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Just a few days before Tuesday’s general election, order viagra online, Mary Hughes, order viagra online, Founder and Director of The 2012 Project, order viagra online, spoke with me about the future of women in politics. Order viagra online, Hughes’ organization is a national, order viagra online, non-partisan campaign to bolster the number of women in office by leveraging the boon of open Congressional seats brought about by decennial redistricting. In particular, order viagra online, we discussed women running for elected office post-redistricting, order viagra online, which is the basis for the effort’s name.

I kicked off her thoughts by asking what was the the catalyst for The 2012 Project.

There were two things:

First, order viagra online, I was invited in the summer of 2006 to a retreat at CAWP [Rutgers' Center for American Women and Politics]. Order viagra online,  There were about 30 of us invited, order viagra online, men and women, order viagra online, but the focus among participants – some who were scholars, order viagra online, some who were operatives like myself, order viagra online, some who were elceted women and then some who were active fairly high up in their political parties - was: what is happening to women’s participation as candidates?


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Cialis cheap

For the first time in WCF’s history, cialis cheap, our entire staff and fellow class went out into the field to work with our candidates in the final weeks of the election.

Early in the cycle, cialis cheap, we recognized that 2010 was going to be a challenging year for women—a year that called for dramatic action.

So, cialis cheap, we answered the call, cialis cheap, packed our bags, cialis cheap, and hit the campaign trail.

And we’re so proud about what our 18-member team we accomplished across the country for our women:

  • Worked in 14 different states.
  • Called over 16, cialis cheap,000 voters.
  • Knocked on over 3, cialis cheap,000 doors.
  • Recruited over 300 volunteers.

We did everything from data entry and field organizing to stuffing yard signs and writing blogs. Cialis cheap, Our efforts increased the capacity and efficiency of our candidates to reach as many voters as possible.

In New Mexico, cialis cheap, Frances McGaffey single-handedly managed a phone banking operation that generated 19, cialis cheap,889 calls to support Diane Denish, cialis cheap, candidate for Governor.

Bonnie O’Keefe served as the voter suppression point person to report incidences of voter fraud on Rep. Cialis cheap, Ann Kirkpatrick’s re-election campaign.

Sure, cialis cheap, we experienced bumps along the way, cialis cheap, such as slippery stairs during canvassing and travel troubles. Cialis cheap, But we were inspired by the determination of our candidates and they motivated us to make the extra effort and go the distance.

In the field, cialis cheap, WCF staff has also worked to encourage more women to think about running for office. Cialis cheap, We collected the names of 120 talented women who should consider running for office through our She Should Run program. Cialis cheap, By building the pipeline for women across the country, cialis cheap, WCF is always looking for ways to ask more women to think about for office.

Along the way, cialis cheap, we met with organizations such as Arizona List, cialis cheap, Emerge New Mexico, cialis cheap, and the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington. Cialis cheap, WCF is a collaborator. Cialis cheap, As part of the women’s community, cialis cheap, we know that in order to achieve gender parity we must work together.

But at the end of the day, cialis cheap, our main objective is to support our endorsed women, cialis cheap, not a political party or particular race. Cialis cheap, We support a woman’s decision to run for office and encourage her from the very beginning; even when all the odds are against her. Cialis cheap, And this election year, cialis cheap, our staff hit the pavement, cialis cheap, offered a can-do spirit, cialis cheap, and did whatever was needed to support our candidates.

For 36 years, cialis cheap, WCF has worked to empower women who support reproductive health choices, cialis cheap, on both sides of the aisle.

We know the difficult work ahead of us, cialis cheap, and are prepared to face it. There are a lot of factors working against women candidates, cialis cheap, but as long as there are women thinking about running for office, cialis cheap, WCF will be there to give them the encouragement they need to keep going.

From the bottom of our hearts, cialis cheap, thank you to all the women who ran in the 2010 cycle. Cialis cheap, We congratulate those who won and ask those who lost to run again.

WCF will be there for you when you’re ready to take your next steps.

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This post was submitted by Bridget Copes, lasix online, WCF Development Fellow

Audience members gathered and watched, lasix online, rapt with attention, lasix online, as women climbed ladders in a darkened ballroom.  From atop their ladders, lasix online, Lilly Ledbetter, lasix online, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, lasix online, Treasurer Velda Jones-Potter, lasix online, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, lasix online, and WCF-Endorsed Candidate Terri Sewell, lasix online, to name a few, lasix online, told their stories of ascending, lasix online, rung by rung, lasix online, to positions of leadership.  After each woman’s story came a resounding chorus of “Who needs more women in government? Everyone.”

This is just a snapshot from WCF’s Ladder to the Top: Shattering the Glass Ceiling event, lasix online, which featured our DC premiere of Voices from the Ladder, lasix online, an inspiring performance piece serving as a powerful statement of women’s need and ability to break the glass ceiling.  Written, lasix online, directed, lasix online, and produced by women, lasix online, this piece featured performers from the political world, lasix online, the labor movement, lasix online, media, lasix online, and non-profits.

Ladder to the Top was held at the beautiful Museum of Women in the Arts and continued WCF’s tradition of honoring women Chiefs of Staff.  Only 35% of all Congressional Chiefs of Staff are women and WCF works to support these women as they climb their own ladders.  Led by a bagpiper playing Hail to the Chief, lasix online, we toasted to these women’s phenomenal accomplishments.

In addition to honoring women Chiefs of Staff, lasix online, WCF President Sam Bennett presented six ground-breaking women with the “Wendy” Shattered Glass award at the ceremony: Senator Olympia J. Lasix online, Snowe (ME), lasix online, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), lasix online, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY-14), lasix online, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-20), lasix online, Congresswoman Donna Edwards (MD-04), lasix online, and Elizabeth “Liz” Shuler, lasix online, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer. Lasix online, We saw a strong labor presence as union members extended WCF tape measures into the air in support of Liz Shuler as she received her award – a true sight to be seen!

During the reception, lasix online, WCF staff members and fellows spoke to attendees about WCF’s award-winning She Should Run program, lasix online, asking them to name a woman they know who should run for office.  By the end of the night, lasix online, we collected over 50 names of women who should consider running for office.

The evening ended with the re-launch of WCF’s DC Parties of Your Choice, lasix online, giving guests the opportunity to dine at women-owned restaurants across the capital. Lasix online, While enjoying delicious cuisine, lasix online, guests chatted with our many special guests about the importance of women in government.

Ladder to the Top was a moving evening honoring and celebrating past, lasix online, present, lasix online, and future women leaders.  As the crowd left, lasix online, the echo could still be heard ringing through the hall: “Who needs more women in government? Everyone.”

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Nolvadex pills

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, nolvadex pills, WCF Communications Fellow

Regardless of which party you identify with, nolvadex pills, there is one faction that the 2010 election cycle shouldn’t ignore: Women. Nolvadex pills, But according to Roll Call, nolvadex pills, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) doesn’t seem to be focusing on recruiting strong female candidates.

Roll Call called out the lack of female Republican candidates  in some of the most competitive House races around the country. Nolvadex pills, In the Young Guns program—a program sponsored by the NRCC that provides fundraising for Republican candidates—the lack of viable women candidates is astonishing:

“Out of the top 10 candidates in the NRCC’s ‘Young Guns’ program, nolvadex pills, there is one woman: Montgomery City Councilwoman Martha Roby in Alabama. Nolvadex pills, The next tier of 20 ‘Contenders’ in the program includes two women, nolvadex pills, and the lowest tier of ‘On the Radar’ candidates has only one”.

As WCF President/CEO Sam Bennett said in her interview with Fox’s America’s News HQ, nolvadex pills,  in order for the GOP to succeed in increasing their 4%  representation in U.S. Nolvadex pills, Congress in this election cycle, nolvadex pills, they must recruit more women. Nolvadex pills, America is hungry for the middle ground, nolvadex pills, and female moderate republican women (read: Dede Scozzafava) are the way to deliver that.

However one promising tidbit is that the NRCC has seemed to pick up the most important thing about women running for political office; the simple yet powerful three-letter word: ASK. Nolvadex pills, Women must be asked an average of six times before they seriously consider running for office. Nolvadex pills, And the efforts made by the NRCC seem to have paid off for State Rep. Jackie Walorski who is now running for a seat in the U.S. Nolvadex pills, House of Representatives in Indiana:

“The NRCC ‘started calling me three or four years ago, nolvadex pills,’ Walorski recalled. Nolvadex pills, ‘They called me constantly to try to get me to run. Nolvadex pills, I got so tired of hearing from them, nolvadex pills, I told them to stop calling me’”.

One can only hope that the NRCC continues their efforts on recruiting and supporting women candidates.

We’ve said this too many times. Nolvadex pills, Women bring a new palette of ideas and knowledge, nolvadex pills, which simply cannot be ignored in a country where a majority of the population is female. Nolvadex pills, Women are the key to fixing our broken government. Nolvadex pills, Currently, nolvadex pills, only 17 Republican women currently serve in the House of Representatives. Nolvadex pills, If the GOP wants to shift the balance in Congress this year, nolvadex pills, they must turn to moderate women.

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Discount nexium

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, discount nexium, WCF Communications Fellow

It is no secret that women today are struggling to achieve equality in all aspects of life, discount nexium, especially in political participation.

What better day than International Women’s Day to highlight the achievements and setbacks in the political arena that women from around the world have faced? But to go through every country and analyze every single issue that women are facing would leave you and I with quite a heavy heart (and would take pretty much all day to read and write!). Discount nexium, Instead, discount nexium, I give you three countries and their achievements/setbacks for women:

1. Discount nexium, Sweden
Achievements: Sweden ranks 2nd in the world in the amount of women in national parliaments. Discount nexium, As elections are held every 4 years, discount nexium, the latest data from the 2006 election show that women make up 47% of the parliament, discount nexium, making Sweden one of the most gender-balanced governments in the world. Discount nexium, Today Sweden continues to be a world leader in women’s parliamentary representation. Discount nexium, Sweden is expected to have their next election on September 19th, discount nexium, 2010. Discount nexium, Let’s hope 2010 is the final push to 50% representation.
Setbacks: Unfortunately, discount nexium, this gender-balance has not been the easiest process for women in Sweden. Discount nexium, Before 1972, discount nexium, women were only 14% of the Swedish parliament. Discount nexium, In 1972 the Liberal Party in Sweden recognized the importance of involving women in politics and therefore mandated a minimum quota of 40%. Discount nexium, In addition, discount nexium, the recent world-wide economic downturn has had negative effects for women as they are less likely to consider running for political office during times of economic pressure.

2. Discount nexium, Iraq
Achievements: How convenient that the Iraqi elections were just two days ago, discount nexium, giving myself and all of the other bloggers out there an opportunity to jump at the chance to write about this event. Discount nexium, According to the Iraqi constitution, discount nexium, at least one quarter of the Iraqi parliament must be women. Discount nexium, This year there was a record amount of women on the ballot: Over 2, discount nexium,000 women were listed out of 6, discount nexium,000 candidates; kudos to Iraq for mandating these requirements. Discount nexium, While exact numbers of women who went to the polls on Sunday have not been released yet, discount nexium, it definitely seems that Iraqi women this year are finally realizing that having women in the parliament is the best way to have their interests represented.
Setbacks: A forced quota does not necessarily translate to greater power. Discount nexium, Men are more likely to be nominated to higher positions in the parliament therefore given far more power in decision-making. Discount nexium, Extreme violence prevented many people from reaching the polls yesterday. Discount nexium, In addition, discount nexium, women living in rural areas faced exigent circumstances on Election Day:

“Young women from a village in Diyala province told RFI that many women in rural areas were being told that they were not allowed to leave their house to participate in the elections. Discount nexium, They added that the male members of many households had collected the voter registration cards of all the women in their family, discount nexium, and planned to cast ballots on behalf of their female relatives, discount nexium, in addition to their own”

3. Discount nexium, The United States
: Last year, discount nexium, the U.S. Discount nexium, Supreme Court saw the confirmation of its first Latina and third woman, discount nexium, Sonia Sotomayor. Discount nexium, And thanks to the strong women in the U.S. Discount nexium, Congress, discount nexium, the Nelson-Hatch amendment—which if passed would have placed serious restrictions on women’s reproductive freedoms—was struck down in the Senate last December.
Setbacks: The United States ranks 84th in the world in the number of women participating in our national legislature. Discount nexium, Yes, discount nexium, we are lagging behind both Afghanistan and Cuba. Discount nexium, To make matters worse, discount nexium, our female candidates continue to face sexism and double standards in every way possible. Discount nexium, No wonder women must be asked an average of SIX times before they consider running for office. Discount nexium, Furthermore, discount nexium, the extreme gender gap is why legislators such as Bart Stupak are able to keep trying to take away women’s reproductive freedoms.

Today we can celebrate how far women have come in many countries and across man fields—but we must also acknowledge the tremendous amount of work we have yet to do for women to truly achieve equality across the board.

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Buy plavix

This post was submitted by Ann McLane Kuster, buy plavix, Candidate for Congress (NH-02)

Next week I’m headed down to New York for WCF’s “Parties of Your Choice” Gala, buy plavix, and I thought it would be a good time to share here one of the reasons I chose to run for Congress this year – and why I think more women should run.

Ann McLane Kuster

I’ve worked here in New Hampshire as an attorney and a public policy advocate my whole life, buy plavix, focusing on improving access to health care and affordable higher education.  But I’ve also worked as an adoption attorney for the past twenty-five years, buy plavix, and in doing so I have been reminded hundreds of times about the importance of trusting women to have autonomy over their lives.  It’s a lesson that has sadly often fallen on deaf ears in Washington.

As an adoption attorney I have dedicated my career to the autonomy of women - young and old, buy plavix, rich and poor, buy plavix, educated and illiterate - who have faced the daunting decision of an unplanned pregnancy.  I have represented birthmothers from age 14 to 44, buy plavix, from junior high school to a junior at a prestigious college, buy plavix, from living in a car to the nicest neighborhoods in town. Buy plavix, I have witnessed the courage and grace of teenagers facing emergency Caesarians and women showing up at the emergency room in labor having never told anyone about being pregnant. Buy plavix, I have represented women pregnant from date rape, buy plavix, incest and abusive relationships and women who thought pregnancy would bring happiness to a failed relationship.  We laugh together, buy plavix, we cry together and in the end, buy plavix, we make our way together to another day.

Most birthmothers come to me late in the pregnancy, buy plavix, often just a few weeks before delivery. Buy plavix, My role is to offer them legal support and guidance through the adoption process. Buy plavix, Most birthmothers choose to receive counseling about their decision to place their baby for adoption. Buy plavix, All of the birthmothers choose the prospective adoptive family who will parent their child and many choose to meet the parents before the birth. Buy plavix, Some birthparents and adoptive families choose to visit in the hospital and exchange photos and letters as the baby grows up. Buy plavix, Occasionally, buy plavix, they may even meet again later in life and now, buy plavix, after 25 years, buy plavix, I am asked to arrange birthparent reunions with grown children.

Witnessing these courageous women make difficult life decisions, buy plavix, and supporting them through the adoption process, buy plavix, has been the honor of my life.  When I hear politicians in Washington argue over how far they can restrict reproductive rights in pending health care legislation – and when I see special interests poised to kill reform entirely – I can’t help but think that having a Congress made up of only 17% women is, buy plavix, in effect, buy plavix, shortchanging the American people.  We deserve to have our entire nation, buy plavix, and all of its challenges and experiences, buy plavix, represented in Washington.

So I’m putting my money where my mouth is – I’m running for Congress.

Running for office for the first time isn’t easy, buy plavix, but more than 1, buy plavix,600 supporters have contributed to my campaign since I began last summer, buy plavix, helping raise over $650, buy plavix,000 and making our race one of the most competitive races in the nation.  We have a long way to go, buy plavix, but I know that I am doing my part to amplify women’s voices in Washington, buy plavix, and I know that more than 1, buy plavix,600 supporters are doing their part as well.  Please join us! Together, buy plavix, we can make a difference.

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Cheap amoxil

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, cheap amoxil, WCF Communications Fellow

It’s no secret that women decide to run for office at substantially lower rates than men. Cheap amoxil, The keyword here is “decide.”

Men can wake up in the morning and decide that they want to run for public office and immediately get on the campaign trail without any further worries. Cheap amoxil, Women on the other hand tend to have obligations such as taking care of the family and children, cheap amoxil, which prevents them from making the decision to run.

And the results of this political ambition gap can be seen easily when looking at how many women currently serve in public office. Cheap amoxil, A recent study done by Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics showed that in the 2008 election, cheap amoxil, women made up 54% of the vote; however, cheap amoxil, only 24% of State Legislators are women.  Furthermore, cheap amoxil, the amount of women in state legislatures has leveled off in the past few decades.

The entire study, cheap amoxil, including in-depth explanation on the five main points can be found here.

The study has five main points, cheap amoxil, which explain why women are less likely to run for office and must be asked multiple times before they embark on the campaign trail. Cheap amoxil, Research has shown that women often won’t even consider running for office unless they’re asked.

  • Women need to be encouraged to run for office — and are more likely than men to run for office because they were recruited rather than deciding to run on their own
  • Women candidates need to attract support from political parties; those who reach the Legislature usually do so with party support
  • Organizations are encouraging women to run for office, cheap amoxil, but they could be more active in candidate recruitment
  • The pool of women candidates is larger than commonly believed
  • More funding and training can help women win

Enter She Should Run. This unique program addresses the gender inequality at its root: The decision to run for office. Cheap amoxil, In order to achieve equality for women in public office, cheap amoxil, we have to ensure that more women across the country are even thinking of running for office. Cheap amoxil, And we need everyone involved in this effort.

Do you know a phenomenal woman who has the ability to make a difference in the political arena? Help us bridge the enormous gender gap in elected office and ask a woman you know to run for office today. Cheap amoxil, Studies show that when women run for office, cheap amoxil, they win and lose just as much as men do.

Only with equal representation in the state and federal office can women truly have their voices heard. Cheap amoxil, In a time where women’s reproductive health legislation is in the hands of our elected officials, cheap amoxil, there is no better time for women to run for office.

Ask a woman to run for office today. Cheap amoxil, It could be the best question you will ever ask.

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