individuals can also have a more decisive impact at the local level. Cheap zoloft, That’s why, cheap zoloft, here at WCF, cheap zoloft, we endorse women candidates at every level—because we know that it is not only a stepping stone to higher office, cheap zoloft, but also an essential arena for women’s issues.

Perhaps women my age are less aware of how their lives are affected by their access to reproductive choices—but if the anti-choice conservatives get their way, cheap zoloft, I think they will quickly realize how important these rights are. Cheap zoloft, I challenge women everywhere—and of every generation—to spread this message, cheap zoloft, call their local, cheap zoloft, state, cheap zoloft, or federal representatives, cheap zoloft, or even run for office, cheap zoloft, because we can’t afford to lose these battles.

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Zovirax cheap

This posted was submitted by Jean Qiao, zovirax cheap, WCF communications fellow

When you say “Stupak, zovirax cheap,” I say, zovirax cheap, “anti-choice!” However, zovirax cheap, have no fear: The name that has been tainted with numerous attempts to take away women’s reproductive freedoms in the recently-passed health care bill is nearing his final days of legislative power.

Yes, zovirax cheap, Rep. Zovirax cheap, Bart Stupak, zovirax cheap, the infamous Congressman from Michigan and legislator behind the Stupak-Pitts amendment will not be seeking re-election in November.

The departure of Stupak makes for an even more interesting election year: It’s clear that Stupak won the seat thanks to his socially conservative and anti-choice views. Zovirax cheap, And now many say that the doors have flung wide open for a Republican victory this November.

Even before his retirement announcement, zovirax cheap, President Obama, zovirax cheap, Speaker Pelosi, zovirax cheap, and the DCCC called on Stupak not to retire, zovirax cheap, in fear of losing the Democratic majority.

Personally, zovirax cheap, I would much rather have someone in Congress who will vote to protect women’s reproductive freedoms—not someone who, zovirax cheap, despite his party’s platform on choice, zovirax cheap, spear-heads anti-choice amendments left and right.

Currently, zovirax cheap, Connie Saltonstall is the sole woman running for the seat. Zovirax cheap, And unlike Stupak, zovirax cheap, she is a strong advocate for women’s reproductive rights. Zovirax cheap, Running a campaign in this district should prove to be difficult for her, zovirax cheap, but we can’t let social conservatives scare women from running. Zovirax cheap, Kudos to Saltonstall for stepping up to the challenge.

A majority of the American population agrees that women have a right to choose their own reproductive choices and options, zovirax cheap, and we need legislators from all districts who will echo and support this view. Zovirax cheap, But can proponents of reproductive rights successfully fight the health care reform backlash in an especially difficult district? Time will tell, zovirax cheap, but for the sake of women and all Americans, zovirax cheap, I certainly hope so.

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In case you didn’t think that the 2010 elections won’t be important, cipro, and that anti-choice forces wouldn’t pull out all the stops to unseat candidates who support healthcare reform and reproductive choices…

…enter the firey devil version of Speaker Pelosi. Cipro, Yes, cipro, over one million dollars has been raised using a photoshopped image of our House Speaker with flames in the background. Cipro, Let me also point out that the ridiculous amount of wrinkles added to her face is especially classy.

So out of all the other people they could have chosen to attack, cipro, they chose the woman. Cipro, Shocking.

As Christina Ballantoni from TPM points out, cipro, their PollTracker shows that Pelosi is more popular than Republican Minority Leaders in the House and Senate. Cipro, She also mentions, cipro,

“Pelosi, cipro, on the other hand, cipro, has a wide fan base being the first female speaker in history. Cipro, What’s more is the GOP has attempted to demonize Pelosi for the last two election cycles to little benefit.”

And here’s a little gem from GOP pollster Wes Anderson:

“The only other person voters are as concerned about is President Obama. Cipro, They find she shares his ideology but not his charm.”

Ah, cipro, yes. Cipro, We can’t have a female leader who lacks charm! That must means she’s a devil woman worthy of being juxtaposed with evil flames!

What’s really sad here is that this over-the-top tact really works on social conservatives, cipro, since they have a tendency to embrace sexist stereotypes and reject powerful female leaders.

Make no mistake about it, cipro, folks—this November will be a knock down, cipro, drag out battle to protect pro-choice seats and defend against vitriolic attempts to elect more anti-reproductive rights candidates.

The time has never been more vital to ensure more female candidates are elected to protect women’s health and increase our voices at the decision-making table.

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Zithromax sale

By: Jen Nedeau
Crossposted from Women’s Media Center

Fully understanding the importance of health care for all Americans, zithromax sale, the author, zithromax sale, who manages the WMC Not Under the Bus campaign, zithromax sale, describes a sense of betrayal shared by many—and how to move forward. Zithromax sale,

NUTB-WMC logo“So this isn’t radical reform.  But it is major reform.  This legislation will not fix everything that ails our health care system.  But it moves us decisively in the right direction.  This is what change looks like.”—President Obama

So this is what change looks like? Throwing women’s rights under the bus in exchange for health care?

Something about this doesn’t feel like change. Zithromax sale, Something about this feels all too familiar. Zithromax sale, Once again, zithromax sale, women’s rights are being used as a bargaining chip for political gain. Zithromax sale, Once again, zithromax sale, the right to choose is not left in the hands of women, zithromax sale, but left in the hands of male politicians who will never be faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

Yes, zithromax sale, it is true that Speaker Nancy Pelosi worked incredibly hard to get the votes to pass the bill that now makes it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against women with higher premiums than men or deny coverage to women who have had Caesarean sections or survived domestic violence.

Yes, zithromax sale, it is true that bill will make health care more accessible for women and families across America by controlling costs and offering a public marketplace where those without insurance can buy their own affordable coverage.

However, zithromax sale, these very important advancements cannot disguise two major attacks on women’s choice.

The first attack was passing a bill that contained Ben Nelson’s Manager’s Amendment.

The second attack is the Executive Order from the White House reaffirming the Hyde Amendment ban on federal funding of abortion and effectively extending it beyond its current application. In the Daily Beast, zithromax sale, Dana Goldstein discusses how the “executive order enshrined the Hyde Amendment and expanded its reach into the new private insurance exchanges created by the health-care bill.”

At the end of the day, zithromax sale, more than 30 million uninsured Americans can now have access to health reform, zithromax sale, but it is abundantly clear women’s health is not considered a priority.

If you are a pro-choice advocate, zithromax sale, this is not the change we hoped to see, zithromax sale, particularly from a Democratic President and Democratic Majority Congress.

The bill that was passed contains language that has the potential to create a nation completely divided by access to abortion.  With the Nelson language intact, zithromax sale, it is possible for abortion rights to be completely stripped from the hands of low-income women, zithromax sale, who are disproportionately non-white, zithromax sale, by the predominantly male-led state legislatures.

According to the Guttmacher Institute , zithromax sale, “nearly half of all pregnancies to American women are unintended and four in 10 of these end in abortion.” Guttmacher also reports that unintended pregnancies have increased by 29 percent among poor women while decreasing 20 percent among higher-income women.

As the bill stands at this point, zithromax sale, if a state opts out of abortion coverage in the exchange, zithromax sale, women who cannot afford a private insurance plan would have few viable options for seeking access to abortion. Zithromax sale, That means reproductive choice is no longer left with women individually, zithromax sale, but given to the state. Zithromax sale, After last night’s historic vote, zithromax sale, it may feel like the health care reform battle is over. Zithromax sale, But for millions of women across America, zithromax sale, it has really just begun.

Today CREDO launched an action taking a firm stand against anti-choice Democrats who betrayed women across America saying, zithromax sale, “It’s time for pro-choice donors and members of Congress to stop funneling money to the anti-choice candidates via the DCCC.”

You can sign CREDO’s petition and take the momentum of ”Yes We Can” pass health care to “Yes We Can” repeal the Hyde Amendment.

It is time to finally give women across America—not just those who can afford private health care, zithromax sale, but every woman—a real choice when it comes to their body, zithromax sale, their destiny and their future.

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Xenical prices

Will there ever come a day where historic legislation is passed and women aren’t thrown under the bus?

While the House passing the healthcare reform bill is the first step on the long road to improving the lives of women and children, xenical prices, it still came at their expense.

Instead of focusing on improving the healthcare needs of all Americans, xenical prices, U.S. Xenical prices, Congress debated further restrictions to reproductive health. Xenical prices, Once again, xenical prices, we watch as women’s health falls to the cutting room floor—being used as a bargaining chip and kicked around like a political football.

Not only should this serve as a wake-up call on the second-class status of women in our country, xenical prices, but also how critical women’s representation in government truly is. Xenical prices, If women held 50 percent of the seats in Congress, xenical prices, amendments like Stupak-Pitts and Nelson-Hatch would not be passed.

It’s 2010, xenical prices, and still women are not valued in our society. Xenical prices, We aren’t trusted to make our own medical decisions. Xenical prices, We allow members of Congress to spout the ideals of non-invasive government as they propose increased government interference into our health decisions.

How will this end? More women in government. Xenical prices, You want to make sure we don’t lose pro-choice seats this November? Support pro-reproductive rights female candidates today. Xenical prices, Ask a woman to think about running for office.

If we want to crawl out from underneath the bus, xenical prices, we need more women in public office to lend us a hand.

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