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Murray Tapped to Head DSCC for 2012

After winning a fierce battle for re-election this year, cialis sale, Sen. Cialis sale, Patty Murray will use her knowledge to help her Democratic peers in 2010 as head of the DSCC. Cialis sale, And with a potential 23 Senators up for re-election, cialis sale, it’s a good thing Murray isn’t one to shy away from a challenge:

“I’m not agreeing to chair the DSCC because it’s easy, cialis sale, I’m doing it because our country is facing tough times and we need tough leaders who will make our economy and jobs the top priority, cialis sale,” Murray said. Cialis sale, “But that also makes it an important job.’’

A gift that will fit her perfectly

Still upset about women’s backslide in Congress this year, cialis sale, but too busy holiday shopping to take action? We’re here to help. Cialis sale, Give a woman or girl in your life the perfect present this year: Inspiration. Cialis sale, Ask her to consider running for office someday through WCF’s She Should Run program. Cialis sale, You may just be the spark that ignites her future public life. Cialis sale, As an added holiday gift, cialis sale, the first 100 women asked to join She Should Run before December 31st will receive a special phone call from a WCF-Endorsed Candidate personally encouraging them to run.

Kamala Harris Finally Wins Contested California AG Race

It took a while, cialis sale, but after a three-week recount Kamala Harris has finally won the California state attorney general’s race–making her not only the first woman, cialis sale, but first African American and Indian American to hold that post. Cialis sale, NARAL Pro-Choice California congratulated Harris and praised her as “true champion for choice and women’s rights.”

CPCs not AOK in NYC

Check out this fantastic first-person account of one activist’s experience trying to push back against the Crisis Pregnancy Center movement’s attempts to expand its power in New York City by passing a bill that would regulate the behavior of CPCs located in the City. Cialis sale, This excerpt caught MsRep’s eye:

I noticed each and every witness opposing the bill used the word “girl” when referring to the clients they served. Cialis sale, Never teens or women. Cialis sale, Always girls. Cialis sale, The priest, cialis sale, the clinic operators, cialis sale, the staff, cialis sale, the volunteers. Cialis sale, This could reflect a core belief that their clients were children, cialis sale, regardless of their ages, cialis sale, in need of protection and strong guidance to make decisions about their fertility and their futures.

The Weekly Must-Read: Deconstructing Palin’s Feminism

This week’s Must Read is courtesy of one of MsRep’s favorite national writers, cialis sale, Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg, cialis sale, who wrote this searing critique of Sarah Palin’s revisionist feminist history in the former vice presidential candidate’s new book. Cialis sale, Best quote:

[I]t’s clear that in order to claim feminism as her own, cialis sale, she’s had to radically distort its history. Cialis sale, In a chapter on feminism that’s sure to be widely discussed, cialis sale, she mischaracterizes the views of nearly every historical feminist she mentions.

Male Legislator Brings Gun to Abortion Clinic

Normally, cialis sale, MsRep would include a story about a Midwest state legislator in the Brief’s “State Update” section. Cialis sale, But the story of Minnesota state representative Tom Hackbarth bringing a gun to an abortion clinic—yes, cialis sale, you read that correctly—deserves a Brief entry all its own. Cialis sale, And get this: When arrested, cialis sale, Hackbarth apparently concocted some story about how he was looking for a woman he’s been dating and got confused about his whereabouts.

Birth Control Affordability Obstacles for America’s Latinas

RHReality Check’s Destiny Lopez explains why the American political economy makes it particularly difficult for Latinas to afford proper birth control.

To Whom It May Concern: Women’s Recommendation Letters Different From Men’s

There’s a fascinating new study showing that letter writers recommending academic candidates for junior faculty positions are more likely to use communal adjectives (e.g., cialis sale, “agreeable”) language to describe female candidates, cialis sale, and more likely to use agentive adjectives to describe (e.g., cialis sale, “ambitious”) when describing male candidates.

State Update: MA, cialis sale, NB, cialis sale, NH, cialis sale, UT & WV

From the Boston Globe comes disheartening, cialis sale, but not surprising news that a small minority of Massachusetts’ 100 biggest public companies are run by women; Deseret News’ Kelly Henriod examines the reasons for the below-national-average share of women in Utah’s state legislature; in a similar piece, cialis sale, the Lincoln Journal-Star’s JoAnn Young takes a look at how current female representation in the Nebraska state legislature compares across time within the state and against national averages today; continuing the trend, cialis sale, a Concord Monitor staff editorial laments the drop in the number of women who will serve in the New Hampshire state legislature as a result of the 2010 elections; and Mike Myer of the Wheeling News-Register muses about the electoral chances of West Virginia’s top female pols.

Women Abroad

Truthout’s Beverly Bell talks about the importance of women in the political rebuilding of Haiti; Ghana’s female Minister of Justice calls for an end to media defamation of her country’s female politicians; a congresswoman in the Philippines has proposed a new bill that will help protect the health of pregnant Filipinas; and a Welsh writer checks in on Wales’ first female Secretary of State after six months in office.

That’s the latest Weekly Brief! MsRep will continue to give you periodic updates about critical women and politics news, cialis sale, so make sure to sign up to receive MsRepresentation via email, cialis sale, and tell your friends!

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Buy cialis


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Year of the Woman…Well, buy cialis, Sort of…

Are politicos overusing the phrase “Year of the Woman?” Is the talk of record-breaking numbers of women running correct? Well, buy cialis, sort of. Buy cialis, CAWP reports that a record number of women filed for office this year—a total of 324 between U.S. Buy cialis, Senate, buy cialis, House, buy cialis, and Governor. Buy cialis, However, buy cialis, only a marginally record-breaking number actually won their primaries: 162 this year, buy cialis, compared with 161 in 2004. Buy cialis, (163 if you count Sen. Buy cialis, Murkowski’s write-in campaign in AK). Buy cialis, CNN’s Kristi Keck pontificates on women candidates versus women voters’ enthusiasm.

Obama’s Rally for Markey

On last night’s much-anticipated Daily Show interview with Barack Obama, buy cialis, the President gave very few plugs for specific candidates, buy cialis, but did give a shout-out to Rep. Buy cialis, Betsy Markey, buy cialis, running for re-election in CO-04. Buy cialis, We cheered, buy cialis, just a little. Buy cialis, (OK, buy cialis, maybe a lot).

Breaking News: Gender Discrimination Does Not Exist

Yep, buy cialis, mission complete…or mission never needed, buy cialis, according to KY-03 candidate Todd Lally. Buy cialis, Jodi gives Lally the lowdown on gender discrimination.

Hear the Roar of the Grizzly

ElectWomen Magazine reports on Forbes’ list of Top 25 most influential women during the midterm cycle. Buy cialis, FYI, buy cialis, Mama Grizzly Palin is ranked 1st, buy cialis, First Lady Michelle Obama 2nd, buy cialis, the House Speaker 3rd, buy cialis, followed by California’s Meg Whitman and Fiorina. Buy cialis, Check out the rest here. Buy cialis, But will the #1 most influential woman ask Glenn Beck to take it down a notch, buy cialis, as requested by Media Matters?

Dumb and Dumber in Kentucky

Proving Ginni Thomas has nothing on him, buy cialis, Rand Paul supporter Tim Profitt said he thinks he should get an apology from the female protester whose head he stepped on Monday night. Buy cialis, (Now women getting involved with politics have to worry about violence?) In a related development, buy cialis, Paul has reversed field, buy cialis, saying that he will not return Profitt’s contribution to the campaign. Buy cialis, Words fail MsRep.

The Beyonce Bounce

Unmarried women—the single ladies—are at last starting to engage this cycle, buy cialis, The Hill reports.

Justice Ginsburg Says Nine Women on High Court is Right Number

During the Women’s Conference, buy cialis, the venerable ABC News broadcaster Diane Sawyer sat down with former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and current Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to discuss their experiences on the Supreme Court. Buy cialis, Best quote? When asked how many women on the Bench would be the right number, buy cialis, Ginsburg responded:

“Nine, buy cialis,” Ginsburg replied with a smile. Buy cialis, “There’ve been nine men there for a long time, buy cialis, right? So why not nine women?”

Not My Guy?

The New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg and Megan Thee-Brenan roll out a major article this morning about a poll that shows certain groups disaffected with—and defecting from—President Barack Obama’s 2008 coalition, buy cialis, including women.

Murky for Murkowski

Lots of developments in that wacky Alasky Senate race. Buy cialis, After a lower court ruled that voters could not see a list of write-in candidates—which includes incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski—the Alaska Supreme Court disagreed, buy cialis, and overruled the decision. Buy cialis, This is good news for Murkowski, buy cialis, who is now targeting the Democratic opponent in her ads, buy cialis, as her Tea Party defeater seems to be self-destructing.

Re-Boot: Grandsons of Hewlett, buy cialis, Packard Crash Fiorina’s Computer

Talk about a hardware problem: Heirs to the Hewlett-Packard fortune say California Senate challenger Carly Fiorina will let voters down, buy cialis, “just as she did the employees and shareholders of HP.”

The Hunt for Blunt: Carnahan’s Opponent Runs From Media

In Missouri, buy cialis, Roy Blunt is trying to run out the clock on Robin Carnahan, buy cialis, which means trying appear in public as little as possible and not engage the media. Buy cialis, Actually, buy cialis, not a bad idea given how he lost his cool when a reporter dared to ask about Blunt’s growing undocumented worker scandal.

X v. Buy cialis, X Dispatches, buy cialis, Vol. Buy cialis, 5: Sandlin Surging

Proving that money ain’t everything, buy cialis, WCF-endorsed incumbent Democrat Rep. Buy cialis, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin of South Dakota has moved into the lead, buy cialis, 45 percent to 42 percent, buy cialis, over her Republican challenger Kristi Noem—despite being outspent by a mile in this key race.

Grandma Made Me Do It

ElectWomen Mag also has a nice profile of grandmother-inspired Ohio Lt. Buy cialis, Governor candidate, buy cialis, and Ted Strickland’s running mate, buy cialis, Yvette McGee Brown. Buy cialis, Oh, buy cialis, and she gives a darn good motivational campaign speech. Buy cialis, Take a look:

“Sex, buy cialis, Violence and Exploitation of Women”

No, buy cialis, that’s not the title of a new Steven Soderbergh film. Buy cialis, It’s a line from a Planned Parenthood mailer chastising Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon for profiting on WWE’s misogynistic depictions of women. Buy cialis, “Linda McMahon is an out-of-touch millionaire who made her fortune from sex, buy cialis, violence, buy cialis, and exploitation of women, buy cialis,” the PPFA flyer reads.

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Buy generic cialis

Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

Yesterday, buy generic cialis, the founder of Media Matters for America, buy generic cialis, David Brock, buy generic cialis, urged Sarah Palin to seek a détente between Glenn Beck and his followers.  Here’s the text of his plea, buy generic cialis, and here’s the concluding ask:

Sarah Palin — who in 2008 infamously implied that Barack Obama was “palling around with terrorists” — owes it to our country to use her enormous influence with her devoted base of followers to call for an end to actual terrorism, buy generic cialis, no matter what its source. Buy generic cialis, Byron Williams, buy generic cialis, inspired by Beck, buy generic cialis, endangered the lives of Tides employees and two California cops. Buy generic cialis, Sarah Palin– you have the platform to condemn such calls to violence and you should use it to call Beck on his dangerous extremism that endangers lives.

Personally, buy generic cialis, I want to know what on earth ever happened to one of John Boehner’s favorite pieces of legislation in 2007 - Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, buy generic cialis, which he pursued with such vigor when George Bush was president.

Given that Palin just showed up as #1 on a Forbes list of the most influential women in politics, buy generic cialis, and violence and acceptance of discrimination feel like they’re everywhere, buy generic cialis, how crazy is it to hope that Palin will take Media Matters seriously?

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Lasix discount

This posted was submitted by Jean Qiao, lasix discount, WCF communications fellow

The 2010 elections are heating up, lasix discount, and this year we have the potential to elect a historic number of female candidates. Lasix discount, One of the many states to watch for strong woman candidates is North Carolina. Lasix discount, Polling shows that U.S. Lasix discount, Senate candidate Secretary of State Elaine Marshall is close on the heels of  Senator Richard Burr (R), lasix discount, who currently has only a 35% approval rating.

Marshall’s increasing support is not without good reason. Lasix discount, Even before being elected to the North Carolina state Senate in 1993, lasix discount, she has been nothing but a powerful voice for women. Lasix discount, Marshall started practicing law in 1981 and distinguished herself strong advocate for women who were victims of domestic violence—and Marshall continued to help those in need while serving in the State Senate. Lasix discount, Furthermore, lasix discount, she was named “Rookie of the Year” and listed among Legislators to Watch by News & Observer.

Marshall made history in 1997 after she defeated the “shoo-in” candidate, lasix discount, former NASCAR driver Richard Petty, lasix discount, for the seat of Secretary of State; she became the first woman in North Carolina to be elected to statewide executive office.

As a woman who comes from a working class background, lasix discount, Marshall understands firsthand the affects of gender and class discrimination and thus made it her goal to give a voice to those who are unable to speak up:

“I witnessed other instances of inequity and discrimination in my community, lasix discount, directed at men, lasix discount, women, lasix discount, children, lasix discount, and families who would have little chance of realizing their dreams. Lasix discount, So as a lawyer, lasix discount, I stood up for people without a voice”.

In this broken government where women’s reproductive freedoms serve as legislators’ political football, lasix discount, we must ensure that there are women in Washington who aren’t afraid to speak up during times of adversity. Lasix discount, In addition, lasix discount, this year the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)—the landmark legislation signed into law in 1994—is up for re-authorization.  Having a woman in the Senate who is extremely knowledgeable on this issue and has devoted her legal career to helping victims of domestic violence will be invaluable to the reauthorization process; especially at a time when domestic violence is considered a pre-existing condition to insurance companies in eight states in the U.S.

Be sure to watch Marshall and the four other Democratic nominees for North Carolina Senate in their televised debate on Thursday April 14th. Lasix discount, This debate is hosted by WNCN-TV and the League of Women Voters of North Carolina.

Click here to learn more about Marshall and her stance on important issues.

There are only 17 women serving in the U.S. Lasix discount, Senate. Lasix discount, Vote early starting next Wednesday April 15th to ensure that there will be at least 18 by the end of the year. Lasix discount, In one of the most crucial election cycles ever, lasix discount, let’s make another year of the woman happen.

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Cheap levitra

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, cheap levitra, WCF Communications Fellow

Although the country remains deeply divided about how to accomplish health care reform, cheap levitra, there are few who would dispute the great need for it. Cheap levitra, However, cheap levitra, it seems only a fraction of people have a true grasp on just how sexist our current system is. Cheap levitra, And with women holding only 17% of the seats in Congress, cheap levitra, there’s certainly no guarantee that this disparity will be properly addressed.

Adding insult to injury, cheap levitra, last week’s White House health care summit included only six women out of 42 attendees. Cheap levitra, Dan Rather knows this is ludicrous:

“If more women were in the room, cheap levitra, might the debate have been different? If there were more women in Congress (which is around 17 percent female), cheap levitra, might our politics be less rancorous and might our elected officials get more accomplished? There’s a school of thought that is emerging that suggests the answer is yes.”

Luckily one congresswoman spoke up for women’s health. Cheap levitra, Rep. Cheap levitra, Louise Slaughter (NY-28) made a dramatic call for healthcare, cheap levitra, touching upon a wide array of issues that relate to our broken healthcare system and women. Cheap levitra, Calling the pre-existing conditions regulations cruel and capricious, cheap levitra, she said:

“Eight states in this country right now have declared that domestic violence is a preexisting conditions on the ground, cheap levitra, I assume, cheap levitra, that if you’re been unlucky enough to get yourself beaten up once you might go around and do it again”.

Yes that is correct. Cheap levitra, If you live in Idaho, cheap levitra, Mississippi, cheap levitra, Oklahoma, cheap levitra, South Carolina, cheap levitra, South Dakota, cheap levitra, Wyoming, cheap levitra, or the District of Columbia and you’ve been abused by your husband or significant other, cheap levitra, you will probably be denied health insurance.

Furthermore, cheap levitra, Slaughter called upon the importance of having a higher percentage of women in government  in order for our voices to be heard:

“In 1991, cheap levitra, women were not included in any of the trials at the NIH because we had hormones. Cheap levitra, It wasn’t until we had a critical mass of women here that said this will not do for more than half the population of the United States, cheap levitra, who pay taxes, cheap levitra, that we made certain that diseases like osteoporosis, cheap levitra, mainly a woman’s disease, cheap levitra, cervical cancer, cheap levitra, only a woman’s disease, cheap levitra, uterine cancer and others were really looked at”.

In time when crucial legislation is constantly being debated, cheap levitra, most of which affects women directly, cheap levitra, it is unacceptable that only 17% of Congress is women. Cheap levitra, Without increasing the number of women we have in elected office, cheap levitra, we leave ourselves open to more legislation that restricts our reproductive choices and endangers our health.

A clip of Slaughter’s statement can be found here.

It took strong women such as Sen. Cheap levitra, Kirsten Gillibrand and Sen. Cheap levitra, Barbara Boxer to narrowly defeat the Nelson-Hatch Amendment last December.

Women know what’s best for women, cheap levitra, but 90 out of 535 in our federal government not nearly enough. Cheap levitra, Perhaps fixing our lopsided government is the first step in fixing our broken health care system.

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Cheap plavix

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, cheap plavix, WCF Communications Fellow

The Illinois primary is only one week away, cheap plavix, and the pressure is on for candidates vying to win the democratic primary. Cheap plavix, The beginning of 2010 has not been an easy ride for the Democratic Party. Cheap plavix, With the recent defeat of Martha Coakley, cheap plavix, healthcare reform has been put in severe jeopardy—which will directly affect millions of women. Cheap plavix, Now more than ever, cheap plavix, we need strong women serving in U.S. Cheap plavix, Congress.

IL State Representative Julie Hamos is seeking nomination to be the democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 10th district. Cheap plavix, Hamos has been a strong proponent for women’s rights for over 30 years, cheap plavix, even before being elected to serve as State Senator of Illinois. Cheap plavix, Prior to serving in public office, cheap plavix, she wrote the first laws to protect battered women and co-founded the Illinois State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

In addition, cheap plavix, Hamos fought to secure safe shelters for battered women and children in Illinois. Cheap plavix, With the upcoming reauthorization of the Violence against Women Act, cheap plavix, her knowledge and experience with the issue will help ensure a comprehensive act that will protect victims of domestic violence.

Hamos is also a strong advocate of a public health insurance policy that ensures coverage for everyone. Cheap plavix, With the recent loss of the crucial 60th vote for health care, cheap plavix, there is no better time to elect someone who is as knowledgeable and passionate about the issue.

Julie is staunchly against the recently defeated Stupak-Pitts amendment, cheap plavix, which if passed, cheap plavix, would severely limit women’s access to reproductive care. Cheap plavix, On Stupak, cheap plavix, she said:

“I fundamentally disagreed with the inclusion of the Stupak Amendment into the health care reform bill that would deny women access to reproductive health care. Cheap plavix, This amendment represents a major step backwards in the fight for reproductive freedoms and its very inclusion in the bill is a stark reminder of why we need strong Democratic women in Congress now as much as ever.”

Out of the 435 members in the House of Representatives, cheap plavix, only 76 are women. Cheap plavix, In a time when members of Congress are jumping at every opportunity to limit women’s reproductive freedoms, cheap plavix, we need leaders like Julie Hamos.

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Generic xenical

By WCF Fellow, generic xenical, Trish Calvarese

After being held captive and repeatedly raped for 18 years, generic xenical, a young girl bore two children from the man who kidnapped her. Generic xenical, After being strangled to death and discarded in a dumpster by her husband, generic xenical, the body of another woman was so mutilated  that she could be identified only by breast implant. Generic xenical, These gruesome headlines give a tragic face to the fact that violence against women in the United States has recently increased.

  • One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime
  • There are more female victims of violence in the Untied States than there are casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.
  • The proportion of women experiencing physical or sexual assault is higher than the proportion of women serving in elected office.
  • 1.3 million women are raped or assaulted in the United States every year, generic xenical, yet there are only 75 female Representatives, generic xenical, and only 17 female Senators currently serving in Congress.
  • One in four women are raped or assaulted every year, generic xenical, yet only three women have ever served on the Untied States Supreme Court.

I dare say that there is a relationship between these sorry statistics. Generic xenical, I dare say that the lack of women in office is a threat to our national security, generic xenical, and only if we achieve equality in our political systems will we end such terrorism and violence against women.

The image of the powerful female is, generic xenical, unfortunately, generic xenical, not as sanctified, generic xenical, not as habituated, generic xenical, not as glorified as the figuration of violence against women.

How do we counter the fact that video games like Grand Theft Auto reward the virtual raping and beating of women—systematically teaching an entire generation of males to disrespect their female peers? We need women in positions of authority, generic xenical, openly and earnestly in power, generic xenical, to change the face of women’s role in our society.

The proof is in the policy:

  • DC Mayor Adrian M. Generic xenical, Fenty’s 2009 revised budget proposes a cut that would have a devastating impact on victims of domestic violence—which is about one-fourth of women in the District.
  • California Governor Schwarzenegger this summer completely cut state funding for all domestic violence programs. Ninety-four shelters will be affected, generic xenical, and the cut may lead to domestic violence victims being turned away at the door.

On the other hand, generic xenical, Lynn Rosenthal, generic xenical, White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, generic xenical, successfully championed 225 million in stimulus money to be spent on programs that deal with violence against women. Generic xenical,

The simple fact is that women are more likely to champion efforts to reduce violence against women. Generic xenical, If we want to see real change in issues such as domestic violence, generic xenical, reproductive health, generic xenical, and fair pay, generic xenical, we need more women at the political table.

Help us get started - Ask a woman you know to run today. Generic xenical,

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