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As 2010 draws to a close, viagra pills, MsRep wants to wish everyone in the Women’s Campaign Forum family a joyous holiday season and happy new year!

Let’s close out 2010 with 10 questions that either defined the past year or will set the political table for 2011:

  1. Was 2010 a good or bad year for women in politics?
  2. Which political women—like WCF-endorsed Kamala Harris, viagra pills, featured here—are likely to be big newsmakers of 2011?
  3. Will the nasty tone of American politics in 2010 deter women from getting involved in the future?
  4. Will pivotal female voters warm to Sarah Palin in 2011?
  5. Speaking of Palin, viagra pills, will her comment about John Boehner’s crying jags finally wake the media up to the double standard to which men and women are held in American politics?
  6. Will the reapportionment and redistricting of US House districts in 2011 create new opportunities for women candidates to run for and win seats in 2012?
  7. What advice should women follow in 2011 to break the still-unshattered glass ceilings of American politics and business?
  8. Will we see significant strides in the improvement in the status of women’s reproductive health?
  9. Will 2011 mark a turning point in business such that women’s physical attributes have no relation to their employability?
  10. Finally, viagra pills, will the amazing UConn women’s basketball team—which on Tuesday night broke the UCLA men’s record for consecutive NCAA basketball victories—ever lose again?

That’s the last Weekly Brief for 2010! Please stay with us in 2011 as we ring in another year fighting for women’s equality, viagra pills, reproductive choice and health—and if you haven’t already, viagra pills, sign up to receive MsRepresentation’s Weekly Brief via email, viagra pills, and tell your friends!

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Also, viagra pills, please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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Lowest price cialis

Last week, lowest price cialis, MsRepresentation applauded Sen. Lowest price cialis, Susan Collins’ resilient effort to reach a bipartisan agreement on the repeal of the military’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy after it failed earlier this month. Lowest price cialis, Now the Republican Senator’s tireless devotion to repeal DADT has finally paid off—on Saturday the 17-year-old policy was overturned.

Sen. Lowest price cialis, Collins fought ardently to make the repeal a bipartisan effort, lowest price cialis, and captured the support of several Republican allies including fellow Maine senator, lowest price cialis, Olympia Snowe.  R. Lowest price cialis, Clarke Cooper, lowest price cialis, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director, lowest price cialis, praised Collins for her impressive display of leadership:

“[We] are proud of our Senate allies who have voted to make our military stronger. Lowest price cialis, Senator Collins, lowest price cialis, in particular, lowest price cialis, has long been the point of the spear in fighting for repeal among Republicans. Lowest price cialis, She showed tremendous leadership in crossing the aisle to make this vote happen, lowest price cialis, continuing the fight when many thought hope was lost.

According to Collins, lowest price cialis, this has never been a partisan issue. Lowest price cialis, In an interview after Saturday’s vote, lowest price cialis, the senator shared her perspective:

“The bottom line for me is, lowest price cialis, if a person who is qualified wants to serve our country, lowest price cialis, to put on our uniform and be deployed to a war zone, lowest price cialis, we ought to welcome that service. Lowest price cialis, I view this as a matter of fairness and justice, lowest price cialis, but also as a matter that we should want to have talents of anyone who wants to serve.

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Be the first in the know: Click here to receive MsRepresentation’s Daily Brief every morning via email.

Will Democratic Congresswomen Suffer from Minority Status?
As House Democrats adjust to their minority status, purchase viagra, prominent women Representatives are seeing their roles in Congress dwindle. Purchase viagra, Rep. Purchase viagra, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, purchase viagra, who until now has served as the Chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on the Legislative Branch, purchase viagra, must now struggle to maintain her Appropriations membership. Purchase viagra, Similarly, purchase viagra, Rep. Purchase viagra, Carolyn Maloney now faces a difficult fight for the position of Ranking Minority Member on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee—despite being the committee’s second-ranking Democrat. Purchase viagra, Will House Democrats throw their women leaders under the bus? Several prominent feminist leaders, purchase viagra, including WCF President/CEO Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, purchase viagra, have pledged their support to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Women Return to Obama
According to a new survey conducted by the Democratic Gavin-Hart-Yang Research Group, purchase viagra, the Democrats may likely reclaim the vital women voting group it lost in 2010. Purchase viagra, The poll, purchase viagra, released today by EMILY’s List, purchase viagra, suggests that women voters who abandoned the Democratic Party in the midterm elections will back President Obama in 2012. Purchase viagra, Politico’s Alexander Burns explains why reclaiming women voters is essential for Democrats:

Recapturing the female vote is an urgent priority for Democrats going into the next presidential cycle. Purchase viagra, While the party won women by 13 percentage points in 2008, purchase viagra, Democrats slipped to a 1-point deficit against the GOP this year, purchase viagra, according to exit polls.

Sen. Purchase viagra, Collins Resilient in Wake of DADT Disappointment
After fighting ardently to reach an agreement on the repeal of the military’s, purchase viagra, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, purchase viagra,’ policy, purchase viagra, Sen. Purchase viagra, Susan Collins (R-ME) shared her dissatisfaction with Senate leadership following the vote:

The leader’s decision today was a set-back for proponents of this bill and for efforts to overturn DADT. Purchase viagra, Senator Lieberman and I will continue our efforts, purchase viagra, despite this set back, purchase viagra, and will look at other avenues, purchase viagra, including introducing a separate, purchase viagra, free-standing bill to overturn DADT.

RIP: Elizabeth Edwards, purchase viagra, 1949-2010
Last week came the sad news of Elizabeth Edwards’ death. Purchase viagra, Often maligned by the press, purchase viagra, and pitied by the public for the martial betrayal she suffered, purchase viagra, Edwards stood strong. Purchase viagra, Alternet’s Linda Milazzo explains why she will be missed.

Dayton’s Top Aides All Women
New MN Gov. Purchase viagra, Mark Dayton has appointed women to fill many of his top advisory posts, purchase viagra, notably chief of staff Tina Smith. Purchase viagra, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Eric Roper has the details, purchase viagra, and the Worthington Daily Globe’s Don Davis compares Dayton’s staffing choices with departing Gov. Purchase viagra, Tim Pawlenty’s.

Must Read: Valenti on Assange Rape Case
In this Brief’s must read, purchase viagra, one of MsRep’s favorite bloggers, purchase viagra, Feministing’s Jessica Valenti, purchase viagra, took to the pages of Sunday’s Washington Post to demystify the Julian Assange rape case. Purchase viagra, Whatever one thinks of Wikileaks and Assange’s role shining light on government behavior, purchase viagra, says Valenti, purchase viagra, this rape case reveals some of the problems of so-called “sex by surprise” rape laws in Europeand here at home in America. Purchase viagra, Writes Valenti: “The fact that U.S. Purchase viagra, law is so ill-equipped to actually protect women in realistic scenarios is a national embarrassment not to mention a huge hurdle in obtaining justice for sexual assault victims.”

Women’s Health Report Card: Too Many F’s
According to a new report issued by the National Women’s Law Center and Oregon Health and Science University, purchase viagra, certain health trends for American women have taken a rather disturbing turn for the worse, purchase viagra, with obesity, purchase viagra, binge drinking, purchase viagra, cervical cancer and chlamydia rates all on the rise. Purchase viagra, Said Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine’s Dr. Purchase viagra, Michelle Berlin:

The takeaway message is that we’re really not where we should be. Purchase viagra, We’ve had 10 years of doing this report card, purchase viagra, and you would hope the needle would have moved more than it has.

CDC: Pregnant African Americans Especially at Risk
In a related health development, purchase viagra, a new report Centers for Disease Control report delivers the bad news that African American women suffer greater health risks during pregnancy than other American women. Purchase viagra, The worst of it is that pregnant African Americans without health insurance are four times more likely to die than those who are insured.

Anti-Choice Activity Ramping Up in States
Politico’s Sarah Kliff discusses the implications of the new crop of anti-choice governors and state legislators elected last month. Purchase viagra, “At a National Right to Life Committee state strategy conference last week—hastily convened after activists realized the extent of their legislative gains—the anti-abortion lobby announced it would focus on three model laws that have already seen some success on the ground, purchase viagra,” reports Kliff. Purchase viagra, In a discouraging related development, purchase viagra, an Alaska judge has upheld the abortion notification law recently passed by voters there.

State Update: ME, purchase viagra, MN & WA
Susan Cover of Maine Today looks at the new crop of women Republicans elected to the state legislature; disappointing, purchase viagra, but not surprising that no charges were filed against Tom Hackbarth, purchase viagra, the anti-choice state legislator who showed up with a gun at a Planned Parenthood clinic claiming, purchase viagra, bogusly, purchase viagra, that he was looking for a woman he was dating; Clear Fog Blog’s Warren Peterson provides a run down of the women who might challenge Washington Sen. Purchase viagra, Maria Cantwell in 2012.

Women Abroad
Pakistani member of parliament Donya Aziz discusses the new female quota system for her country’s national legislature; at a political conference promoting female empowerment, purchase viagra, the first woman prime minister of St. Purchase viagra, Maartens, purchase viagra, Sarah Westcott-Williams, purchase viagra, encouraged her female compatriots to get involved in politics.

That’s the latest Weekly Brief! Please make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation’s Weekly Brief via email, purchase viagra, and tell your friends!

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Also, purchase viagra, please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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Potty-Mouthed Limbaugh
MsRep wants to know: Is it really too much to ask that the decision by John Boehner and the incoming Republican House majority to install a new women’s bathroom in the U.S. Cialis prices, Capitol building be acknowledged, cialis prices, even applauded, cialis prices, without that “feminazi” hater Rush Limbaugh marring the announcement by making a sexist, cialis prices, derogatory comment about the looks of Democratic congresswomen?

An Elected Female RNC Chair?
Presuming the embattled Michael Steele is not elected to continue as chair of the Republican National Committee, cialis prices, former George H.W. Cialis prices, Bush speechwriter Mary Kate Cary floats an interesting suggestion in US News & World Report for who might make a good, cialis prices, elected successor: a woman. Cialis prices, (The RNC’s only female chair to date, cialis prices, Mary Louise Smith, cialis prices, who served from 1974-77, cialis prices, was appointed by President Ford.)

Top Court Will Decide If 1.5M Women Can Sue Wal-Mart
The U.S. Cialis prices, Supreme Court will take a case to decide whether 1.5 million female Wal-Mart workers can file a class action discrimination suit against the retail giant. Cialis prices, Politics Daily’s Christopher Weber considers the implications of a potential Court ruling.

Pollitt Drops Knowledge
MsRep adores Katha Pollitt, cialis prices, one of the nation’s—and The Nation’s—keenest observers of modern American politics. Cialis prices, In this interview she talks about the rise of conservative feminism.

Glass Ceiling Still Pretty Thick
The Miami Herald’s Sylvia Ann Hewlitt discusses how the impact of men sponsoring women for top positions—be that John McCain selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate, cialis prices, or corporate boards picking female CEOs—is only put small, cialis prices, occasional dents in America’s gendered glass ceiling.

“In spite of their progress on the lower and middle rungs of the career ladder, cialis prices, women aren’t making it to the top. Cialis prices, In the United States, cialis prices, women hold only 15 percent of seats on corporate boards, cialis prices, account for less than 5 percent of top earners and make up a mere 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs.”

Is MsRep Going to See “Miss Representation”? You Bet
Over at WritesLikeSheTalks, cialis prices, WCF regular Jill Miller Zimon discusses Miss Representation, cialis prices, a new documentary about the negative portrayals of women in politics that has been accepted for the 2011 Sundance Film Fest. Cialis prices, The film features Rosario Dawson, cialis prices, Nancy Pelosi, cialis prices, Katie Couric and others. Cialis prices, You can bet MsRep is gonna see Miss Rep when it hits theaters.

Woman Shuffle Passes Her Way to $123K in College Tuition
Using a little creativity and a lot of guts, cialis prices, teen Nikki Boon won herself $123, cialis prices,000 in a Dr. Cialis prices, Pepper-sponsored promotion held during halftime of Saturday’s Southeastern Conference football championship game. Cialis prices, See this amazing video of how she did it. Cialis prices, Congrats, cialis prices, Nikki!

State Update: IN, cialis prices, MN & NJ
In Indiana, cialis prices, city councilwoman Liz Brown has announced her 2011 bid to become Fort Wayne’s first female mayor; continuing a regular State Update theme, cialis prices, more recent articles examining the under-representation of women in state politics—this time in Minnesota and New Jersey.

Women Abroad
In Australia, cialis prices, Bruce Guthrie discusses the possibility of Victoria province having its first female governor after 171 years and 28 consecutive male governors; in Thailand, cialis prices, the organization Women Network Reshaping Thailand is calling for a minimum quota of female members in its parliament; and Turkish women recently celebrated 76 years of female suffrage in that Muslim nation.

Give Inspiration to a woman in your life by asking her to run for office with a She Should Run eCard. Cialis prices, Click here to send a Holiday eCard directly to a woman in your life and let her know that she should seriously think about running for office. Cialis prices, You will give her inspiration and confidence, cialis prices, and She Should Run will help her get started on the path to public service.

That’s the latest Weekly Brief! Please make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation’s Weekly Brief via email, cialis prices, and tell your friends!

Follow @WCFonline on Twitter.

Also, cialis prices, please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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Murray Tapped to Head DSCC for 2012

After winning a fierce battle for re-election this year, cheap cialis, Sen. Cheap cialis, Patty Murray will use her knowledge to help her Democratic peers in 2010 as head of the DSCC. Cheap cialis, And with a potential 23 Senators up for re-election, cheap cialis, it’s a good thing Murray isn’t one to shy away from a challenge:

“I’m not agreeing to chair the DSCC because it’s easy, cheap cialis, I’m doing it because our country is facing tough times and we need tough leaders who will make our economy and jobs the top priority, cheap cialis,” Murray said. Cheap cialis, “But that also makes it an important job.’’

A gift that will fit her perfectly

Still upset about women’s backslide in Congress this year, cheap cialis, but too busy holiday shopping to take action? We’re here to help. Cheap cialis, Give a woman or girl in your life the perfect present this year: Inspiration. Cheap cialis, Ask her to consider running for office someday through WCF’s She Should Run program. Cheap cialis, You may just be the spark that ignites her future public life. Cheap cialis, As an added holiday gift, cheap cialis, the first 100 women asked to join She Should Run before December 31st will receive a special phone call from a WCF-Endorsed Candidate personally encouraging them to run.

Kamala Harris Finally Wins Contested California AG Race

It took a while, cheap cialis, but after a three-week recount Kamala Harris has finally won the California state attorney general’s race–making her not only the first woman, cheap cialis, but first African American and Indian American to hold that post. Cheap cialis, NARAL Pro-Choice California congratulated Harris and praised her as “true champion for choice and women’s rights.”

CPCs not AOK in NYC

Check out this fantastic first-person account of one activist’s experience trying to push back against the Crisis Pregnancy Center movement’s attempts to expand its power in New York City by passing a bill that would regulate the behavior of CPCs located in the City. Cheap cialis, This excerpt caught MsRep’s eye:

I noticed each and every witness opposing the bill used the word “girl” when referring to the clients they served. Cheap cialis, Never teens or women. Cheap cialis, Always girls. Cheap cialis, The priest, cheap cialis, the clinic operators, cheap cialis, the staff, cheap cialis, the volunteers. Cheap cialis, This could reflect a core belief that their clients were children, cheap cialis, regardless of their ages, cheap cialis, in need of protection and strong guidance to make decisions about their fertility and their futures.

The Weekly Must-Read: Deconstructing Palin’s Feminism

This week’s Must Read is courtesy of one of MsRep’s favorite national writers, cheap cialis, Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg, cheap cialis, who wrote this searing critique of Sarah Palin’s revisionist feminist history in the former vice presidential candidate’s new book. Cheap cialis, Best quote:

[I]t’s clear that in order to claim feminism as her own, cheap cialis, she’s had to radically distort its history. Cheap cialis, In a chapter on feminism that’s sure to be widely discussed, cheap cialis, she mischaracterizes the views of nearly every historical feminist she mentions.

Male Legislator Brings Gun to Abortion Clinic

Normally, cheap cialis, MsRep would include a story about a Midwest state legislator in the Brief’s “State Update” section. Cheap cialis, But the story of Minnesota state representative Tom Hackbarth bringing a gun to an abortion clinic—yes, cheap cialis, you read that correctly—deserves a Brief entry all its own. Cheap cialis, And get this: When arrested, cheap cialis, Hackbarth apparently concocted some story about how he was looking for a woman he’s been dating and got confused about his whereabouts.

Birth Control Affordability Obstacles for America’s Latinas

RHReality Check’s Destiny Lopez explains why the American political economy makes it particularly difficult for Latinas to afford proper birth control.

To Whom It May Concern: Women’s Recommendation Letters Different From Men’s

There’s a fascinating new study showing that letter writers recommending academic candidates for junior faculty positions are more likely to use communal adjectives (e.g., cheap cialis, “agreeable”) language to describe female candidates, cheap cialis, and more likely to use agentive adjectives to describe (e.g., cheap cialis, “ambitious”) when describing male candidates.

State Update: MA, cheap cialis, NB, cheap cialis, NH, cheap cialis, UT & WV

From the Boston Globe comes disheartening, cheap cialis, but not surprising news that a small minority of Massachusetts’ 100 biggest public companies are run by women; Deseret News’ Kelly Henriod examines the reasons for the below-national-average share of women in Utah’s state legislature; in a similar piece, cheap cialis, the Lincoln Journal-Star’s JoAnn Young takes a look at how current female representation in the Nebraska state legislature compares across time within the state and against national averages today; continuing the trend, cheap cialis, a Concord Monitor staff editorial laments the drop in the number of women who will serve in the New Hampshire state legislature as a result of the 2010 elections; and Mike Myer of the Wheeling News-Register muses about the electoral chances of West Virginia’s top female pols.

Women Abroad

Truthout’s Beverly Bell talks about the importance of women in the political rebuilding of Haiti; Ghana’s female Minister of Justice calls for an end to media defamation of her country’s female politicians; a congresswoman in the Philippines has proposed a new bill that will help protect the health of pregnant Filipinas; and a Welsh writer checks in on Wales’ first female Secretary of State after six months in office.

That’s the latest Weekly Brief! MsRep will continue to give you periodic updates about critical women and politics news, cheap cialis, so make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation via email, cheap cialis, and tell your friends!

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Also, cheap cialis, please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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Be the first in the know: Click here to receive MsRepresentation’s Daily Brief every morning via email.

NYTimes Magazine Interviews Pelosi

In a brief interview with the New York Times Magazine’s Deborah Solomon, cheapest viagra prices, the Speaker says her election as the first female Speaker received less media attention than did John Boehner’s elevation four years later to the same post.

Overlooked: The Year of the Black Elected Women

And in TheDefendersOnline, cheapest viagra prices, Lee Daniels points out that a record-tying 17 black women ran for Congress this year—and a record 15 of them won.

Two Women Vying to Replace Steele

Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele’s job security is in doubt—and two women have announced their intentions to replace him.

The “Birth or Not” Abortion SiteA Cheap, cheapest viagra prices, Shameless Political Stunt?

It’s not entirely clear yet who is behind this sick site in which a couple purports to be making its decision to keep or abort the wife’s fetus based on online poll results, cheapest viagra prices, but the evidence is mounting that it’s a stunt organized by anti-choice conservatives to score political points by intentionally trivializing one of the most important, cheapest viagra prices, serious decisions any woman, cheapest viagra prices, any family has to make.

The Weep in Review: Political Boys Do Cry

The Boston Globe’s Joan Venocchi explains why there’s no crying allowed (or aloud) in politics—unless you’re a man.

Everyone’s telling President Obama to “man up.’’

Maybe he should “Pelosi up’’ or “Palin up’’ — in other words, cheapest viagra prices, act like a tough chick. Cheapest viagra prices, Because that kind of woman knows how to handle disappointment and defeat without a whimper.

Today, cheapest viagra prices, there’s no crying in politics, cheapest viagra prices, unless you’re a guy.

Fey Was Correct About Palin and Rape Kits

Censors may have removed Tina Fey’s comments about Sarah Palin from her Mark Twain Prize acceptance speech in DC earlier this month, cheapest viagra prices, but Media Matters’ fact checkers say the SNL satirist was dead on.

Don’t Believe Hillary’s 2016 Denials

It’s not even 2011 yet, cheapest viagra prices, but reporters keep pestering Hillary Clinton about her 2016 electoral ambitions—and she keeps telling them she’s not interested in electoral office. Cheapest viagra prices, Don’t believe the denials, cheapest viagra prices, says Salon’s Steve Kornacki.

State Update: MN, cheapest viagra prices, TN

In Minnesota, cheapest viagra prices, the top five leadership positions in the new Republican senate majority, cheapest viagra prices, including speaker-to-be Amy Koch, cheapest viagra prices, are all women; likewise, cheapest viagra prices, Tennessee Republicans have chosen Nashville’s Beth Harwell to be the first female Speaker of the state House of Representatives.

Women Abroad

The week brought many interesting developments abroad for female politicians and women’s rights: In Malaysia, cheapest viagra prices, a group called simply Empower announced a new initiative to increase female representation in government and politics; a 22-year-old Sierra Leone woman, cheapest viagra prices, fresh from her attendance at the Young Women’s World Forum in Britain, cheapest viagra prices, wrote in the London Guardian about the obstacles facing female leaders in her home country; attendees at a three-day conference in Ghana called for more media coverage of women’s issues in West African countries; and in the Ukraine, cheapest viagra prices, topless female protestors from the group Femen are generating plenty of media attention for their calls for gender equity in that former Soviet state.

That’s the latest Weekly Brief! Please make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation’s Weekly Brief via email, cheapest viagra prices, and tell your friends!

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Viagra online cheap


First things first: WCF does not support Ann Marie Buerkle

MsRep wants to thank our supporters (especially the New Yorkers!) who reached out to clarify the mention of Ann Marie Buerkle in yesterday’s Brief. Viagra online cheap, We want to make sure everyone knows that Buerkle is not a woman WCF endorses, viagra online cheap, as she does not support women’s reproductive health choices.

She was mentioned solely because she is the one woman with an outstanding race, viagra online cheap, which will affect the overall number of women in the 112th Congress. Viagra online cheap, If she wins the NY-25 seat, viagra online cheap, women will hold 16.6 percent of Congressional seats.

WCF invests in women on both sides of the aisle, viagra online cheap, but only those who believe in advancing our essential and fundamental freedoms. Viagra online cheap, Otherwise, viagra online cheap, women’s numbers in public office may rise, viagra online cheap, but women’s rights, viagra online cheap, freedom, viagra online cheap, and quality of life may suffer greatly as a result.

MsRep’s Continued Talk of Palin’s Pack of Petrifying Women

It’s been a very confusing election year, viagra online cheap, in so many ways. Viagra online cheap, Given the wide sea of 2010 women candidates and the gaping differences in their values, viagra online cheap, MsRep has striven to both elevate our endorsed candidates and discuss the larger picture of women and politics.

Unfortunately, viagra online cheap, that picture has included a sharp rise of extreme socially conservative, viagra online cheap, anti-choice women, viagra online cheap, and they became an important part of MsRep’s analysis; pointing out their dangerous views on women’s reproductive freedom and their disconcerting thrust into the spotlight.

One key point in analyzing the state of women’s representation is to report on how many Congressional seats they hold. Viagra online cheap, That said, viagra online cheap, we know that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Viagra online cheap, As Lauren wrote this week, viagra online cheap,

We saw an increase in the number of anti-choice women elected this year (and lost a handful of proven advocates for reproductive health choices), viagra online cheap, and have created quite a dangerous landscape for women’s freedom, viagra online cheap, health, viagra online cheap, and quality of life.”

Ann Marie Buerkle is one of those women.

WCF Heartbroken after Midterm Elections

As MsRep said yesterday, viagra online cheap, this year’s midterms were especially difficult for WCF, viagra online cheap, as we sent our entire staff onto the campaign trail with a number of our extraordinary women who support women’s reproductive health choices. Viagra online cheap, Unfortunately, viagra online cheap, we saw many more losses than wins, viagra online cheap, especially with our incumbent Congressional candidates—thus creating the fragile state of women’s freedom and privacy.

We take the recent backslide in women and advocates for reproductive health very seriously. Viagra online cheap, To ensure we can reverse this damage in 2012, viagra online cheap, the fight starts now.

Will you help WCF get a jump-start on propelling women forward in 2011 and beyond?

Your super-early investment in women candidates (and potential candidates) can have the most impact on their success. Viagra online cheap,

Want to read more about women, viagra online cheap, WCF, viagra online cheap, and choices?

These Huffington Post blogs from our President/CEO Sam Bennett address these issues:

June 8 Victories for Female Candidates: What Will They Do for Women?

Sarah Palin’s brand of “feminism” hurts women and further divides country

Who Needs More Women in Government? Everyone.

The Oxymoron of the Sarah Palin “Conservative Feminism” Brand

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Also, viagra online cheap, please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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