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Order viagra online

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, order viagra online, WCF communications fellow

What’s the number one issue on voters’ minds—regardless of their party affiliation—this election cycle? Jobs. Order viagra online, According to a recent poll conducted by the George Washington University, order viagra online, 39% of those surveyed listed jobs and the economy their primary concern and 16% listed them as their secondary issue.

Needless to say that in one of the worst economic recessions this country has experienced, order viagra online, we need elected officials who understand the situation and are pushing for job creation.

Rosemary Palmer, order viagra online, candidate for State Representative in Ohio’s 16th district, order viagra online, has named job creation her highest priority if elected to office. Order viagra online, Palmer’s extensive jobs plan involves utilizing her district’s unique location, order viagra online, infrastructure, order viagra online, as well as the wide array of research facilities to create green jobs that will not only restore the economy, order viagra online, but dramatically help the environment. Order viagra online, On her green initiative, order viagra online, Palmer says, order viagra online,

“Our region’s survival will be difficult without this dramatic turnaround. Order viagra online, However, order viagra online, these are not the only industries or policies that can make Ohio a global powerhouse again. Order viagra online, We’ll need the hundreds of niche industries and innovative policies that Ohioans can provide. Order viagra online, If ever we needed a serious discussion about what we all believe, order viagra online, the time is now”.

In addition, order viagra online, Palmer’s journalism experience as the co-founder of Capitol News Services gives her a holistic understanding of the workings of the state and federal government.

Furthermore, order viagra online, Palmer’s work in lobbying against the Iraq war resulted in praise from high-level government officials on both sides of the aisle, order viagra online, such as Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Senator George Voinovich.

As the Sun-Post Herald points out, order viagra online, Rep. Order viagra online, Dennis Kucinich, order viagra online, upon endorsing Rosemary’s bid for office, order viagra online, said, order viagra online,

“I have known Rosemary for some time and got to know her well after her son Augie was killed in Iraq. Order viagra online, Her passion for ending that war pushed her into public service as an advocate for policies that support the public good in the 21st Century.“

To learn more about Palmer and her stance on other important issues, order viagra online, click here.

Palmer’s election will not only help to improve our economy and create jobs, order viagra online, but it will also be one step in closing the gender gap in state legislatures—where women compose only 24% of the seats. Order viagra online, Palmer faces the Democratic primary in Ohio next Tuesday, order viagra online, May 4.

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Buy cialis cheap

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, buy cialis cheap, WCF communications fellow

Time to gear up, buy cialis cheap, folks! I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s “full speed ahead” starting next Tuesday until the general elections on November 2nd.

This year we have a great opportunity to elect a lot more women. Buy cialis cheap, With women holding only 17% of seats in Congress, buy cialis cheap, 24% of state legislature seats, buy cialis cheap, and 12% of Governor seats, buy cialis cheap,  something must change. Buy cialis cheap, If these stats don’t do anything for you, buy cialis cheap, how about this:

To close these giant gender gaps in public office, buy cialis cheap, we need to elect: 144 more women to the House, buy cialis cheap, 33 more in the Senate, buy cialis cheap, 19 more female governors, buy cialis cheap, and double the number of women in state legislatures.

Yes, buy cialis cheap, it’s quite a daunting task—especially when women aren’t running at the rate of men. Buy cialis cheap, But luckily, buy cialis cheap, we already have a large number of great female candidates running, buy cialis cheap, with more popping up every day.

To start things off, buy cialis cheap, both Ohio and North Carolina have their primary elections a week from tomorrow on Tuesday, buy cialis cheap, May 4. Buy cialis cheap, Here are nine fantastic female candidates to keep your eye on:

Secretary Jennifer Brunner: U.S. Buy cialis cheap, Senate from Ohio - if elected, buy cialis cheap, she will be the very first woman senator from Ohio.

Rosemary Palmer: Ohio State House of Representatives, buy cialis cheap, District 16

Tamela Lee: Ohio State Senate, buy cialis cheap, District 27

Secretary Elaine Marshall: U.S. Buy cialis cheap, Senate from North Carolina

Patsy Keever: North Carolina State House of Representatives, buy cialis cheap, District 115

Paula Brooks: U.S. Buy cialis cheap, House of Representatives, buy cialis cheap, District 12

Rep. Buy cialis cheap, Marcia Fudge: U.S. Buy cialis cheap, House of Representatives, buy cialis cheap, District 11

Rep. Buy cialis cheap, Mary Jo Kilroy: U.S. Buy cialis cheap, House of Representatives, buy cialis cheap, District 15

Rep. Buy cialis cheap, Betty Sutton: U.S. Buy cialis cheap, Representatives, buy cialis cheap, District 13

These women bring an incredible range of experience, buy cialis cheap, skills, buy cialis cheap, and leadership to the table that will begin to help us close the gender gap in Washington. Buy cialis cheap, 18 years ago, buy cialis cheap, in 1992, buy cialis cheap, we elected a record-breaking number of women to office.

We’re hoping that 2010 will be the second, buy cialis cheap, much bigger Year of the Woman. Buy cialis cheap, Are we ready to attack this problem?

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Pharmacy cialis

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, pharmacy cialis, WCF Communications Fellow

After the DSCC turned its back on Secretary of the State Jennifer Brunner despite her high polling numbers, pharmacy cialis, Brunner is now showing how running an extremely strong grassroots campaign can change the winds of a race.

Yesterday’s article in the National Journal stated:

“DSCC chair Bob Menendez has been upfront about his support for LG Lee Fisher (D) over Sec/State Jennifer Brunner (D) in the May 4 primary. Pharmacy cialis, But Dems in OH and DC have begun to whisper that Brunner may just pull out a come-from-behind primary victory. Pharmacy cialis, It’s a long-shot, pharmacy cialis, they say, pharmacy cialis, but even those who have worked against her behind the scenes say it’s possible”.

Furthermore, pharmacy cialis, the article infers that Fisher still believes he is going to win purely based on fundraising numbers:

“The Fisher camp still believes the LG will roll ahead to victory and that the vast number of undecided voters will break his way because theirs is the campaign that has the money to communicate in the final few weeks of the race as voters begin to tune in.”

We all know that while money is very important component in a campaign, pharmacy cialis, it most certainly is not a deal-breaker; especially in this particular election. Pharmacy cialis, Due in large part to her own party supporting her opponent, pharmacy cialis, Brunner has far less cash on hand then Fisher—but is still managing to nip at his heels in the polls.

And Brunner’s purely grassroots campaign is definitely getting the attention of voters, pharmacy cialis, as there has been a recent gain in momentum—most evident in the world of online social networks. Pharmacy cialis, A simple search on twitter leads to many tweets, pharmacy cialis, within hours of each other, pharmacy cialis, with the clear message of supporting Brunner:

Just voted for Jennifer Brunner for U.S. Pharmacy cialis, Senate and Oyango Snell for State Senate (15th Dis.). Pharmacy cialis, I encourage you to do the same!

Will bolster support as soon as OHDemParty stops throwing Jennifer Brunner under the bus.Shestood4Everone inthe State - no support.

Support Jennifer Brunner - Democratic candidate most likely to beat front running Republican for Senate. Pharmacy cialis, - pls RT

In addition, pharmacy cialis, the blogosphere is beginning to have a veritable field day with this race. Pharmacy cialis, The Ohio progressive blog “Plunderbund” published two posts yesterday regarding the Democratic primary, pharmacy cialis, including one titled “Jennifer Brunner gets standing ovation in Shaker Heights, pharmacy cialis, Lee Fisher’s base”.

Finally, pharmacy cialis, Ohio voters and the nation are seeing what we knew from the beginning: That Jennifer Brunner is a force to be reckoned with. Pharmacy cialis, She’s an established leader, pharmacy cialis, incredible progressive, pharmacy cialis, and very much needed in the Senate.

There’s less than 3 weeks left until the May 4th primary and over 40% of Ohio voters claiming to be undecided. Pharmacy cialis, What will bring a candidate to victory—throwing money at the voters, pharmacy cialis, or driving around on a bus and speaking with them face to face?

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Viagra cheap

This posted was submitted by Jean Qiao, viagra cheap, WCF communications fellow

The 2010 elections are heating up, viagra cheap, and this year we have the potential to elect a historic number of female candidates. Viagra cheap, One of the many states to watch for strong woman candidates is North Carolina. Viagra cheap, Polling shows that U.S. Viagra cheap, Senate candidate Secretary of State Elaine Marshall is close on the heels of  Senator Richard Burr (R), viagra cheap, who currently has only a 35% approval rating.

Marshall’s increasing support is not without good reason. Viagra cheap, Even before being elected to the North Carolina state Senate in 1993, viagra cheap, she has been nothing but a powerful voice for women. Viagra cheap, Marshall started practicing law in 1981 and distinguished herself strong advocate for women who were victims of domestic violence—and Marshall continued to help those in need while serving in the State Senate. Viagra cheap, Furthermore, viagra cheap, she was named “Rookie of the Year” and listed among Legislators to Watch by News & Observer.

Marshall made history in 1997 after she defeated the “shoo-in” candidate, viagra cheap, former NASCAR driver Richard Petty, viagra cheap, for the seat of Secretary of State; she became the first woman in North Carolina to be elected to statewide executive office.

As a woman who comes from a working class background, viagra cheap, Marshall understands firsthand the affects of gender and class discrimination and thus made it her goal to give a voice to those who are unable to speak up:

“I witnessed other instances of inequity and discrimination in my community, viagra cheap, directed at men, viagra cheap, women, viagra cheap, children, viagra cheap, and families who would have little chance of realizing their dreams. Viagra cheap, So as a lawyer, viagra cheap, I stood up for people without a voice”.

In this broken government where women’s reproductive freedoms serve as legislators’ political football, viagra cheap, we must ensure that there are women in Washington who aren’t afraid to speak up during times of adversity. Viagra cheap, In addition, viagra cheap, this year the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)—the landmark legislation signed into law in 1994—is up for re-authorization.  Having a woman in the Senate who is extremely knowledgeable on this issue and has devoted her legal career to helping victims of domestic violence will be invaluable to the reauthorization process; especially at a time when domestic violence is considered a pre-existing condition to insurance companies in eight states in the U.S.

Be sure to watch Marshall and the four other Democratic nominees for North Carolina Senate in their televised debate on Thursday April 14th. Viagra cheap, This debate is hosted by WNCN-TV and the League of Women Voters of North Carolina.

Click here to learn more about Marshall and her stance on important issues.

There are only 17 women serving in the U.S. Viagra cheap, Senate. Viagra cheap, Vote early starting next Wednesday April 15th to ensure that there will be at least 18 by the end of the year. Viagra cheap, In one of the most crucial election cycles ever, viagra cheap, let’s make another year of the woman happen.

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Buy cialis

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, buy cialis, WCF communications fellow

On Sunday, buy cialis, March 20th, buy cialis, Krystal Ball’s primary opponent Scott Robinson announced the suspension of his campaign—thereby making Ball the presumptive democratic nominee for U.S. Buy cialis, Congress in Virginia’s 1st district.

Ball has been defying the odds throughout her race; if elected she will be the first woman ever to represent Virginia in both the House and the Senate. Buy cialis, In addition, buy cialis, at the age of 28, buy cialis, she will be the youngest woman to ever be elected to Congress.

In one of the worst economies since the Great Depression, buy cialis, there has never been a bigger need for someone who understands firsthand the workings of small businesses and how to prosper. Buy cialis, As an accountant and small-business owner herself, buy cialis, Ball is dedicated to job creation and supporting all businesses without the corruption of special interest groups and lobbyists.

Ball also has a unique perspective on educational inequality. Buy cialis, As the daughter of two working class individuals who were the first in their families to attend college, buy cialis, Ball is fully aware that education is the root of  success. Buy cialis, With a daughter of her own who will be starting school in the near future, buy cialis, Ball is determined to raise the standards of education in the U.S. Buy cialis, by investing in teachers and fighting for equality in all public schools.

Click here to learn more about Ball and her campaign.

Ball will be the official democratic nominee after the Virginia primary election on Tuesday, buy cialis, June 8th. Buy cialis, However, buy cialis, it is believed that her opponent will be incumbent Congressman Rob Wittman, buy cialis, who campaigned against President Obama in 2008, buy cialis, calling Obama’s campaign “the socialist power-grab of B. Buy cialis, Hussein Obama.”

Virginia is an unpredictable swing state, buy cialis, especially in recent years. Buy cialis, Its first district presents a unique scenario, buy cialis, as it includes both parts of northern and southern Virginia—areas that hold very differing political views. Buy cialis, The last time a Democrat held this seat was 1977. Buy cialis, This plus the recent surge of Tea Party-type activists against the Obama Administration should prove to make this a challenging election for Ball.

We need the perspective of young women in Congress, buy cialis, and Virginia certainly needs a Representative who will fight for women’s health choices instead of taking them away like Governor Bob McDonnell, buy cialis, Lieutenant Governor Bolling, buy cialis, and Attorney General Cuccinelli.

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Order cialis online

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, order cialis online, WCF Communications Fellow

When you think Texas, order cialis online, ‘progressive’ isn’t exactly the first word that pops into your head. Order cialis online, My guess is that it probably won’t even appear on your brain’s radar unless associated with city Austin. Order cialis online, With that being said, order cialis online, Barbara Ann Radnofsky, order cialis online, candidate for Attorney General, order cialis online, is bringing progressive back in Texas by battling the issue of gay divorce.

Radnofsky recently wrote a piece in the Huffington Post challenging current Attorney General Greg Abbott’s decision to block a divorce between two women who were married in Massachusetts. Order cialis online, His reason? Texas does not recognize gay marriage; therefore both the couple’s marriage and their file for divorce are now invalid. Order cialis online, However, order cialis online, it appears that Abbott has read the marriage laws incorrectly in Texas. Order cialis online, Radnofsky writes:

“‘The law of this state applies to persons married elsewhere who are domiciled in this state’. Order cialis online, Texas Family Code Section 1.103. Order cialis online, So, order cialis online, the law of Texas clearly applies Texas law to ‘persons married elsewhere’. Order cialis online, Gay people are persons. Order cialis online, Texas law would apply to any Texas domiciliaries seeking a divorce. Order cialis online, The language is clear. Order cialis online, This Texas law doesn’t apply to ‘marriages;’ rather it applies to ‘persons’”.

Gay people are people, order cialis online, too. Order cialis online, ( What a shocker). Order cialis online, Kudos to Radnofsky for stating the truth in this situation.

In addition, order cialis online, Radnofsky accuses Abbott of poorly utilizing his time and efforts on this non-issue:

“The Attorney General of our State thinks government intervention in the non-violent, order cialis online, orderly wind-down of a relationship is the best use of our State’s and his resources. Order cialis online, He should leave divorce orders alone, order cialis online, and get back to work on the real problems facing our State, order cialis online, and our children”.

The rest of her piece can be found here.

Clearly Radnofsky isn’t afraid to speak her mind on progressive issues that many candidates, order cialis online, especially those from conservative states, order cialis online, shy away from. Order cialis online, Her strong voice in standing up for women and minorities is exactly what Texas needs right now in their Attorney General.

Radnofsky’s primary election was yesterday, order cialis online, and she was running uncontested. Order cialis online, Learn more about her today and make sure she secures a victory this November!

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Viagra prices

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, viagra prices, WCF Communications Fellow

The first two months of 2010 has not been a smooth ride for Democrats. Viagra prices, Martha Coakley’s defeat in Massachusetts’ special election last month left them without the crucial 60th majority vote, viagra prices, which opens the door for Republican filibusters. Viagra prices, And now another one of President Obama’s judicial nominees is facing possibly the longest delay in her confirmation.

Marisa Demeo, viagra prices, an openly gay Latina woman, viagra prices, was nominated last March to serve on the D.C. Viagra prices, Superior Court. Viagra prices, While judges on this Court must be confirmed by the Senate before serving, viagra prices, most judges are confirmed without trouble and hassle.

What’s the problem, viagra prices, then? Demeo’s strong record of legal advocacy on Hispanic and LGBT issues is causing conservatives to block her confirmation. Viagra prices, Demeo has previously worked as assistant U.S. Viagra prices, Attorney in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Department as well as a former lobbyist for Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF). Viagra prices, Horrors.

Her confirmation is being blocked and continually delayed thanks to socially conservative Senators, viagra prices, in particular, viagra prices, Sen, viagra prices, Jim DeMint (R-SC), viagra prices, who also opposed Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination last summer. Viagra prices, His claim? Demeo’s “leftist activism” raised concerns about her ability to be objective as a judge.

Sen. Viagra prices, DeMint, viagra prices, I urge you to try and get your thoughts straight before you contradict yourself. Viagra prices, In a 2005 statement, viagra prices, DeMint said:

“One of my goals as a Senator is to confirm highly qualified judges by ensuring timely up-or-down votes for all nominees no matter who is President, viagra prices, no matter which party is in the majority. Viagra prices, Senators were elected to advise and consent, viagra prices, not to grand stand or obstruct”.

Interesting that you were this “neutral” about judicial nominees during the Bush administration and now all of a sudden you’re shamelessly blocking the confirmation of a well-qualified Judge. Viagra prices, Oh wait…liberal, viagra prices, Hispanic, viagra prices, and openly gay Judge. Viagra prices, So wouldn’t this mean Sen. Viagra prices, DeMint is grand standing or obstructing a qualified judge? Oh the hypocrisy.

The prolonged delay of Demeo is unnecessary and un-called for. Viagra prices, Demeo’s strong record and accomplishments make her an excellent addition to the bench of the D.C. Viagra prices, Superior Court. Viagra prices, This kind of anti-woman, viagra prices, anti-progressive action must not be tolerated—especially with President Obama in the White House. Viagra prices, When will we stop kowtowing to socially conservative Congress members who want to roll back the clock on the rights of Americans?

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