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You don’t have to be a professional number cruncher to know that with so many seats in Congress about to swap parties, generic cialis, it also means that we’re swapping people who have been there and done that (aka incumbents) for people who’ve either never been there and done that, generic cialis, or have only been there and done that in local settings under local or state procedures.

In other words, generic cialis, freshman orientation for the 112th Congress and for new governors will probably be more like a hangover than a party, generic cialis, with the old hands being like the sober, generic cialis, designated drivers who retained clarity, generic cialis, agility and the wherewithal to do whatever they want with the still dizzy pledges.


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Year of the Woman…Well, buy cialis, Sort of…

Are politicos overusing the phrase “Year of the Woman?” Is the talk of record-breaking numbers of women running correct? Well, buy cialis, sort of. Buy cialis, CAWP reports that a record number of women filed for office this year—a total of 324 between U.S. Buy cialis, Senate, buy cialis, House, buy cialis, and Governor. Buy cialis, However, buy cialis, only a marginally record-breaking number actually won their primaries: 162 this year, buy cialis, compared with 161 in 2004. Buy cialis, (163 if you count Sen. Buy cialis, Murkowski’s write-in campaign in AK). Buy cialis, CNN’s Kristi Keck pontificates on women candidates versus women voters’ enthusiasm.

Obama’s Rally for Markey

On last night’s much-anticipated Daily Show interview with Barack Obama, buy cialis, the President gave very few plugs for specific candidates, buy cialis, but did give a shout-out to Rep. Buy cialis, Betsy Markey, buy cialis, running for re-election in CO-04. Buy cialis, We cheered, buy cialis, just a little. Buy cialis, (OK, buy cialis, maybe a lot).

Breaking News: Gender Discrimination Does Not Exist

Yep, buy cialis, mission complete…or mission never needed, buy cialis, according to KY-03 candidate Todd Lally. Buy cialis, Jodi gives Lally the lowdown on gender discrimination.

Hear the Roar of the Grizzly

ElectWomen Magazine reports on Forbes’ list of Top 25 most influential women during the midterm cycle. Buy cialis, FYI, buy cialis, Mama Grizzly Palin is ranked 1st, buy cialis, First Lady Michelle Obama 2nd, buy cialis, the House Speaker 3rd, buy cialis, followed by California’s Meg Whitman and Fiorina. Buy cialis, Check out the rest here. Buy cialis, But will the #1 most influential woman ask Glenn Beck to take it down a notch, buy cialis, as requested by Media Matters?

Dumb and Dumber in Kentucky

Proving Ginni Thomas has nothing on him, buy cialis, Rand Paul supporter Tim Profitt said he thinks he should get an apology from the female protester whose head he stepped on Monday night. Buy cialis, (Now women getting involved with politics have to worry about violence?) In a related development, buy cialis, Paul has reversed field, buy cialis, saying that he will not return Profitt’s contribution to the campaign. Buy cialis, Words fail MsRep.

The Beyonce Bounce

Unmarried women—the single ladies—are at last starting to engage this cycle, buy cialis, The Hill reports.

Justice Ginsburg Says Nine Women on High Court is Right Number

During the Women’s Conference, buy cialis, the venerable ABC News broadcaster Diane Sawyer sat down with former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and current Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to discuss their experiences on the Supreme Court. Buy cialis, Best quote? When asked how many women on the Bench would be the right number, buy cialis, Ginsburg responded:

“Nine, buy cialis,” Ginsburg replied with a smile. Buy cialis, “There’ve been nine men there for a long time, buy cialis, right? So why not nine women?”

Not My Guy?

The New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg and Megan Thee-Brenan roll out a major article this morning about a poll that shows certain groups disaffected with—and defecting from—President Barack Obama’s 2008 coalition, buy cialis, including women.

Murky for Murkowski

Lots of developments in that wacky Alasky Senate race. Buy cialis, After a lower court ruled that voters could not see a list of write-in candidates—which includes incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski—the Alaska Supreme Court disagreed, buy cialis, and overruled the decision. Buy cialis, This is good news for Murkowski, buy cialis, who is now targeting the Democratic opponent in her ads, buy cialis, as her Tea Party defeater seems to be self-destructing.

Re-Boot: Grandsons of Hewlett, buy cialis, Packard Crash Fiorina’s Computer

Talk about a hardware problem: Heirs to the Hewlett-Packard fortune say California Senate challenger Carly Fiorina will let voters down, buy cialis, “just as she did the employees and shareholders of HP.”

The Hunt for Blunt: Carnahan’s Opponent Runs From Media

In Missouri, buy cialis, Roy Blunt is trying to run out the clock on Robin Carnahan, buy cialis, which means trying appear in public as little as possible and not engage the media. Buy cialis, Actually, buy cialis, not a bad idea given how he lost his cool when a reporter dared to ask about Blunt’s growing undocumented worker scandal.

X v. Buy cialis, X Dispatches, buy cialis, Vol. Buy cialis, 5: Sandlin Surging

Proving that money ain’t everything, buy cialis, WCF-endorsed incumbent Democrat Rep. Buy cialis, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin of South Dakota has moved into the lead, buy cialis, 45 percent to 42 percent, buy cialis, over her Republican challenger Kristi Noem—despite being outspent by a mile in this key race.

Grandma Made Me Do It

ElectWomen Mag also has a nice profile of grandmother-inspired Ohio Lt. Buy cialis, Governor candidate, buy cialis, and Ted Strickland’s running mate, buy cialis, Yvette McGee Brown. Buy cialis, Oh, buy cialis, and she gives a darn good motivational campaign speech. Buy cialis, Take a look:

“Sex, buy cialis, Violence and Exploitation of Women”

No, buy cialis, that’s not the title of a new Steven Soderbergh film. Buy cialis, It’s a line from a Planned Parenthood mailer chastising Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon for profiting on WWE’s misogynistic depictions of women. Buy cialis, “Linda McMahon is an out-of-touch millionaire who made her fortune from sex, buy cialis, violence, buy cialis, and exploitation of women, buy cialis,” the PPFA flyer reads.

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Krystal Ball on Good Morning America: Stick to the Issues

Krystal Ball continues to give positive and strong responses to the recent posting of pictures of her from a party. Cialis online cheap, Yesterday on Good Morning America, cialis online cheap, Ball pointed out that this kind of negative personal attacks are what continually frustrate voters. Cialis online cheap, She encourages more people in her generation to run for public office, cialis online cheap, and not to let any photos from their past get in the way.

Fallin Injects Motherhood Into OK Gov’s Race

Last week, cialis online cheap, MsRep made clear that women who run for office while also raising a family deserve praise and respect. Cialis online cheap, But that doesn’t mean a woman who isn’t a wife or mother is unqualified to serve. Cialis online cheap, In Oklahoma, cialis online cheap, GOP gubernatorial nominee Mary Fallin wrongly implies that her opponent, cialis online cheap, Democrat Jari Askins, cialis online cheap, is unfit to serve because she’s not a parent. Cialis online cheap, Read more from the SFChron and HuffPo. Cialis online cheap, In a related story, cialis online cheap, has nice profile of Askins’ bid to make governor the latest on her long list of “firsts.”

Women’s Groups Give Buck the Boot, cialis online cheap, With Their Heels On

The Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund has spent a whopping $800, cialis online cheap,000 on ads that take Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck to task for his “high heels” comment made earlier this year. Cialis online cheap, Jodi Jacobson reports.

CT Dems Link McMahon, cialis online cheap, WWE to Female Degradation

U.S. Cialis online cheap, Senate candidate from CT Linda McMahon and her husband have made millions on professional wrestling, cialis online cheap, which state Democrats complain profits by objectifying women.

In AK Senate Race, cialis online cheap, Clear Choices on Choice

Anchorage Daily News reports that all three U.S. Cialis online cheap, Senate candidates—including Republican primary victim, cialis online cheap, incumbent and write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski—offer distinct positions on reproductive choice. Cialis online cheap, But only one, cialis online cheap, Democrat Scott McAdams, cialis online cheap, is pro-choice and proudly boasts his Planned Parenthood and Alaska Women’s Political Caucus endorsements.

Do Bad Times Demand Good Women?

The Atlantic’s Chris Good asks and answers that question.

The Demonization of Nancy Pelosi

Daily Beast’s Kirsten Powers examines the use of derogatory comparisons of the Speaker to Cruella de Vil and the Wicked Witch of the West. Cialis online cheap, Best quote:

Juvenile attacks aside, cialis online cheap, the GOP has stayed clear of really questioning Pelosi’s competence, cialis online cheap, and for good reason. Cialis online cheap, Nancy Pelosi will without a doubt be remembered as one of the most effective and powerful Speakers in U.S. Cialis online cheap, history.

X v. Cialis online cheap, X Dispatches, cialis online cheap, Vol. Cialis online cheap, 4: Clark Counters Bachmann with Civility

In Minnesota’s 6th District race—the most expensive House race in the country—state senator Tarryl Clark is hoping that her more civil demeanor will win over independents tired of Michelle Bachmann’s combative style, cialis online cheap, the Minneapolis-St. Cialis online cheap, Paul Star Tribune reports.

Will Women Voters Come Around Late for Democrats Next Week?

Page Gardner of Women’s Voices Women Vote thinks so, cialis online cheap, and Caren Turner offers 10 suggestions for a Democratic Party hoping to bring women back.

The Recession’s Impact on Women

Over at BlogHer, cialis online cheap, WCF’s Jill Miller Zimon reports on White House summit to discuss the recession’s specific impacts on American women.

NC Women Decry Lipstick Ad

State senator Linda Garrou, cialis online cheap, the Democratic Women of North Carolina, cialis online cheap, and NC’s Lillian List joined forces last Friday to decry a campaign ad that questions what a woman candidate putting on lipstick “really cares about.”

Islamic Countries Still Lag on Women’s Rights, cialis online cheap, Equality

The struggle for gender equality knows no borders and no country’s record is perfect. Cialis online cheap, But two new studies confirm that women in Islamic countries continue to struggle more than in most other parts of the globe.

State Update: The All-California Edition

In California, cialis online cheap, this fantastic profile by the SacBee of Barbara Boxer and her importance to the Senate is worth reading, cialis online cheap, and in the governor’s race, cialis online cheap, Real Clear Politics has an update on Meg Whitman’s last-minute attempts to close the gap on Jerry Brown, cialis online cheap, who has doubled his lead over her in the past month. Cialis online cheap, In related story, cialis online cheap, the LATimes chronicles developments in the closing moments for both candidates in the gubernatorial and US senate races.

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BREAKING: Kilroy Campaign Demands Removal of False TV Ad

Negative campaign ads are nothing new, order cialis, but outright lying seems to be a commonplace practice these days. Order cialis, At least that’s the case in OH-15, order cialis, where incumbent Mary Jo Kilroy’s opponent ran what the campaign is calling a blatantly false advertisement. Order cialis, Kilroy’s camp has filed a claim and called for the ad to be pulled from the air. Order cialis, Jodi reports on this growing pattern of lies in political ads.

Palin Aide Throws Motherhood Under The Bus

Should Palin’s reported damage to campaigns be blamed on her having five children? Apparently, order cialis, one of her aides thinks so. Order cialis, As an elected official herself, order cialis, Jill Miller Zimon has a big problem with this.

And This Is What Happens…

…once gendered language gets injected into a campaign: Now in Nevada comes Harry Reid—the Senate majority leader, order cialis, one of the most powerful politicians in the country—telling Sharron Angle to “man up.” Please. Order cialis, Make. Order cialis, This. Order cialis, Stop.

Here’s How Candidates Can Truly (Wo)Man Up

Want to prove you’re a tough candidate–that you have the “cojones” to lead, order cialis, or whatever stupid or offensive phrase the media is giggling about next week–then how about pledging, order cialis, if elected, order cialis, to appoint more women to state office? In Rhode Island, order cialis, all four gubernatorial nominees did just that. Order cialis, Good for them. Order cialis, (Oh, order cialis, and let’s make sure to hold the winner to that promise.)

Back to School(ing): Prez and Ex-Prez Stump on Campus for Women Candidates

Former President Bill Clinton went to Miami Dade College to tout Alex Sink for governor, order cialis, and across the country, order cialis, President Obama stumped for Patty Murray at a University of Washington rally.

X v. Order cialis, X Dispatches, order cialis, Vol. Order cialis, 3: House Candidate Won’t Pledge to Back Boehner

Kristi Noem, order cialis, who is trying to unseat WCF-endorsed Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in South Dakota’s at-large House race, order cialis, says that if elected she may not vote for John Boehner for Speaker.

How Female Candidates (Still) Dress

The New York Times’ Ruth La Ferla deconstructs the myth that a new generation of women candidates are dressing differently today. Order cialis, Hillary Clinton media trainer Christine K. Order cialis, Jahnke provides the best quote:

A Palin effect? Show it to me. Order cialis, Women aren’t trying to look like Sarah Palin. Order cialis, That would be a mistake.

Not the “Year of the GOP Woman” (AUDIO)

In conversation with NPR, order cialis, Center for American Women and Politics director Debbie Walsh dispels the idea that Republican women are dominating the cycle when, order cialis, in fact, order cialis, the primary win rate for Democrats is much higher this year.

Shatter that Glass Piggy Bank

Political participation takes many more forms that voting—lobbying, order cialis, rallying, order cialis, and the all-important donating. Order cialis, Gender disparities in donating to campaigns are far greater than in these other forms, order cialis, but a new study by the Center for Responsive Politics show where—and how—women are leveling the donor playing field. Order cialis, WCF’s own Jill Zimon Miller analyzed the numbers in a great post about shattering the “glass piggy bank”.

Hurricane Sarah Leaves Behind Too Much Wreckage

Politico’s Jonathan Martin explains why many Republican candidates prefer not to have Sarah Palin at their events: Her high-maintenance style wreaks too much havoc on the campaign, order cialis, and some say she’s “self-centered and unhelpful to the cause.” This, order cialis, however, order cialis, pales in comparison to the damage left behind if her extreme tea party endorsees win on November 2.

President Obama Discusses Women and the Economy

In remarks to a Seattle audience yesterday, order cialis, President Barack Obama talks about women as the economic engine of the middle class and in small business, order cialis, and how the stimulus spending and national debt affect them and their families:

“[W]hat’s interesting is that the economy has changed where women have made such enormous strides that they now constitute fully half of the workforce. Order cialis, They actually constitute probably more than half of the money that’s coming in to middle-class families. Order cialis, And business — small business owners are now a much higher proportion women than they used to be. Order cialis, And so when you talk about what’s happened to the middle class, order cialis, part of what you’re talking about is what’s happening to women in the workforce.”

Pro-Choice Voter Guide

Not sure where your local candidates stand on reproductive choice? Not to worry. Order cialis, NARAL’s easy, order cialis, searchable voter guide has the answers.

Pop Culture or Politics—Where Do Women Fare Better?

The Atlantic’s Alex Eichler asks and answers that one.

Tady Names It, order cialis, Changes It

Megan Tady of In These Times says the media needs to stop talking about and depicting female candidates the way they do, order cialis, and cites WCF Foundation’s Sam Bennett and the Name It. Order cialis, Change It. campaign.

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WCF Staff Hit the Ground on Campaigns Across the Country

After declaring a STATE of EMERGENCY for women in politics, purchase cialis online, WCF’s entire staff and fellow class are now fanning out across the country to headquarters of WCF-Endorsed Candidates until Election Day. Purchase cialis online, They have literally hit the ground running, purchase cialis online, already meeting the candidates, purchase cialis online, recruiting volunteers, purchase cialis online, attending events, purchase cialis online, and phone banking.

We have a total of 17 people working in 14 states:

Missouri, purchase cialis online, Washington, purchase cialis online, Texas, purchase cialis online, Virginia, purchase cialis online, Arizona, purchase cialis online, Ohio, purchase cialis online, Colorado, purchase cialis online, Maryland, purchase cialis online, North Carolina, purchase cialis online, New Hampshire, purchase cialis online, Nevada, purchase cialis online, Minnesota, purchase cialis online, Michigan, purchase cialis online, and New Mexico. Purchase cialis online,

MsRepresentation will be keeping you in the loop about these candidates and campaigns, purchase cialis online, so stay tuned!

Want to help? Help feed WCF staff members on the campaign trail or volunteer for a WCF-Endorsed Candidate in one of 28 states!

Boxer Punching Hard in Late Rounds

In the fight of her electoral life, purchase cialis online, Sen. Purchase cialis online, Barbara Boxer launches tough, purchase cialis online, new ad criticizing Carly Fiorina as “out of touch” with California voters on a range of issues, purchase cialis online, including Fiorina’s desire to “make abortion a crime.”

After Superb Debate Performances, purchase cialis online, Carnahan Surges in Polls

Last week gave U.S. Purchase cialis online, Senate hopeful Robin Carnahan the chance to demonstrate the differences between her and opponent Roy Blunt in two back-to-back debates. Purchase cialis online, And the difference was clear: Blunt walked out after the debate instead of answering reporter questions. Purchase cialis online, Was he upset at his performance?

Latest Public Policy Polling numbers now show WCF-endorsee Carnahan making a late surge in Missouri, purchase cialis online, closing the gap to 46-41—a big jump from 45-38 in August. Purchase cialis online, Politics Daily also notes that Carnahan has increased her support by Republicans.

In NY, purchase cialis online, Gillibrand Boosted by New Choice Ad

On the opposite side of the country, purchase cialis online, fellow female Senate incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand gets boost from NARAL NY’s new ad touting her re-election. Purchase cialis online, On the House side, purchase cialis online, NARAL Pro-Choice America also announced they are spending $70, purchase cialis online,000 late to help vulnerable, purchase cialis online, pro-choice incumbents.

Attacks on Sink Sinking Her Opponent

In Florida governor’s race, purchase cialis online, St. Purchase cialis online, Pete Times says attacks against Democratic nominee Alex Sink–who leads in latest poll by 7 points—are backfiring:

Sink’s biggest ally is her opponent’s negative ads against her.  They are turning voters off and turning voters away from Republican [Rick] Scott.

FOX Commentator: Sexist Women Express Aggression Via Gossip, purchase cialis online, Slander

This ridiculous Phyllis Chesler commentary pubbed by Fox News misunderstands the role of women in politics on so many levels it leaves you scratching your head. Purchase cialis online, Most wince-inducing quote:

Like men, purchase cialis online, women are also sexists. Purchase cialis online, They still expect women to behave in “feminine” or maternal ways; this includes choosing a man as a protector, purchase cialis online, not as an opponent to publicly defeat in a very aggressive, purchase cialis online, “male” way. Purchase cialis online, Women and girls are more comfortable with expressing their aggression indirectly in less visible ways, purchase cialis online, through gossip, purchase cialis online, slander, purchase cialis online, and ostracism.

Got that, purchase cialis online, ladies?

Election and a Makeover?

Female writer for Boston Herald suggests the real problem for Green-Rainbow gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts is that she needs a hair and apparel makeover.

“Year of the Conservative Woman” Meme May Never Die

Sonja Eddings Brown takes her cut in Politico.

State Update

A quick roundup of stories developing in the states: In Maine, purchase cialis online, gubernatorial candidates’ positions on abortion differ; in Maryland, purchase cialis online, Bob Ehrlich uses new ad to appeal to female voters; in Oklahoma, purchase cialis online, the all-female governor’s race obscures state’s poor record on female state legislators.

That’s today’s Brief. Purchase cialis online, Thanks for reading! Since we last checked in, purchase cialis online, Jodi explained the significance of that “X v. Purchase cialis online, X” race between two female nominees in the Oklahoma governor’s race; Jill examined the potential of women’s representation in state legislatures to increase as well as Seattle Weekly’s Lady Gaga imitation of Sen. Purchase cialis online, Patty Murray.

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Was Christine O’Donnell Bewitching in Her Debating Debut?

That would be a resounding no. Viagra online stores, In last night’s Delaware Senate debate with Chris Coons, viagra online stores, what was O’Donnell’s biggest offense (among many)? Calling rape and incest “scare tactics.”

Some next-morning reactions to last night’s circus: Daily Beast’s Jill Lawrence noted the two candidates’ clear contrasts on abortion; the WashPost’s Dana Milbank concluded O’Donnell “was, viagra online stores, inevitably, viagra online stores, not as bad as the cartoonish image that has emerged in recent weeks”; and the Atlantic’s venerable Jim Fallows reminded us that her talk-show background makes her potentially “more dangerous” than Sarah Palin.

TIME Poll: Women Give Dems Late, viagra online stores, Needed Boost

With so much attention paid to what women candidates are saying this cycle, viagra online stores, only now are the media starting to notice what women voters are thinking. Viagra online stores, A new TIME magazine poll says they could turn out to be the “firewall” for nervous Democrats in November. Viagra online stores, Let’s hope this surge of enthusiasm translates to women flocking to the polls in support of female candidates who support reproductive health choices.

Ann McLane Kuster Not So “Unlikely” After All

A new poll by The Hill shows Kuster just three points behind Rep. Viagra online stores, Charlie Bass, viagra online stores, trailing 45 percent to 42, viagra online stores, with 9 percent of likely voters undecided. Viagra online stores, Also, viagra online stores, the New York Times just changed their rating of the race from “Leaning Republican” to “Tossup.”

Fun Fact: Kuster’s mother, viagra online stores, Susan McLane, viagra online stores, was one of WCF’s founders. Viagra online stores, Not surprisingly, viagra online stores, Kuster knows why we need more women running for office [VIDEO].

Barack’s Better Half Back on Trail

Lost amid the focus on this year’s women candidates is the ramped-up electoral activity of #1 Forbes’ magazine-ranked most influential woman in America: First Lady Michelle Obama. Viagra online stores, CNN has the details.

X v. Viagra online stores, X Dispatches, viagra online stores, Vol. Viagra online stores, 1 [NEW FEATURE!]

It’s always encouraging when women capture both major parties’ nominations for the same office, viagra online stores, and MsRepresentation will be keeping her eye on such all-female general election match-ups.

This impressive story by a plucky reporter from the Boston University student paper is our first X v. Viagra online stores, X Dispatch. Viagra online stores, Best quote goes to Republican nominee Mary Connaughton: “I doubt any child grows up dreaming to be a state auditor, viagra online stores, but that might change after they see me in action!”

Krystal Klear

The candidate everybody is talking about—gutsy, viagra online stores, no-nonsense U.S. Viagra online stores, House nominee Krystal Ball—continues to make national news. Viagra online stores, Read what she told NPR, viagra online stores, complete with audio.

Conservative Feminist Accountability

Today’s must-read is a Tracey Vitchers blog post in Feministing, viagra online stores, making the case for holding conservative women candidates accountable to feminist principles—and to make them recognize those from earlier generations who made their political careers possible in the first place.

NOW Calls on Brown to Fire Staffer Who Called Whitman A ‘Whore’

Though Democratic gubernatorial that candidate Jerry Brown claims that it’s “very hard” to detect who made the ‘whore’ comment, viagra online stores, one of his endorsements, viagra online stores, the National Organization for Women (NOW), viagra online stores, is calling on him to fire this foul mystery associate.

Let Gloria Count the 9 Ways

Read a fantastic excerpt from former PPFA prez Gloria Feldt’s latest book, viagra online stores, 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power.

The Great White (Male) North

There are countries where women are better represented in elected office than they are here in the good ol’ USA. Viagra online stores, But the share of women in parliament in Canada, viagra online stores, a country that elected its only female prime minister last century, viagra online stores, is mired at around 20 percent. Viagra online stores, At WCF we focus on American politics, viagra online stores, but we sympathize with our sisters north of the border.

That’s today’s brief. Viagra online stores, Since the last one, viagra online stores, Jill Miller Zimon had a great take-down of an Esquire writer’s inflammatory language about political women, viagra online stores, including the claim that “Democratic women are old and unattractive.”

Also, viagra online stores, WCF Communications Fellow Julia Strasser reflected on the recent Most Powerful Women Summit and Jodi Jacobson posed the question: Will Sutton Winning the Ad War against Ganley Prove to be a Double-Edged Sword?

Thanks for reading! Make sure to sign up to receive the Daily Brief by email if you haven’t already—and tell your friends, viagra online stores, too.

And please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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Whitman Scolds Brown During Debate Over “Whore” Comment

Things got a bit tense in last night’s California gubernatorial debate, cheap generic viagra, as former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw asked Brown to respond to the idea that the word “whore” is “to many women the same as calling an African American the ‘N’ word.”

Brown’s response? “I don’t agree with that comparison.” Ouch. Cheap generic viagra, Wrong answer.

Whitman chastised Brown appropriately, cheap generic viagra, saying: “The people of California who do deserve better than slurs and personal attacks, cheap generic viagra,” and that the remark was “not befitting of the office you are running for.”

Driving the point home to a reporter after the debate, cheap generic viagra, Whitman hit the nail on the head when saying:

“I was stunned by Gov. Cheap generic viagra, Brown’s insensitivity to what that word means to women.”

Watch the debate clip here.

Before the “whore” incident, cheap generic viagra, polls showed Brown had been improving his support among California women; stay tuned to see if those numbers change.

Women Wipeout Watch

Top political storyline of the 2010 cycle? The tea partiers, cheap generic viagra, of course. Cheap generic viagra, But running a closer and closer second is the emerging meme that women candidates—Democrats, cheap generic viagra, especially—are headed into an electoral tsunami. Cheap generic viagra, The Politico offers the latest take.

Female Reporters Barred from Paladino Speech

It’s tough for a major-party nominee of one of the nation’s biggest and most diverse states to be less sensitive than holding an event at which he denigrates homosexuals. Cheap generic viagra, But GOP gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino figured out how: By barring women reporters and photographers from covering him as he met with Hasidic Jewish leaders to bash gays.

Understanding Right-Wing Women Candidates

Sarah Jaffe’s new piece in AlterNet—in which the Bitch Magazine writer deconstructs the fervor created by the attention-grabbing, cheap generic viagra, far-right female candidates of 2010—is today’s must-read.

Less Testosterone, cheap generic viagra, Better Politics?

Oh no she didn’t? Oh, cheap generic viagra, yes, cheap generic viagra, she did. Cheap generic viagra, Female French Prime Minister’s comments about male libido and testosterone are creating buzz on both sides of the big pond.

Murray Touts Pro-Choice Record in WA Senate Race

Continuing trend of her fellow state Democrat and gubernatorial nominee John Kitzhaber—as reported in yesterday’s Brief—Washington Sen. Cheap generic viagra, Patty Murray criticizes opponent Dino Rossi as a “turn-back-the-clock” threat to reproductive choice.

That’s today’s brief. Cheap generic viagra, Make sure to check out Jodi Jacobson’s recent post about the nasty attacks on Wisconsin congressional candidate Julie Lassa—whose phone number was published by right-wing attack dogs.

Also, cheap generic viagra, don’t miss Jill Miller Zimon’s latest post about all the hype surrounding santa hats and tequila shots.

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