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The [Non] Year of the Women: A Retrospective Look at 2010

MsRep must begin with a quick survey of some of the post-election commentary about the fate of women on election day and in the upcoming Congress.

  1. The storyline taking hold, cheap cialis, of course, cheap cialis, is that Republican women–specifically conservative Republican women–carried the day, cheap cialis, as reported in stories like this one from USNews. Cheap cialis, In short, cheap cialis, that the Year of the Woman was actually the Year of the Republican Woman.
  2. But political scientist Susan Carroll, cheap cialis, a senior scholar at Rutger’s Center for American Women and Politics, cheap cialis, explains in a guest column for CNN that the results are mixed, cheap cialis, with Republican women winning some key races but overall having a low survival rate during this year’s primaries–and WCF’s Jill Miller Zimon points us to a 5-page memo produced by CAWP that summarized the implications of 2010 for women in politics.
  3. In fact, cheap cialis, report Politico’s Marin Cogan and Richard E. Cheap cialis, Cohen, cheap cialis, there is a still a pretty big partisan gender gap in Congress.
  4. The bottom line, cheap cialis, as the New York Times’ Ashley Parker writes, cheap cialis, is that the “idea that 2010 would be the second coming for the Year of the Woman may have been overstated from the beginning.”

Disappointed Women Voters and 2010 Results

The LA Times’ Matea Gold and Jordon Steffen discuss the voting behavior of women, cheap cialis, particularly unmarried and single women, cheap cialis, during last week’s midterm elections. Cheap cialis, [D]isappointment and apathy translated into a jolting drop in female support this year for House Democrats, cheap cialis, who won just 48% of the women’s vote, cheap cialis, down from 55% four years ago, cheap cialis, according to exit polls, cheap cialis,” they write.

Choice and the New Congress

Relatedly, cheap cialis, there has been a lot of victory-lapping by anti-choicers in the days since the election. Cheap cialis, As both religiously-oriented writers are glibly trying to depict the 2010 election as national rebuke of pro-choice attitudes, cheap cialis, and others contend that the anti-choice movement is secular victory for anti-choicers, cheap cialis, it is time to be especially vigilant.

Must-Read of the Week: The Soft War on Feminism

…has to be Salon’s Caryl Rivers, cheap cialis, writing about the new “soft war” on feminism. Cheap cialis, MsRep recommends reading the whole thing, cheap cialis, but the best excerpt may be this:

The “soft war” is disturbing and pervasive but too little noticed. Cheap cialis, The many ways and the many arenas in which women are slipping behind are obscured by narratives about men failing (which some of them are, cheap cialis, but not elite white men) and about the ways in which achievement can only bring women misery and pain. Cheap cialis, (And, cheap cialis, by the way, cheap cialis, destroy society in the process.)

Pelosi’s Future

There has also been a lot of chatter about Nancy Pelosi’s fate in the wake of the 2010 results. Cheap cialis, Despite manifold calls for her to step aside, cheap cialis, she says she will seek maintain her position at the head of the Democratic caucus as its new minority leader beginning in January. Cheap cialis, WCF’s own Jodi Jacobson, cheap cialis, over at RH Reality Check, cheap cialis, offers her take on Pelosi’s future and what it means for the House Democratic caucus.

Let’s Not Forget Barbara Bush Is Pro-Choice

Speaking of Jodi, cheap cialis, she has a great post reminding us that, cheap cialis, amid the weird buzz about the “fetus in a jar” story told by former President George W. Cheap cialis, Bush in his new book, cheap cialis, the media typically fails to mention that Bush’s mother Barbara is pro-choice.

Fey Ain’t Joking

Tina Fey came to DC this week to accept the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor–the youngest recipient ever. Cheap cialis, In her acceptance speech she said the rise of conservative women was good for all women “unless you don’t want to pay for your own rape kit . Cheap cialis, . Cheap cialis, . Cheap cialis, unless you’re a lesbian who wants to get married to your partner of 20 years . Cheap cialis, . Cheap cialis, . Cheap cialis, [or] unless you believe in evolution.”

The Cracked Ceiling

Forbes’ Collette Martin offers powerful observations on Anne Kornblut and her new book, cheap cialis, Notes From the Cracked Ceiling, cheap cialis, about women in politics after the 2008 presidential race. Cheap cialis, Martin talks about the very fine line that women who enter politics must walk:

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that the challenges women face in advancing to the highest ranks in politics bear an uncanny resemblance to the challenges women face in securing the top positions in Corporate America. Cheap cialis, Women need to be tough, cheap cialis, but not too tough. Cheap cialis, They need to be attractive, cheap cialis, but not too attractive. Cheap cialis, They can’t be too feminine, cheap cialis, or too masculine. Cheap cialis, They should either be childless, cheap cialis, or have children who are grown. Cheap cialis, They should either be single, cheap cialis, or have a spouse who has achieved success in his own right. Cheap cialis,

Egyptian Women Emergent

As WCF’s Sam Bennett likes to remind people, cheap cialis, the United States trails Afghanistan and Cuba in the share of women holding national elected office. Cheap cialis, Meanwhile, cheap cialis, Egypt is making big strides in the election of women to public office.

State Update: GA, cheap cialis, WI

Atlanta Journal and Constitution columnist Jim Galloway talks about the Georgia GOP’s over-reliance on white male voters and white male leadership in the state legislature, cheap cialis, especially in the wake of the House Democrats selection of an African American woman to be their new caucus chair; thanks to eight new female faces, cheap cialis, the Wisconsin legislature saw a net increase in female state legislators this cycle.

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You don’t have to be a professional number cruncher to know that with so many seats in Congress about to swap parties, cialis cheap, it also means that we’re swapping people who have been there and done that (aka incumbents) for people who’ve either never been there and done that, cialis cheap, or have only been there and done that in local settings under local or state procedures.

In other words, cialis cheap, freshman orientation for the 112th Congress and for new governors will probably be more like a hangover than a party, cialis cheap, with the old hands being like the sober, cialis cheap, designated drivers who retained clarity, cialis cheap, agility and the wherewithal to do whatever they want with the still dizzy pledges.


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Sexist, buy viagra, Slanderous and Shameful

MsRep may not often agree with Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell on policy, buy viagra, but you’ve got to hand it to her–or technically her communication director Doug Sachtleben–for a statement decrying Gawker’s “one night stand” story as sexist, buy viagra, slanderous and shameful. Buy viagra, “This story is just another example of the sexism and slander that female candidates are forced to deal with, buy viagra,” he said, buy viagra, via the candidate’s Facebook page. Buy viagra, “Such attacks are truly shameful, buy viagra, but they will not distract us from making our case to Delaware voters.” We don’t think she makes a strong case, buy viagra, but Sachtleben is right that she should be able to make it without dealing with this junk.

Attack Money Aimed at Pro-Choice Candidates

Sharon Johnson of Women’s eNews reports that a lot late money during the 2010 midterms–the first cycle following the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling–is being dumped into ads attacking pro-choice candidates.

Pow(er) Wow

Pretty cool development out West, buy viagra, as reported in USA Today: New Mexico state senator Lynda Lovejoy’s campaign to become the first female president of the Navajo Nation is “the closest any woman has come to heading the 300, buy viagra,000-member nation, buy viagra, which spreads across parts of Arizona, buy viagra, New Mexico and Utah.”

You’ve Come a Long Way….Maybe?

That’s the provocative theme of an essay by The Nation’s Greg Mitchell, buy viagra, who takes us back to the mostly forgotten 1962 California gubernatorial race between Richard Nixon and Helen Gahagan Douglas. Buy viagra, In many ways, buy viagra, the treatment of Douglas back then foreshadowed much of what we still see today when women run for high office.

Steinem: Real Mama Grizzlies Vote Pro-Choice

After reminding us that many conservative and/Republican politics of a bygone era–including both eventual presidents George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan–were originally pro-choice before caving to conservative pressure, buy viagra, Gloria Steinem drops some knowledge:

“In this country, buy viagra, however, buy viagra, right-wing opposition to sex education in public schools and to birth control as preventive health care?indeed, buy viagra, opposition to same-sex couples or any admission that human sexuality is not now and never has been solely about reproduction?has contributed to the highest teenage birthrate in any developed country. Buy viagra, Indeed, buy viagra, 60 percent of all U.S. Buy viagra, births are unplanned. Buy viagra, That’s twice the rate of unintended pregnancies in comparable nations.”

Women Govs Govern Differently

Not much surprising here to report, buy viagra, but at least somebody has crunched the numbers: After examining governors’ state-of-the-state speeches between 2006 and 2007, buy viagra, political scientist Brianne Heidbreder of Kansas State University found distinct differences in the policy agendas of male and female governors–but attributable not so much to their gender as their partisan affiliations.

State Update: NH, buy viagra, NV & NY

Top female politicians in New Hampshire, buy viagra, including Rep. Buy viagra, Carol Shea-Porter, buy viagra, got together Thursday on a panel hosted by the University of New Hampshire to discuss the role of women in government; The Hill continues a theme MsRep seems to report daily: In Nevada congressional race, buy viagra, SEIU is hoping to pull Congresswoman Dina Titus over the finish line next Tuesday by appealing to female voters; in the New Roosevelt Institute’s Bill Samuels writes that “there is one surefire way voters can help the cause–electing more women to the state legislature.”

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Notes from the Trail: WCF Makes Over 10, viagra cheap,000 Calls

As our candidates’ campaigns shift into overdrive, viagra cheap, our staff is shifting right along with them. Viagra cheap, We’re still hard at work out in the field across the country. Viagra cheap, We’ve made over 10, viagra cheap,000 calls, viagra cheap, registered hundreds of voters, viagra cheap, and knocked on thousands of doors. Viagra cheap, We are getting out the vote for our women. Viagra cheap, Get an inside look at our work through our pictures on Flickr, viagra cheap, which include our staff with Sen. Viagra cheap, Patty Murray, viagra cheap, Rep. Viagra cheap, Mary Jo Kilroy, viagra cheap, Tarryl Clark, viagra cheap, Linda Chavez-Thompson, viagra cheap, and even Al Franken!

Christine O’Donnell’s Privacy Invaded

MsRep is generally disinclined to link to salacious stories about women’s personal sex lives, viagra cheap, especially when there is no wrongdoing or illegal activity involved. Viagra cheap, But what must be said of Gawker’s Christine O’Donnell one-night-stand story, viagra cheap, aside from the website’s usual tawdriness, viagra cheap, is that it only goes to prove that no woman—conservative or liberal—is safe from blatant misogyny. Viagra cheap, Jezebel sums it up well: “If the politician in question were a man, viagra cheap, this wouldn’t be a story.”

Future “Decidedly Female”

As the rest of Washington’s echo chamber repeats the conventional wisdom that 2010 will be a horrible for women—and, viagra cheap, yes, viagra cheap, a drop in the net number of women in Congress greatly concerns MsRep—Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist and Boomer Project president Matt Thornhill finally gets it, viagra cheap, opening his latest column with these lines:

Next week in election booths across the United States, viagra cheap, more votes will be cast for women than have ever been cast before.

Not by women, viagra cheap, for women.

That’s because more women across all political parties (including the Tea variety) are running for Congress or statewide office than ever before, viagra cheap, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University.

Finally, viagra cheap, The Stir’s Joanne Bamberger added her two cents to the continuing debate over whether this is the Year of the Republican Woman. Viagra cheap, (It isn’t, viagra cheap, she says.)

What You Don’t Know Is Helping You

Former Hillary Clinton campaign policy director Neera Tanden, viagra cheap, writing in the New Republic, viagra cheap, laments how little attention the media is paying to the important Obama administration economic policy victories for America’s working women, viagra cheap, including changes in small business law, viagra cheap, tax law and equal pay legislation. Viagra cheap,

“I can probably count on my hand the number of people, viagra cheap, including women, viagra cheap, who actually know about these new laws. Viagra cheap, Amid the din of bad news about the economy and misinformation about health care reform, viagra cheap, these policies don’t stand a chance, viagra cheap, sadly, viagra cheap, of getting much media coverage.”

Hot or Not?

Ambassador Swanee Hunt and former MA Lt. Viagra cheap, Gov. Viagra cheap, Kerry Healey discuss the end (hopefully) of the sexist “hot or not hot” double standard applied to female candidates in the Christian Science Monitor.

Are Mama Grizzlies Feminine Conservatives or Conservative Feminists?

Forbes magazine asks this question, viagra cheap, and Jill concludes the former: “This crop of female conservatives are just as conservative as ever, viagra cheap, including on women’s issues.”

Rove: Palin Lacks Presidential Gravitas

As Austin Powers might say, viagra cheap, “Ouch, viagra cheap, baby—very ouch.” Citing her Alaskan reality show as proof, viagra cheap, GWBush presidential guru Karl Rove says Sarah Palin lacks sufficient gravitas to be president. Viagra cheap,

Witches and Grizzlies and…Bears, viagra cheap, Oh My!

It’s Halloween week and John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are in town, viagra cheap, so the Washington Post deserves a little latitude. Viagra cheap, But their Style section cover piece yesterday about how “spooky” this election season would otherwise be fine if it weren’t for the fact that every politician except Rand Paul featured in it is a woman shown in demeaning or goofy costumes: With green faces and pointy black hats, viagra cheap, Nancy Pelosi and Christine O’Donnell are portrayed as the witch from the Wizard of Oz; the faces of Michelle Bachmann, viagra cheap, Sarah Palin, viagra cheap, and Nikki Haley are superimposed on the bodies of grizzly bears, viagra cheap, complete with bear noses. Viagra cheap, Declining print circulations require editors to take big gambles these days, viagra cheap, and MsRep isn’t trying to be a Halloween killjoy, viagra cheap, but the WaPo can do better.

Oprah Promises Bitch-Free TV

America’s wealthiest woman, viagra cheap, Oprah Winfrey, viagra cheap, pledges that her new OWN Network will not stoop to lowbrow entertainment that relies on making women out to be bitches. Viagra cheap, (No word about witches.)

Palin to Beck: I Support You

After Media Matters for America asked Palin to ask Glenn Beck to tone down the rhetoric that has been used as an excuse for violent actions by some of his followers. Viagra cheap, But instead, viagra cheap, she called into his program to give him her “full support.” Translation: I support you(r) dangerous rhetoric that inspires violence.

2 of 3 Finalists for WaPo’s Pundit Contest are Women

After having no women finalists the first time around, viagra cheap, in the Washington Post’s second “next greatest pundit” search contest two of the three finalists are women. Viagra cheap, As MsRep often says, viagra cheap, it’s not just the female share of elected officials that matter, viagra cheap, but also women in appointed offices, viagra cheap, on campaigns and staff, viagra cheap, in the consultancy ranks—and on the op-ed pages, viagra cheap, radio and television and other political media, viagra cheap, too.

Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors: How to Encourage Small Businesswomen

Speaking of equality more generally, viagra cheap, if you need a short break from nonstop electoral news, viagra cheap, Greg Jacobs of Government Regulatory Enforcement Law Blog discusses the new Womens’ Consulting Rule designed to encourage women to start small businesses in 83 industries where they are severely underrepresented.

State Update, viagra cheap, Western Edition: CO, viagra cheap, SD & MT

Continuing a familiar theme this election cycle, viagra cheap, Colorado incumbent Sen. Viagra cheap, Michael Bennett is hoping to eke out a victory in his competitive contest with Ken Buck by relying on a late surge of support from women voters; in Sioux Falls yesterday, viagra cheap, women rallied behind South Dakota gubernatorial candidate Scott Heidepriem; in Montana, viagra cheap, check out this great profile and Q&A with state legislative candidate Lindsay Love.

That’s today’s Daily Brief! Thanks for checking in—oh, viagra cheap, and please stay with us this weekend as MsRep issues briefs on Saturday and Sunday over the pre-election weekend. Viagra cheap,

And make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation’s Daily Brief via email, viagra cheap, and tell your friends!

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

Forbes came out with a list of 25 “power women” of the 2010 midterm elections.

You can have fun by first seeing if you can name 25 women in the midterm scenario, buy cialis, then rank them and then check them against the Forbes’ list.

However, buy cialis, what you may find more interesting is Forbes’ companion story on whether “mama grizzlies” are feminine conservatives or conservative feminists. Buy cialis,

Unpacking that theory:

Why the lack of a full-throated feminist Grizzly roar? One reason is that the policy agenda of the Mama Grizzlies is radically similar to the platform advocated by Republican men, buy cialis, and in particular by the elite corporate interests funding the party’s grassroots, buy cialis, like Americans For Prosperity and the Koch Brothers of Koch Industries. Buy cialis, The Grizzlies are pro-life, buy cialis, anti-welfare, buy cialis, anti-taxes and in favor of increased privatization in education, buy cialis, health care, buy cialis, business and the environment.

One way to look at them is as a way to put “the face of a hot mom on extreme ideology, buy cialis,” in the words of the Village Voice’s Jen Sorensen. Buy cialis, To be sure, buy cialis, the Tea Party has a distinctly male appearance: its average member is 45, buy cialis, white, buy cialis, male and middle-class. Buy cialis, Even in Red states and in districts where women are running for GOP seats, buy cialis, the majority of female voters are Democrats. Buy cialis, In New Hampshire, buy cialis, for example, buy cialis, where Grizzly candidate Kelly Ayotte won the Republican primary, buy cialis, she did so with a reverse gender gap: winning roughly half of male voters and only one-third of the state’s Republican women.

None of this should surprise anyone since the notion of “grizzly” comes from male imagery to begin with. In that sense, buy cialis, “mama grizzly” is practically an oxymoron, buy cialis, perhaps even an attempt to be androgynous - with the feminine canceled out by the masculine.

Bottom line, buy cialis, as the Forbes article says, buy cialis,

Like these past political movements, buy cialis, the Mama Grizzlies come to the public arena with a narrow view of the spheres open to female interest and achievement. Buy cialis, Their public life has a self-described conservative goal: to protect their vision of domestic life. Buy cialis, A political career, buy cialis, so they say, buy cialis, is a means rather than an end.

In other words, buy cialis, this crop of female conservatives are just as conservative as ever, buy cialis, including on women’s issues.

They’re doing what the stereotyped role of a woman for conservative politics has most often had them do: Using their womanly form to fool those who tend to vote Democratic - including and possibly primarily women - into thinking that because they share that form, buy cialis, they should be trusted.

However, buy cialis, as these elections are showing, buy cialis, many women, buy cialis, on both sides of the aisle, buy cialis, are not buying the “image is everything” strategy.

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Notes from the Trail: Canvassing for Betsy Markey

WCF Fellow Lauren Chew tells her story of how canvassing every day for Betsy Markey in CO-04 has WCF on the trailallowed her to truly make a difference in voters’ minds and enact change on a national level. Discount viagra, Her biggest win so far? Convincing a registered Republican to support Markey in order to protect women’s reproductive health choices.

PS: Have you seen pictures from us on the campaign trail?

Gender Enthusiasm Gap’s Impact on 2010 Results

OK, discount viagra, there’s been coverage aplenty of the possibility that low enthusiasm among women voters will be bad for female candidates, discount viagra, women, discount viagra, democracy—or all of the above. Discount viagra, But this segment on Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word with NBC political director Chuck Todd is worth watching.

Women missing out on political power by not donating to candidates

Jill examines the $27 Election Revolution and how women making monetary political donations is one very powerful way not only to promote the change we want, discount viagra, but to show support for those people who exemplify the change we want to see - on the campaign trail and in office.

It’s the Positions, discount viagra, Stupid

Jodi discusses how women voters favor the candidate that most represents their position on issues, discount viagra, not the ones that most represent them anatomically. Discount viagra, Seems obvious…but maybe not?

Women Not Allowed to Run Negative Ads?

At the Women’s Conference in Long Beach, discount viagra, moderator Matt Lauer asked gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman a bogus, discount viagra, downright dumb question, discount viagra, especially with just one week to go in a campaign and most media buys already placed by each campaign: Would they agree to pull down their negative ads? Both candidates hedged, discount viagra, then Brown eventually caved, discount viagra, garnering great applause. Discount viagra, Whitman was booed.

Why is Lauer asking this question at all? Whatever one thinks of the policy positions and background of the two candidates, discount viagra, women are not merely permitted to run tough but fair negative ads against their (usually male) opponents—they should be expected to. Discount viagra, If an ad is inaccurate or unfair, discount viagra, let the media and voters judge its veracity and, discount viagra, even if true, discount viagra, its legitimacy.

Politics ain’t beanbag, discount viagra, Mr. Discount viagra, Lauer, discount viagra, and women should be able to go negative when necessary.

X v. Discount viagra, X Dispatches, discount viagra, Vol. Discount viagra, 4

Speaking of negative campaign ads, discount viagra, here’s a story about the two women candidates running in South Dakota’s at-large US House race: WCF-endorsed incumbent Stephanie Herseth Sandin and her Republican challenger Kristi Noem. Discount viagra, Each woman claims her opponent’s ads are too nasty and unfair; each claims she emphasizes her own positive record and strengths more than her opponent’s weaknesses. Discount viagra, The only good rule for the gals, discount viagra, who can play just as tough as the guys, discount viagra, is this: Let them say what they want in their ads, discount viagra, and leave it to voters to decide what’s fair and what isn’t.

Pelosi Demonization Watch, discount viagra, Episode 72, discount viagra,566

Seriously, discount viagra, this is getting ridiculous. Discount viagra, Is there any nefarious act of humiliation or degradation against the first female Speaker that is out-of-bounds? Now it’s talk of dumping water on her head.

Speaking of the Speaker, discount viagra, She and First Lady Hanging Tight, discount viagra, Together

The first African-American First Lady headed to the Sunshine State yesterday to support for the first female Speaker. Discount viagra, Politico’s Amie Parnes and Glenn Thrush have the details.

Enough with the “Year of Republican Woman” Meme

Are GOP women the big story this cycle? No, discount viagra, says PunditMom and CAWP’s Debbie Walsh. Discount viagra, Both point out how Republican women lost at higher rates in this year’s primaries than did Democratic women. Discount viagra, On NPR, discount viagra, Walsh asks when will we be able to stop referring to election years by gender? (Perhaps when women will rise far above a dismal 17% in Congress?)

PunditMom asks, discount viagra,

“What happened to all these conservative Tea Party gals? They take up plenty of airtime on the shouting head shows and in the newspapers, discount viagra, proclaiming they’re the new wave of political power in America. Discount viagra, But where did they all go? Many in the media seem to be ignoring their dwindling numbers and are just accepting the story…that women are still the Republican secret weapon.

Discount viagra,  

Pushing Back Against Anti-Woman Candidates Works

There’s a pattern in the late-stage messaging in several key races: If you’re a candidate with a history of antipathy toward women or reproductive choices, discount viagra, voters are going to hear about it—and you’re going to drop in the polls.

UCSB Pro-Choice Demonstrator Harassed on Campus

An angry man harassed a woman who created a wire hanger display on the University of California Santa Barbara campus to remind foes of what opposition to reproductive choice implies.

In “Manly” Midterms, discount viagra, Vote Like a Girl

Barbara Lee, discount viagra, who has provided an incredible amount of support to women candidates from coast to coast, discount viagra, launches her new website. Discount viagra, Her key message to progressive women on November 2? Elections are tough. Discount viagra, Get out there and vote like a girl

Cuomo Responds to Charge His Campaign is Estrogen-Deficient

A day after a story criticizing both New York gubernatorial candidates for lacking top female advisers, discount viagra, a defensive Democratic nominee Andrew Cuomo responded.

That’s today’s Daily Brief MsRep thanks you for checking in! Make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation’s Daily Brief via email, discount viagra, and tell your friends!

Also make sure to read Jill’s list-of-lists for the best female political bloggers.

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

Whether the rise of women in politics relates to the glass cliff, cialis online, a bear economy, cialis online, or the triumph over institutionalized hurdles, cialis online, conventional wisdom sees them more firmly affixed to the political leadership landscape than ever before.

First, cialis online, there’s Hillary Clinton and the unparalleled hope placed in her to solve the Middle East dilemmas. Cialis online, The study, cialis online, “Why Are Women Chosen to Lead Organisations in a Crisis?” found that while women may not be seen as affirmatively possessing attributes to deal with crises, cialis online, men are in fact viewed as lacking in such skills.

Then, cialis online, we have the hypothesis from The Atlantic last week, cialis online, “Is A Bad Economy Good For Women Politicians?” The theory there:

The Socionomics Institute poses this boon to women as part of a broader trend of upheaval tied to negative moods and a bear market. Cialis online, Lack of faith in government, cialis online, anti-incumbent sentiments, cialis online, isolationism in foreign policy, cialis online, and a rise of women are all part and parcel of the same bear-market phenomenon, cialis online, the group argues.

Now, cialis online, when you couple that theory with the study about men lacking attributes seen as good for dealing with crisis, cialis online, the idea that women are uniquely looked to and able to turnaround situations becomes even harder to debate.

Leave it to Big Think to make the sell on women as great political leaders in its first part of a series on women and power, cialis online,  “Why Women Make Better Politicians.” (Check out the full series here.) While Politico actually covered the research cited in the article over a year ago (see “Study: Women lawmakers outperform men”), cialis online, Big Think much more carefully unpacks why this might be the case.

This difference in performance between female and male legislators may be a result, cialis online, in part, cialis online, of the plain fact that it is more difficult for women to get elected. Cialis online, Titled the “The Jackie (and Jill) Robinson Effect, cialis online,” the report finds higher performance amid persistent bias has a systematic effect on who reaches the highest level—and on what they do while they’re there….

“If voters are biased against female candidates, cialis online, only the most talented, cialis online, hardest working female candidates will succeed in the electoral process, cialis online,” [the researchers] write. Cialis online, On top of that, cialis online, “if women perceive there to be sex discrimination in the electoral process, cialis online, or if they underestimate their qualifications for office relative to men, cialis online, then only the most qualified, cialis online, politically ambitious females will emerge as candidates.” It doesn’t matter whether the sex-based selection is from actual or perceived, cialis online, active or passive, cialis online, origins, cialis online, the report finds that “women who are elected to office will perform better, cialis online, on average, cialis online, than their male counterpart.”

Finally, cialis online, there’s Nancy Pelosi. Cialis online,  Just try and trash her skills after reading this Politics Daily piece, cialis online, “Pelosi Takes The Heat: If I Were Not Effective, cialis online, They Wouldn’t Care About Me.” One excerpt:

“You have to know what you’ve come here to do, cialis online,” she says in an interview in her office. Cialis online, “You didn’t come here to be in a popularity contest, cialis online, you came here to get a job done. Cialis online, And if you’re going to do that, cialis online, you’re going to be throwing some punches and you’d better be ready to take some. Cialis online, You’re in the arena, cialis online, so they have to discredit you. Cialis online, If I were not effective they wouldn’t care about me.” Wait, cialis online, so she takes the rough treatment as a compliment? Not exactly: “I take it as a sign of our effectiveness, cialis online, A. Cialis online, And B, cialis online, it helps me raise money … Cialis online, OK?”

I’ll have what she’s having - multiple times over, cialis online, please. Cialis online,  Because seriously - how could you not want such a person fighting to make things the way you want them?

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