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This post was submitted by Kristen Kiewiet de Jonge, viagra pills, WCF Communications Fellow.

Attorney General Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris won a hard-fought campaign for California Attorney General against Republican Steve Cooley by less than a percentage point 21 days after the election. Viagra pills, In her victory speech, viagra pills, Harris said that once she assumes office, viagra pills, “we’ll roll up our sleeves instead of throwing up our hands.” She has pledged to focus on a myriad of issues—chief among them a reduction in the state’s high rate of recidivism. 

Much has been written about Harris’s bright political future, viagra pills, but this race had real potential for a negative outcome. Viagra pills, According to the San Francisco Chronicle, viagra pills,

From a political standpoint, viagra pills, Kamala Harris’ upset victory over Steve Cooley for state attorney general was remarkable…They chose Harris, viagra pills, the 46-year-old career prosecutor with the more thoughtful and expansive vision of the role of an attorney general. Viagra pills, As with Brown, viagra pills, Harris said she would not defend laws she regarded as blatantly unconstitutional (such as Prop. Viagra pills, 8, viagra pills, the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage) and would help assure the implementation of the state’s landmark climate-change law. Viagra pills, Harris pledged to enforce the state’s death penalty law despite her personal opposition to it - but she repeatedly and correctly reminded voters that it was not the most pressing criminal-justice issue in the state.

Harris remained committed to her ideals throughout the race and effectively communicated her goals and plans for the role.  Once the election results were in, viagra pills, she said, viagra pills,

I’m proud that we can stand here today recognizing that we don’t have to and one does not have to run from their convictions when one runs for public office. The work that we will do going forward will be the work of rejecting false choices, viagra pills, of accepting the fact that we can, viagra pills, for example, viagra pills, be tough on crime and be smart on crime. Viagra pills, It will be the work of recognizing that through the office of the Attorney General of the state of California we may have, viagra pills, can have and should have a role in reforming the criminal justice system… it can be about the work of bringing the best of what California has always done, viagra pills, which is innovation to these systems, viagra pills, recognizing that we can infuse and should infuse metrics in our standard of success instead of measuring ourselves based on some blind adherence to tradition.

Harris is the first woman, viagra pills, as well as the first African-American and Indian-American, viagra pills, to the hold the seat. Viagra pills, Regarding her historical win, viagra pills, she said, viagra pills,

“I’ve always been a woman, viagra pills, what can I tell you? I’m sure a man could do the job just as well.”

Harris’s transition team includes LAPD Chief Bill Bratton, viagra pills, former Secretaries of State Warren Christopher and George Schultz and criminal justice reformer Connie Rice. Viagra pills, Her swearing in will take place on January 3.

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

Forbes came out with a list of 25 “power women” of the 2010 midterm elections.

You can have fun by first seeing if you can name 25 women in the midterm scenario, online cialis, then rank them and then check them against the Forbes’ list.

However, online cialis, what you may find more interesting is Forbes’ companion story on whether “mama grizzlies” are feminine conservatives or conservative feminists. Online cialis,

Unpacking that theory:

Why the lack of a full-throated feminist Grizzly roar? One reason is that the policy agenda of the Mama Grizzlies is radically similar to the platform advocated by Republican men, online cialis, and in particular by the elite corporate interests funding the party’s grassroots, online cialis, like Americans For Prosperity and the Koch Brothers of Koch Industries. Online cialis, The Grizzlies are pro-life, online cialis, anti-welfare, online cialis, anti-taxes and in favor of increased privatization in education, online cialis, health care, online cialis, business and the environment.

One way to look at them is as a way to put “the face of a hot mom on extreme ideology, online cialis,” in the words of the Village Voice’s Jen Sorensen. Online cialis, To be sure, online cialis, the Tea Party has a distinctly male appearance: its average member is 45, online cialis, white, online cialis, male and middle-class. Online cialis, Even in Red states and in districts where women are running for GOP seats, online cialis, the majority of female voters are Democrats. Online cialis, In New Hampshire, online cialis, for example, online cialis, where Grizzly candidate Kelly Ayotte won the Republican primary, online cialis, she did so with a reverse gender gap: winning roughly half of male voters and only one-third of the state’s Republican women.

None of this should surprise anyone since the notion of “grizzly” comes from male imagery to begin with. In that sense, online cialis, “mama grizzly” is practically an oxymoron, online cialis, perhaps even an attempt to be androgynous - with the feminine canceled out by the masculine.

Bottom line, online cialis, as the Forbes article says, online cialis,

Like these past political movements, online cialis, the Mama Grizzlies come to the public arena with a narrow view of the spheres open to female interest and achievement. Online cialis, Their public life has a self-described conservative goal: to protect their vision of domestic life. Online cialis, A political career, online cialis, so they say, online cialis, is a means rather than an end.

In other words, online cialis, this crop of female conservatives are just as conservative as ever, online cialis, including on women’s issues.

They’re doing what the stereotyped role of a woman for conservative politics has most often had them do: Using their womanly form to fool those who tend to vote Democratic - including and possibly primarily women - into thinking that because they share that form, online cialis, they should be trusted.

However, online cialis, as these elections are showing, online cialis, many women, online cialis, on both sides of the aisle, online cialis, are not buying the “image is everything” strategy.

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

The Women’s Conference, buy cialis without prescription, an immense and intense three-day gathering of more than 150 influential speakers, buy cialis without prescription, took place in Long Beach, buy cialis without prescription, California Sunday through Tuesday of this week. Buy cialis without prescription, In its last year of being hosted by California’s outgoing First Lady, buy cialis without prescription, Maria Shriver, buy cialis without prescription, it added a bi-coastal feature: an additional 500 women in New York City participated via simulcast and the White House Project’s Satellite Summit.

Women leaders, buy cialis without prescription, full of power from every segment imaginable converged on the site. Buy cialis without prescription, Everyone from Jessica Simpson to Michelle Obama to Sandra Day O’Connor to Oprah Winfrey and all sorts of people in between attended and dished about everything from breaking barriers to body image.

Cindy McCain and her daughter Meghan McCain discussed mothers and politics, buy cialis without prescription, the country’s First Lady spoke almost exclusively about military families and Matt Lauer tried to exact an agreement for no more negative campaign ads between GOP gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown.

I watched at least two hours of the events, buy cialis without prescription, including Diane Sawyer interviewing Supreme Court Justices O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Buy cialis without prescription,  The highlight for me of that portion was listening to the new justices, buy cialis without prescription, Sonia Sotomayor and Elana Kagan, buy cialis without prescription, talk about what O’Connor and Ginsburg meant to them (read more here).

But if you have never heard about what the first two women Justices had to go through just to practice in the field they loved, buy cialis without prescription, and the kudos they give their husbands, buy cialis without prescription, then you really ought to know. Buy cialis without prescription,  The word inspirational gets overused with events like this, buy cialis without prescription, but it’s hard to listen to them and not feel that way.

Consider this exchange:

“How many women would be enough?” Sawyer asked.

“Nine, buy cialis without prescription,” Ginsburg replied with a smile. Buy cialis without prescription, “There’ve been nine men there for a long time, buy cialis without prescription, right? So why not nine women?”

Why not indeed. Buy cialis without prescription, GOP candidate Todd “Gender Discrimination Does Not Exist” Lally aside.

You can watch many of the sessions and find a great deal more information here - including photos, buy cialis without prescription, video, buy cialis without prescription, how to do more for the causes championed during the conference (like Alzheimer’s) and the hashtag to use at Twitter so you can re-create the tweets that help describe everything as it happened.

Finally, buy cialis without prescription, for a nice recap, buy cialis without prescription, check out Robyn Ward’s post in which she includes Shriver’s 10 Ways Women Can Be an Architect of Change.

Five that seem particularly relevant just days before the 2010 general election:

  • Find your own unique voice and listen to what it’s saying.
  • Empower a young woman.
  • Act locally to make a difference globally.
  • Advocate for a cause that you care deeply about. Buy cialis without prescription, Your time and expertise could help make a difference as a volunteer, buy cialis without prescription, counselor or board member.
  • Be an informed citizen. Buy cialis without prescription, Educate yourself about the world you live in, buy cialis without prescription, share your knowledge, buy cialis without prescription, educate others and ignite a conversation.

You can almost hear her saying, buy cialis without prescription, “And don’t forget to vote!”

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

Yesterday, buy generic cialis, the founder of Media Matters for America, buy generic cialis, David Brock, buy generic cialis, urged Sarah Palin to seek a détente between Glenn Beck and his followers.  Here’s the text of his plea, buy generic cialis, and here’s the concluding ask:

Sarah Palin — who in 2008 infamously implied that Barack Obama was “palling around with terrorists” — owes it to our country to use her enormous influence with her devoted base of followers to call for an end to actual terrorism, buy generic cialis, no matter what its source. Buy generic cialis, Byron Williams, buy generic cialis, inspired by Beck, buy generic cialis, endangered the lives of Tides employees and two California cops. Buy generic cialis, Sarah Palin– you have the platform to condemn such calls to violence and you should use it to call Beck on his dangerous extremism that endangers lives.

Personally, buy generic cialis, I want to know what on earth ever happened to one of John Boehner’s favorite pieces of legislation in 2007 - Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, buy generic cialis, which he pursued with such vigor when George Bush was president.

Given that Palin just showed up as #1 on a Forbes list of the most influential women in politics, buy generic cialis, and violence and acceptance of discrimination feel like they’re everywhere, buy generic cialis, how crazy is it to hope that Palin will take Media Matters seriously?

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

Never again will you have to sit in silence should you hear anyone say that they just couldn’t find a woman to ask or write or blog or do commentary about something in politics. Cheap viagra tablets,  Enjoy!

1. Cheap viagra tablets, 2010 Must-Read Political Blogs by Women (nonpartisan list out this month)

2. 30 Political Mom Bloggers Who Will Change Your Vote (nonpartisan list out his month, cheap viagra tablets, limited to moms)

3. Cheap viagra tablets, #43-58 of 100 Conservative Blogs (partisan list from September 2010)

4. Cheap viagra tablets, Top 20 Political Bloggers (nonpartisan list, cheap viagra tablets, limited to moms, cheap viagra tablets, 2010)

5. Cheap viagra tablets, The Political Voices of Women - Over 500 Women Political Bloggers (nonpartisan list, cheap viagra tablets, not limited to moms, cheap viagra tablets, began in 2008 but updated continuously)

6. 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2010 (nonpartisan list, cheap viagra tablets, not limited to moms, cheap viagra tablets, January 2010)

7. Cheap viagra tablets, Top 50 Influential African American Political Blogs (includes some authored by women)

8. Cheap viagra tablets, For local women’s political blogging, cheap viagra tablets, check out this November 2009 list of progressives in Texas

9. BlogHer Women Political Blogger search toolbar (a great widget created in 2008 and still going)

10. Cheap viagra tablets, Bonus link from Morra Aarons at techPresident, cheap viagra tablets, when, cheap viagra tablets, in 2007, cheap viagra tablets, she gazed into the future with, cheap viagra tablets, “Women Online: Facts, cheap viagra tablets, Figures, cheap viagra tablets, and the 2008 Election.”

Got more to list? Please do! Add them in the comments and we’ll update this post. Cheap viagra tablets, Especially of interest: state lists because we love to get the local flavor of what is happening on the ground.

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

This summary of female leadership styles, cialis discount, written by Emily Bazelon and Hanna Rosin and titled, cialis discount, “51 Ways To Be a Woman, cialis discount,” could use a sequel that’s not tongue-in-cheek. Cialis discount, Although reading about the limited, cialis discount, stereotypical ways in which the media and others view women is an entertaining read, cialis discount, we really do need to work on promoting the constructive leadership styles women emulate.

As Rebecca Traister subtly suggests in her recent book, cialis discount, Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election that Changed Everything For American Women, cialis discount, the stereotypes of women in leadership limit us and needs to be dismantled if women are to progress further up the ladder. Cialis discount,  From the book:

Hillary Clinton was aware of her communicative limitations. Cialis discount, “I think that the world is only beginning to recognize that women should be permitted the same range of leadership styles that we permit men, cialis discount,” she told [New Yorker writer, cialis discount, George] Packer.

So while this year in particular, cialis discount, we can name names to the Corporate Tigress or Umbrage-Taker classifications described in the Bazelon and Rosin article, cialis discount, let’s not and say we did, cialis discount, while we then frame the constructive ones.

I’d start with the stereotype of rogue, cialis discount, upstart and outsider. Cialis discount, This designation transforms those buzzwords from something common and eye-roll inducing, cialis discount, into descriptors that emphasize how the mere presence of women in old school political structures shakes it up. Cialis discount,  Let’s emphasize the traits of introducing and contributing different approaches to issues and public engagement, cialis discount, ones not currently embraced at many levels of government nor evenly across the country. Cialis discount,  

And if you don’t think it takes courage and leadership to do that once you are in office, cialis discount, versus just saying you’re going to do it while you’re running for office, cialis discount, ask Sarah Palin, cialis discount, who left office long before her term ended.

How about a leadership style that encompasses being direct and no-nonsense, cialis discount, as U.S. Cialis discount, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is portrayed in this Vogue profile?  From the article, cialis discount,

Gillibrand’s former colleague House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer goes the furthest in his estimation of her promise. Cialis discount, “She is a star. Cialis discount, And she is going to be a rising star for a long time to come because she’s so young. Cialis discount, We all have a prejudice, cialis discount, men and women: Here is this very attractive blonde woman, cialis discount, and the prejudice is—well, cialis discount, that she’s not a heavyweight. She is a heavyweight. She is going to make a real impact over the years.”

If we want to see candidates who are smart, cialis discount, fluent and potential powerhouses, cialis discount, isn’t it even better to have a role model that already exists, cialis discount, in office, cialis discount, and gives shape to that desired stereotype?

But perhaps my favorite example of the kind of leadership style women bring to electoral politics that’s not making it onto any lists is the one best demonstrated by the two female Oklahoma gubernatorial candidates. Cialis discount,  As WCF’s own Jodi Jacobson notes, cialis discount,

Michael McNutt of reports that Oklahoma’s two female gubernatorial candidates, cialis discount, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jari Askinsand Mary Fallin, cialis discount, appear to be striving to create a more civil campaign for governor, cialis discount, eschewing attack ads and bitter campaign rhetoric in favor of focusing on…..issues!

Opponents - eschewing attack ads - and focusing on issues. Cialis discount, What a concept. Cialis discount,  Well, cialis discount, it is if we say so and do so. Cialis discount, And why shouldn’t we trumpet that it’s women leading the way, cialis discount, setting the style?

Just as the Name It. Cialis discount, Change It. Cialis discount, effort combats sexist comments and attacks in an effort to change our culture, cialis discount, we can name it and change it when it comes to positive leadership styles exemplified by women, cialis discount, too. Cialis discount,  And it is always preferable that we do that framing and defining before anyone else does it to us.

NB: For another perspective, cialis discount, read, cialis discount, “Stop Stereotyping Female Leaders” in the Harvard Business Review.

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, cheapest viagra, 1, cheapest viagra,808 women legislators currently serve in the country’s statehouses. Cheapest viagra,  That number equals a total of 24.5 percent of all legislative seats (7, cheapest viagra,382), cheapest viagra, a ratio which the NCSL says, cheapest viagra, “…has increased by less than 4 percentage points over the past sixteen years. Thirty-six women serve in the legislative bodies of the United States Territories and the District of Columbia.”

This year, cheapest viagra, with seats in play in all but four states (Louisiana, cheapest viagra, Mississippi, cheapest viagra, New Jersey and Virginia) and three state Senates (Kansas, cheapest viagra, New Mexico and South Carolina), cheapest viagra, Katie Ziegler, cheapest viagra, Program Manager of NCSL’s Women’s Legislative Network, cheapest viagra, expects to see some gains for women. Cheapest viagra,  According to Zeigler:

It is likely we will see some gain in the overall number of women in statehouses around the country. Cheapest viagra, The number has increased with every election, cheapest viagra, and there hasn’t been an election in which the number has decreased in several decades. Cheapest viagra, But whether it will be a significant gain, cheapest viagra, say, cheapest viagra, of several percentage points, cheapest viagra, or more incremental (which is what we’ve seen the last several cycles) I can’t say. Cheapest viagra, It will be interesting to see whether the Democrat/Republican gap changes (from practically 70% Democratic female legislators and 30% Republican, cheapest viagra, overall).

You can find detailed state-by-state information about women in the statehouses here. Of particular interest is a this chart of leadership positions held by women, cheapest viagra, including information on which chamber and from which party. Cheapest viagra, With a total of 56 women in state legislature leadership positions, cheapest viagra, 45 are Democrats, cheapest viagra, 9 are Republican and 2 identify with a third-party.

Statehouse chambers are training and networking opportunities unlike any other for women who hope to expand their public service contributions. Cheapest viagra,  

Yet its role is overshadowed by the media’s tendency to highlight candidate phenoms who have never served in office yet seem to be within striking distance of the highest levels (Carly Fiorina for California’s US Senate seat, cheapest viagra, Meg Whitman for California Governor and Linda McMahon for Connecticut’s US Senate seat come to mind immediately).

Even so, cheapest viagra, it’s unlikely that these candidates’ path is the typical path, cheapest viagra, especially when you consider the tens of millions of dollars they’ve been able to access and spend which most female candidates are unlikely to possess.

In that regard, cheapest viagra, it is heartening to see state-level efforts pop up. Cheapest viagra, Oklahoma, cheapest viagra, tired of being 49th in the country with the number of women in its state legislature, cheapest viagra, now has Sally’s List. Iowa created 50-50 by 2020 and the New York Senate Democrats created to help their candidates this year.

As reported in this article about Sally’s List, cheapest viagra, its president believes that, cheapest viagra, “…bringing more women into politics is important because elected officials will more closely reflect the constituents they represent … Cheapest viagra, Bringing more diverse viewpoints to the legislative process could refocus attention on issues important to women such as equality in pay.”

Though it’s hard to believe that we’re still having to say that, cheapest viagra, it’s comforting to see that women are organizing and stepping up to do just that at the state level.


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