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Seeing this headline on POLITICO this morning almost made me cry.

John Boehner’s boys: The new power club

I decided the testosterone-overloaded picture needed a more fitting caption:

Our first female Speaker…gone. Order viagra online, Nine women House incumbents…ousted. Order viagra online, We’re on the brink of losing representation in Congress.

Feeling as lost as I am? Join WCF for a post-election clean-up-the-mess, order viagra online, where-do-we-go-from-here press call at 3:30pm EST today.

Just call 218-936-4700, order viagra online, Access Code: 8155104#.

Along with Debbie Walsh, order viagra online, Jennifer Lawless, order viagra online, Celinda Lake, order viagra online, Representative-Elect Terri Sewell, order viagra online, Krystal Ball, order viagra online, we’ll make some sense of this election year and discuss how to move forward for gender equality - sometime this century.


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You don’t have to be a professional number cruncher to know that with so many seats in Congress about to swap parties, cialis cheap, it also means that we’re swapping people who have been there and done that (aka incumbents) for people who’ve either never been there and done that, cialis cheap, or have only been there and done that in local settings under local or state procedures.

In other words, cialis cheap, freshman orientation for the 112th Congress and for new governors will probably be more like a hangover than a party, cialis cheap, with the old hands being like the sober, cialis cheap, designated drivers who retained clarity, cialis cheap, agility and the wherewithal to do whatever they want with the still dizzy pledges.


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VOTE like a Woman

Tomorrow is the big day. Viagra online, No more partisan spin, viagra online, name-calling, viagra online, or gender-bashing. Viagra online, Just voters and a ballot. Viagra online, The future is unwritten, viagra online, and women have the chance to decide history. Viagra online, How will you use YOUR vote in this unprecedented election year? Will you move women forward or shove them backward? The choice—and power—is yours. Viagra online, Use it wisely.

Also, viagra online, make sure you’re prepared for tomorrow: Find your polling place and know the rules.

2012: The Next Female Frontier

No matter what November 2 brings for women, viagra online, we know one thing for sure: Women’s representation in public office will remain abysmal. Viagra online, Currently, viagra online, women make up 17% of Congress. Viagra online, No matter how many women are elected tomorrow, viagra online, we will still stand at a far cry from reality.

Does that make you nauseous? It should. Viagra online, That’s why we’re holding a press call at 12:30pm EST on Thursday, viagra online, November 4.

As we brief the press on the new landscape of women’s political representation, viagra online, we also invite supporters to listen in and get the inside scoop. Viagra online, We will be analyzing what the 2010 elections mean for women moving forward, viagra online, and how we can ensure that we hunker down to work toward gender equality in the years to come. Viagra online,

Moderated by seasoned WCF Political Director Erin L. Viagra online, Cutraro, viagra online, this call will give press the opportunity access to some of the foremost experts on women and politics your questions:

American University Women & Politics Institute Director Jennifer Lawless, viagra online, Center for American Women and Politics Director Debbie Walsh, viagra online, Virginia Congressional candidate Krystal Ball, viagra online, and WCF President Sam Bennett.

Block off 12:30-1:30pm on your calendar for Thursday the 4th, viagra online, and stay tuned for details about how to join the call.

Notes from the Trail: Sam and the Wise Latina, viagra online, Linda Chavez-Thompson

Like the rest of the WCF staff, viagra online, President Sam Bennett has been out on the campaign trail with our women candidates. Viagra online, She recently worked for Linda Chavez-Thompson in Texas, viagra online, making calls and speaking with women voters. Viagra online, A candidate for TX Lt. Viagra online, Governor, viagra online, Chavez-Thompson is poised to be the first Latina elected statewide in Texas history.

Boxer, viagra online, Murray Races Key to Control of Senate

Prognosticator Charlie Cook has downgraded the GOP’s chances of taking back majority control of the Senate, viagra online, citing specifically the stronger re-election prospects of Washington’s Patty Murray and California’s Barbara Boxer. Viagra online, Relatedly, viagra online, the Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston predicts Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will hold on, viagra online, if barely, viagra online, against Sharron Angle.

Palin Endorsed More Men Than Women in 2010

Palin the feminist? Maybe not. Viagra online, Politics Daily correspondent Sandra Fish points out that, viagra online, “Only 25 of the 90-plus general election candidates Palin has endorsed or donated to are women.” To be fair, viagra online, the GOP once again has a smaller share of female nominees this year who made it through primaries to the general election than do the Democrats. Viagra online, But as Fish argues, viagra online, Palin’s picks may have more to do with shoring up her support among Papa Grizzly types who will have a lot of input on whom the Republicans will nominate for president in 2012.

“Paladino Runs Like Scared Little Boy”

Can you imagine a newspaper running a headline like the hypothetical one above, viagra online, or a politician or pundit calling a 50-something male candidate a “little boy”? Possible, viagra online, but unlikely. Viagra online, But that’s just the kind of language New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino used to describe Sen. Viagra online, Kirsten Gillibrand. Viagra online, When asked about the sexist remark, viagra online, Paladino ran from the cameras—you know, viagra online, like a scared little boy. Viagra online, (He also mispronounced the Senator’s last name. Viagra online, Fail.)

Five Female Political Analysts Discuss 2010’s “Year of Woman”

MsRep gives major kudos to The Atlantic’s Rachel Horn for interviewing five top woman political analysts—Jennifer L. Viagra online, Lawless, viagra online, director of the Women & Politics Institute at American University; Linda Tarr-Whelan, viagra online, author of Women Lead the Way; Dianne Bystrom, viagra online, Director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics; Susan MacManus, viagra online, University of South Florida political scientist; California Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey; and Debbie Walsh, viagra online, Director of the Center for American Women and Politics—and asking them to explain why so many women ran for office this year and how 2010 compares to 1992.

Feldt: Get Angry

In Gloria Feldt’s latest column, viagra online, she tells women there’s nothing wrong with getting angry about the political system and angry with politicians—so long as they channel that anger into voter turnout rather than voter apathy. Viagra online, MsRep of course agrees, viagra online, but here’s Feldt in her own words:

“Troubling signs portend that this year, viagra online, women voters, viagra online, unlike men, viagra online, aren’t getting mad or even—they’re getting depressed. Viagra online, More accurately, viagra online, they are turning their anger inward instead of using its energy to propel action.

Instead, viagra online, Democratic and progressive women of all stripes need to take a “get even” attitude as their new mantra. Viagra online, And they won’t get even by not showing up at the polls or by voting for a Republican out of anger at the Democrats’ failure to live up to their promises. Viagra online, That’s simply self-punishment by leaving power unused.

Elsewhere, viagra online,’s Anea Bogue offers her own nine reasons women need to get out to vote tomorrow.

Five Things for Politicians to Remember About Women Voters on Election Day

PunditMom lays down some good ol’ fashioned truth about women voters this year, viagra online, reminding us that moms are interested in more than just coupons and minivans; that Mama Grizzlies don’t have the corner on the motherhood market; and that yes, viagra online, women are mad as hell.

X v. Viagra online, X Dispatches, viagra online, Vol. Viagra online, 6: Suzanne Kosmas vs. Viagra online, Sandy Adams

Looking at the key congressional and statewide contests this year, viagra online, analyzes the race for FL-24, viagra online, where “the twilight of the space-shuttle program has produced some of the worst joblessness on the peninsula.”

Palin Predicts Political Earthquake

The biggest buzz from yesterday’s final round of Sunday talk show appearances before the 2010 midterm elections was generated by none other than Sarah Palin, viagra online, who predicted on Fox New Sunday that both Democrats and “establishment” Republicans alike should expect a political earthquake on Tuesday.

State Update: ME, viagra online, NY

Maine Today reporters Scott Monroe and Susan Cover have a nice profile of gubernatorial candidate Libby Mitchell—the first woman ever elected to lead both the House and Senate in the state legislature; New York Daily News columnist Errol Louis, viagra online, using the Paladino-Gillibrand “little girl” episode as a point of departure, viagra online, says the “roar” of women voters tomorrow will determine the outcome in key races across the Empire State.

Remember to ROCK the VOTE for WOMEN tomorrow. In the meantime, viagra online, find information on your polling place from Rock the Vote.

Also, viagra online, mark your calendar for 12:30pm this Thursday, viagra online, November 4 for a literal Rallying Call to make sure we’re all ready to fight for women for 2010 and beyond.

Follow @WCFonline on Twitter.

Also, viagra online, please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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Sam phone banking for Linda Chavez-ThompsonLike the rest of the WCF staff, cialis, I’ve been helping our endorsed women on the campaign trail in these final weeks. Cialis, Most recently, cialis, I was on the ground in Austin and Dallas, cialis, Texas, cialis, for Linda Chavez-Thompson, cialis, candidate for TX Lt. Cialis, Governor, cialis, and a real standout candidate this election cycle.

With her grassroots campaign, cialis, Chavez-Thompson is poised to be the first Latina elected statewide in Texas history.

On the campaign, cialis, I phone banked, cialis, recruited women, cialis, spoke with international press, cialis, and met with terrific women leaders.

Chavez-Thompson is the real deal. Cialis, She’s a proven leader with Ann-Richards-caliber-wit, cialis, and exceptional people skills—a perfect example of what union women leaders bring to the table electorally.

After putting in two shifts of phone banking last week, cialis, I spoke to the French equivalent of CNN, cialis, BFM TV, cialis, and the Daily Telegraph (UK) from the offices of the Travis County coordinated campaign, cialis, with a poster of Linda dressed like Rosie the Riveter behind me.

Their question? Why is the U.S. Cialis, facing the first backslide in women in elected office since 1978? My answer: With the majority of women in U.S. Cialis, Congress being Democratic women (14%), cialis, we could lose more women elected officials than we have candidates to replace them. Cialis, What the heck is going on?

Linda’s race says it all. It’s yet another example of an extraordinary female candidate not getting nearly the support she deserves, cialis, yet mounting a formidable campaign despite the challenges.

Shaking her head, cialis, Becky Moeller, cialis, President of the Texas AFL-CIO, cialis, knows that story all too well. Cialis, Despite having the powers that be recruit Chavez-Thompson, cialis, Moeller asks, cialis,

“Did Linda get a shred of support from those same political heavy-hitters when she steps up to actually run? No.”

Three young Texas women leaders echoed Moeller’s frustration. Cialis, Katie Naranjo, cialis, Partner GNI Strategies; Laura Hernandez, cialis, Executive Director Travis County Democratic Party; and Amber Goodwin, cialis, Texas Democratic party leader (each planning a run for office in the future), cialis, sang a chorus of disappointment:

“Out of all the power players, cialis, not one of them donated money to Linda’s race. Cialis, Unions provided the overwhelming majority of her support—and it didn’t have to roll that way.”

They also highlighted how well Chavez-Thompson is polling, cialis, despite being out spent 1 to 25.

Trust me. Cialis, Linda is an amazing woman. Cialis, In a state that is getting new Congressional seats because of its Latino population growth, cialis, doesn’t a Latina statewide elected official make all kinds of sense?

Over and over, cialis, WCF watches as women don’t get the institutional support they need and deserve to be successful.

Research shows that women aren’t recruited to run for office by their parties nearly as much as men. Cialis, Hernandez expressed the bottom line:

“If Linda had been a Latino (man) with her leadership credentials, cialis, they would have fallen all over themselves to help her.”

What’s ironic about the situation? When parties choose to ignore women candidates, cialis, they often shoot themselves in the foot. Remember Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s race for U.S. Cialis, Senate?  If she had received the political establishment’s support that she deserved, cialis, the Democrats might have had another Senate seat to work with. Cialis, And Dede Scozzafava in NY-23? She dropped out, cialis, endorsed the Democratic candidate, cialis, and the GOP lost her seat.

But back to Texas. Cialis, Lulu Flores, cialis, President of the National Women’s Political Caucus, cialis, who has run for office herself, cialis, graciously hosted me during my Texas stay. Cialis, Philanthropist Lauren Embrey, cialis, another one who should run for office, cialis, introduced me to a whole room full of powerful women leaders, cialis, including the Dallas Women’s Foundation, cialis, which is now the second largest women’s foundation in the world.

The Embrey Family Foundation’s financial support made possible WCF Foundation’s highly successful Name It. Cialis, Change It. project, cialis, fighting sexism against women candidates with partners Women’s Media Center and Political Parity.

Lulu, cialis, Lauren, cialis, and her peers “get it”. Cialis, If we want to see our nation move forward, cialis, we need more women in elected office, cialis, especially in the highest levels—women like Linda Chavez-Thompson.

I can only hope that I was able to spread this wisdom to Texas voters during my time on her campaign. Cialis, Now it’s up to the state to invest in a wise Latina for their future.

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

Forbes came out with a list of 25 “power women” of the 2010 midterm elections.

You can have fun by first seeing if you can name 25 women in the midterm scenario, buy cialis, then rank them and then check them against the Forbes’ list.

However, buy cialis, what you may find more interesting is Forbes’ companion story on whether “mama grizzlies” are feminine conservatives or conservative feminists. Buy cialis,

Unpacking that theory:

Why the lack of a full-throated feminist Grizzly roar? One reason is that the policy agenda of the Mama Grizzlies is radically similar to the platform advocated by Republican men, buy cialis, and in particular by the elite corporate interests funding the party’s grassroots, buy cialis, like Americans For Prosperity and the Koch Brothers of Koch Industries. Buy cialis, The Grizzlies are pro-life, buy cialis, anti-welfare, buy cialis, anti-taxes and in favor of increased privatization in education, buy cialis, health care, buy cialis, business and the environment.

One way to look at them is as a way to put “the face of a hot mom on extreme ideology, buy cialis,” in the words of the Village Voice’s Jen Sorensen. Buy cialis, To be sure, buy cialis, the Tea Party has a distinctly male appearance: its average member is 45, buy cialis, white, buy cialis, male and middle-class. Buy cialis, Even in Red states and in districts where women are running for GOP seats, buy cialis, the majority of female voters are Democrats. Buy cialis, In New Hampshire, buy cialis, for example, buy cialis, where Grizzly candidate Kelly Ayotte won the Republican primary, buy cialis, she did so with a reverse gender gap: winning roughly half of male voters and only one-third of the state’s Republican women.

None of this should surprise anyone since the notion of “grizzly” comes from male imagery to begin with. In that sense, buy cialis, “mama grizzly” is practically an oxymoron, buy cialis, perhaps even an attempt to be androgynous - with the feminine canceled out by the masculine.

Bottom line, buy cialis, as the Forbes article says, buy cialis,

Like these past political movements, buy cialis, the Mama Grizzlies come to the public arena with a narrow view of the spheres open to female interest and achievement. Buy cialis, Their public life has a self-described conservative goal: to protect their vision of domestic life. Buy cialis, A political career, buy cialis, so they say, buy cialis, is a means rather than an end.

In other words, buy cialis, this crop of female conservatives are just as conservative as ever, buy cialis, including on women’s issues.

They’re doing what the stereotyped role of a woman for conservative politics has most often had them do: Using their womanly form to fool those who tend to vote Democratic - including and possibly primarily women - into thinking that because they share that form, buy cialis, they should be trusted.

However, buy cialis, as these elections are showing, buy cialis, many women, buy cialis, on both sides of the aisle, buy cialis, are not buying the “image is everything” strategy.

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

Yesterday, buy cialis without prescription, the founder of Media Matters for America, buy cialis without prescription, David Brock, buy cialis without prescription, urged Sarah Palin to seek a détente between Glenn Beck and his followers.  Here’s the text of his plea, buy cialis without prescription, and here’s the concluding ask:

Sarah Palin — who in 2008 infamously implied that Barack Obama was “palling around with terrorists” — owes it to our country to use her enormous influence with her devoted base of followers to call for an end to actual terrorism, buy cialis without prescription, no matter what its source. Buy cialis without prescription, Byron Williams, buy cialis without prescription, inspired by Beck, buy cialis without prescription, endangered the lives of Tides employees and two California cops. Buy cialis without prescription, Sarah Palin– you have the platform to condemn such calls to violence and you should use it to call Beck on his dangerous extremism that endangers lives.

Personally, buy cialis without prescription, I want to know what on earth ever happened to one of John Boehner’s favorite pieces of legislation in 2007 - Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, buy cialis without prescription, which he pursued with such vigor when George Bush was president.

Given that Palin just showed up as #1 on a Forbes list of the most influential women in politics, buy cialis without prescription, and violence and acceptance of discrimination feel like they’re everywhere, buy cialis without prescription, how crazy is it to hope that Palin will take Media Matters seriously?

Have a hot news tip for MsRepresentation? Email us at .

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Cheap viagra tablets

Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

money bagLast week, cheap viagra tablets, MsRepresentation covered the issue of women, cheap viagra tablets, philanthropy and breaking the glass piggy bank. Cheap viagra tablets, To recap, cheap viagra tablets, studies show that women give more than men when it comes to traditional philanthropy. Cheap viagra tablets,

But when it comes to political donations, cheap viagra tablets, men’s contributions far exceed those of women, cheap viagra tablets, and even when women do give, cheap viagra tablets, it appears that they give more to male candidates than female!  You can see more on this data at WCF’s Vote With Your Purse.

What will it take for women to realize the power they have?

For one, cheap viagra tablets, the creation of efforts such as the Women Under Forty PAC (WufPAC) and The Mother PAC in Oregon. Cheap viagra tablets, Through such organizations, cheap viagra tablets, we can support candidates and issues that matter to us and to all women: gender parity in elected office and the pursuit of work-life policies that benefit all Americans

But even more generally, cheap viagra tablets, there are causes of all kinds that have political action committees to which we can contribute and make a difference, cheap viagra tablets, such as WCF PAC, cheap viagra tablets, where 100% of your donation goes directly to WCF-Endorsed women candidates who support reproductive health choices.

And this is why women seriously should consider how much we have yet to give and look to the motivation behind an idea initiated more than two years ago by Joanne Bamberger via PunditMom’s $27 Election Revolution:

Several months ago, cheap viagra tablets, I read Melinda Henneberger’s book, cheap viagra tablets, If They Only Listened to Us: What Women Voters Want Men to Hear.

As she was promoting her book, cheap viagra tablets, Henneberger quoted a statistic in one article that if every woman who voted in the 2006 national elections had contributed just $27 to any presidential candidate or party, cheap viagra tablets, we would pour $1.3 billion dollars into the political system.

Mm-hmm. Cheap viagra tablets, That’s billion with a ‘b.’

That’s an amazing amount of money, cheap viagra tablets, and beats out by a very long distance even the “secret” money that concerns so many of us. Cheap viagra tablets,  Joanne got going:

Starting today, cheap viagra tablets, I’m launching PunditMom’s $27 Election Revolution.

I’m asking each of you to think about cutting back on the Starbucks just a little bit and contribute $27 to the candidate or political party of your choice. Cheap viagra tablets, It doesn’t have to be John McCain or Barack Obama. Cheap viagra tablets, It doesn’t even have to be a presidential candidate -- there are plenty of candidates running for national and local offices who could use a little extra cash to get out their messages.

If we pool our money, cheap viagra tablets, so much the better. Cheap viagra tablets, But imagine what our $1.3 billion dollars would do, cheap viagra tablets, even as individual contributions, cheap viagra tablets, to increase the volume of our political voices. Even John McCain would have to sit up and take notice of the issues we think are important.

Still worried about your money will just get used in ways you wouldn’t approve? I know how you feel. Cheap viagra tablets, Just after the 2006 elections, cheap viagra tablets, I asked the Ohio Democratic Party and Ohio Republican Party chairs what we can do about negative campaigning. Cheap viagra tablets,  Chris Redfern, cheap viagra tablets, the ODP chair responded by saying, cheap viagra tablets, if you don’t like the ads, cheap viagra tablets, don’t give the people who pay for them the money.

But why can’t we reverse that? What if we used our pocket power to influence and incentivize campaigns we like and campaigns we’d like to see?  If you think they don’t exist, cheap viagra tablets, consider this one from U.S. Cheap viagra tablets, Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD). Cheap viagra tablets,  No name-calling, cheap viagra tablets, no nasty images, cheap viagra tablets, no gimmicks. Cheap viagra tablets, Just the candidate’s voice and own words. Cheap viagra tablets, Convincing and clean.

If women want change, cheap viagra tablets, we need to find ways to promote that change. Cheap viagra tablets,  Making monetary political donations is one very powerful way not only to promote the change we want, cheap viagra tablets, but to show support for those people who exemplify the change we want to see - on the campaign trail and in office. Cheap viagra tablets,  We can set this challenge, cheap viagra tablets, and meet it. Cheap viagra tablets,  And we should.

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