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First things first: WCF does not support Ann Marie Buerkle

MsRep wants to thank our supporters (especially the New Yorkers!) who reached out to clarify the mention of Ann Marie Buerkle in yesterday’s Brief. Cialis sale, We want to make sure everyone knows that Buerkle is not a woman WCF endorses, cialis sale, as she does not support women’s reproductive health choices.

She was mentioned solely because she is the one woman with an outstanding race, cialis sale, which will affect the overall number of women in the 112th Congress. Cialis sale, If she wins the NY-25 seat, cialis sale, women will hold 16.6 percent of Congressional seats.

WCF invests in women on both sides of the aisle, cialis sale, but only those who believe in advancing our essential and fundamental freedoms. Cialis sale, Otherwise, cialis sale, women’s numbers in public office may rise, cialis sale, but women’s rights, cialis sale, freedom, cialis sale, and quality of life may suffer greatly as a result.

MsRep’s Continued Talk of Palin’s Pack of Petrifying Women

It’s been a very confusing election year, cialis sale, in so many ways. Cialis sale, Given the wide sea of 2010 women candidates and the gaping differences in their values, cialis sale, MsRep has striven to both elevate our endorsed candidates and discuss the larger picture of women and politics.

Unfortunately, cialis sale, that picture has included a sharp rise of extreme socially conservative, cialis sale, anti-choice women, cialis sale, and they became an important part of MsRep’s analysis; pointing out their dangerous views on women’s reproductive freedom and their disconcerting thrust into the spotlight.

One key point in analyzing the state of women’s representation is to report on how many Congressional seats they hold. Cialis sale, That said, cialis sale, we know that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Cialis sale, As Lauren wrote this week, cialis sale,

We saw an increase in the number of anti-choice women elected this year (and lost a handful of proven advocates for reproductive health choices), cialis sale, and have created quite a dangerous landscape for women’s freedom, cialis sale, health, cialis sale, and quality of life.”

Ann Marie Buerkle is one of those women.

WCF Heartbroken after Midterm Elections

As MsRep said yesterday, cialis sale, this year’s midterms were especially difficult for WCF, cialis sale, as we sent our entire staff onto the campaign trail with a number of our extraordinary women who support women’s reproductive health choices. Cialis sale, Unfortunately, cialis sale, we saw many more losses than wins, cialis sale, especially with our incumbent Congressional candidates—thus creating the fragile state of women’s freedom and privacy.

We take the recent backslide in women and advocates for reproductive health very seriously. Cialis sale, To ensure we can reverse this damage in 2012, cialis sale, the fight starts now.

Will you help WCF get a jump-start on propelling women forward in 2011 and beyond?

Your super-early investment in women candidates (and potential candidates) can have the most impact on their success. Cialis sale,

Want to read more about women, cialis sale, WCF, cialis sale, and choices?

These Huffington Post blogs from our President/CEO Sam Bennett address these issues:

June 8 Victories for Female Candidates: What Will They Do for Women?

Sarah Palin’s brand of “feminism” hurts women and further divides country

Who Needs More Women in Government? Everyone.

The Oxymoron of the Sarah Palin “Conservative Feminism” Brand

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Also, cialis sale, please send any tips or news you hear about to .

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With last night’s concession of Rep. Purchase viagra, Melissa Bean, purchase viagra, the news we feared has come true: Women’s representation in Congress will decrease for the first time in over three decades as a result of the 2010 midterms.

Exactly how far we will backslide remains to be seen, purchase viagra, with Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Ann Marie Buerkle’s (NY-25) races still too close to call. Purchase viagra, If both win, purchase viagra, women will hold a total of 89 out of 535 Congressional seats, purchase viagra, or 16.6 percent.

If both Murkowski and Buerkle lose, purchase viagra, the furthest we will backslide is to 87 women in Congress; 16.2 percent.

Add to this the fact that we saw an increase in the number of anti-choice women elected this year (and lost a handful of proven advocates for reproductive health choices), purchase viagra, and we have created quite a dangerous landscape for women’s freedom, purchase viagra, health, purchase viagra, and quality of life.

So where do we go from here? How do we move forward knowing that women voters didn’t come to the polls to save their own advocates this year? How do we motivate women across the country to undo this damage in 2012?

And will any of us see women hold 50% of the seats in Congress, purchase viagra, state legislatures, purchase viagra, or governorships in our lifetime? At this rate, purchase viagra, the answer is no.

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Jill Miller Zimon is one of WCF’s MsRepresentation bloggers in the final weeks of the 2010 election.

The Women’s Conference, online cialis, an immense and intense three-day gathering of more than 150 influential speakers, online cialis, took place in Long Beach, online cialis, California Sunday through Tuesday of this week. Online cialis, In its last year of being hosted by California’s outgoing First Lady, online cialis, Maria Shriver, online cialis, it added a bi-coastal feature: an additional 500 women in New York City participated via simulcast and the White House Project’s Satellite Summit.

Women leaders, online cialis, full of power from every segment imaginable converged on the site. Online cialis, Everyone from Jessica Simpson to Michelle Obama to Sandra Day O’Connor to Oprah Winfrey and all sorts of people in between attended and dished about everything from breaking barriers to body image.

Cindy McCain and her daughter Meghan McCain discussed mothers and politics, online cialis, the country’s First Lady spoke almost exclusively about military families and Matt Lauer tried to exact an agreement for no more negative campaign ads between GOP gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown.

I watched at least two hours of the events, online cialis, including Diane Sawyer interviewing Supreme Court Justices O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Online cialis,  The highlight for me of that portion was listening to the new justices, online cialis, Sonia Sotomayor and Elana Kagan, online cialis, talk about what O’Connor and Ginsburg meant to them (read more here).

But if you have never heard about what the first two women Justices had to go through just to practice in the field they loved, online cialis, and the kudos they give their husbands, online cialis, then you really ought to know. Online cialis,  The word inspirational gets overused with events like this, online cialis, but it’s hard to listen to them and not feel that way.

Consider this exchange:

“How many women would be enough?” Sawyer asked.

“Nine, online cialis,” Ginsburg replied with a smile. Online cialis, “There’ve been nine men there for a long time, online cialis, right? So why not nine women?”

Why not indeed. Online cialis, GOP candidate Todd “Gender Discrimination Does Not Exist” Lally aside.

You can watch many of the sessions and find a great deal more information here - including photos, online cialis, video, online cialis, how to do more for the causes championed during the conference (like Alzheimer’s) and the hashtag to use at Twitter so you can re-create the tweets that help describe everything as it happened.

Finally, online cialis, for a nice recap, online cialis, check out Robyn Ward’s post in which she includes Shriver’s 10 Ways Women Can Be an Architect of Change.

Five that seem particularly relevant just days before the 2010 general election:

  • Find your own unique voice and listen to what it’s saying.
  • Empower a young woman.
  • Act locally to make a difference globally.
  • Advocate for a cause that you care deeply about. Online cialis, Your time and expertise could help make a difference as a volunteer, online cialis, counselor or board member.
  • Be an informed citizen. Online cialis, Educate yourself about the world you live in, online cialis, share your knowledge, online cialis, educate others and ignite a conversation.

You can almost hear her saying, online cialis, “And don’t forget to vote!”

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Krystal Ball on Good Morning America: Stick to the Issues

Krystal Ball continues to give positive and strong responses to the recent posting of pictures of her from a party. Viagra discount, Yesterday on Good Morning America, viagra discount, Ball pointed out that this kind of negative personal attacks are what continually frustrate voters. Viagra discount, She encourages more people in her generation to run for public office, viagra discount, and not to let any photos from their past get in the way.

Fallin Injects Motherhood Into OK Gov’s Race

Last week, viagra discount, MsRep made clear that women who run for office while also raising a family deserve praise and respect. Viagra discount, But that doesn’t mean a woman who isn’t a wife or mother is unqualified to serve. Viagra discount, In Oklahoma, viagra discount, GOP gubernatorial nominee Mary Fallin wrongly implies that her opponent, viagra discount, Democrat Jari Askins, viagra discount, is unfit to serve because she’s not a parent. Viagra discount, Read more from the SFChron and HuffPo. Viagra discount, In a related story, viagra discount, has nice profile of Askins’ bid to make governor the latest on her long list of “firsts.”

Women’s Groups Give Buck the Boot, viagra discount, With Their Heels On

The Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund has spent a whopping $800, viagra discount,000 on ads that take Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck to task for his “high heels” comment made earlier this year. Viagra discount, Jodi Jacobson reports.

CT Dems Link McMahon, viagra discount, WWE to Female Degradation

U.S. Viagra discount, Senate candidate from CT Linda McMahon and her husband have made millions on professional wrestling, viagra discount, which state Democrats complain profits by objectifying women.

In AK Senate Race, viagra discount, Clear Choices on Choice

Anchorage Daily News reports that all three U.S. Viagra discount, Senate candidates—including Republican primary victim, viagra discount, incumbent and write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski—offer distinct positions on reproductive choice. Viagra discount, But only one, viagra discount, Democrat Scott McAdams, viagra discount, is pro-choice and proudly boasts his Planned Parenthood and Alaska Women’s Political Caucus endorsements.

Do Bad Times Demand Good Women?

The Atlantic’s Chris Good asks and answers that question.

The Demonization of Nancy Pelosi

Daily Beast’s Kirsten Powers examines the use of derogatory comparisons of the Speaker to Cruella de Vil and the Wicked Witch of the West. Viagra discount, Best quote:

Juvenile attacks aside, viagra discount, the GOP has stayed clear of really questioning Pelosi’s competence, viagra discount, and for good reason. Viagra discount, Nancy Pelosi will without a doubt be remembered as one of the most effective and powerful Speakers in U.S. Viagra discount, history.

X v. Viagra discount, X Dispatches, viagra discount, Vol. Viagra discount, 4: Clark Counters Bachmann with Civility

In Minnesota’s 6th District race—the most expensive House race in the country—state senator Tarryl Clark is hoping that her more civil demeanor will win over independents tired of Michelle Bachmann’s combative style, viagra discount, the Minneapolis-St. Viagra discount, Paul Star Tribune reports.

Will Women Voters Come Around Late for Democrats Next Week?

Page Gardner of Women’s Voices Women Vote thinks so, viagra discount, and Caren Turner offers 10 suggestions for a Democratic Party hoping to bring women back.

The Recession’s Impact on Women

Over at BlogHer, viagra discount, WCF’s Jill Miller Zimon reports on White House summit to discuss the recession’s specific impacts on American women.

NC Women Decry Lipstick Ad

State senator Linda Garrou, viagra discount, the Democratic Women of North Carolina, viagra discount, and NC’s Lillian List joined forces last Friday to decry a campaign ad that questions what a woman candidate putting on lipstick “really cares about.”

Islamic Countries Still Lag on Women’s Rights, viagra discount, Equality

The struggle for gender equality knows no borders and no country’s record is perfect. Viagra discount, But two new studies confirm that women in Islamic countries continue to struggle more than in most other parts of the globe.

State Update: The All-California Edition

In California, viagra discount, this fantastic profile by the SacBee of Barbara Boxer and her importance to the Senate is worth reading, viagra discount, and in the governor’s race, viagra discount, Real Clear Politics has an update on Meg Whitman’s last-minute attempts to close the gap on Jerry Brown, viagra discount, who has doubled his lead over her in the past month. Viagra discount, In related story, viagra discount, the LATimes chronicles developments in the closing moments for both candidates in the gubernatorial and US senate races.

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Yesterday’s primaries brought huge victories for women across the country—many who succeeded against great odds, amoxil, such as Sen. Amoxil, Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas and victim of egregious misogyny and racism, amoxil, Nikki Haley, amoxil, in South Carolina.

But the biggest headline we’re still seeing is how many of yesterday’s victorious women belong to the Republican party. Winning the GOP nomination last night were Carly Fiorina for U.S. Amoxil, Senate in California, amoxil, Meg Whitman for California Governor, amoxil, and anti-establishment candidate Sharron Angle for U.S. Amoxil, Senate in Nevada.

Though some of these women don’t share WCF’s views on reproductive health choices, amoxil, I am encouraged. Amoxil, This sudden deluge of victories has forced the country to stand up and take notice of women’s political power. Amoxil,

That said, amoxil, I want to ask these candidates one question: If elected, amoxil, what will you do to advance women’s rights?

Many of you prevailed in spite of the Political Establishment. Amoxil, Now, amoxil, it is my great hope that you will use your hard-earned collective power to help us break up the Good Ol’ Boys’ Club and change the many existing harmful views against women.

It is my firm belief that we need more women in government—but it’s essential that they use their leadership to protect and empower all women in America.

That means working to turn the tide of the Establishment, amoxil, which continually looks to restrict women’s freedoms across the board.

We all know how difficult it is for Republican women to defend reproductive health choices. Amoxil, The party’s vicious attacks against Dede Scozzafava last year were a prime example of this.

In fact, amoxil, RNC member Bill Crocker said in January, amoxil,

“No more Scozzafavas, amoxil, please. Amoxil, No more Specters, amoxil, please. Amoxil, No more Chafees, amoxil, please.”

Dede Scozzafava

Well at WCF, amoxil, we want many more Scozzafavas, amoxil, please. At WCF, amoxil, we constantly look for Republican candidates who do support health choices, amoxil, work to provide a safe haven for those women, amoxil, and find new ways to recruit pro-choice Republican women.

Moderate Republican Woman shouldn’t be a bad word. Amoxil, We want both parties to acknowledge that most Americans believe health choices should be left up to the individual, amoxil, not the government or a politician.

So as the country lies in wait to see how many new GOP women will be elected this November, amoxil, I challenge  these women to take a stand for their gender—not work against it.

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Plavix sale

While Sarah Palin’s laundry list of controversial views has incensed a broad spectrum of Americans, plavix sale, she has been an especially sharp thorn in the sides of feminists. Plavix sale, And with her ever-increasing celebrity status, plavix sale, it seems we just can’t escape her damaging rhetoric.

But things just managed to get worse. Plavix sale, Now Palin is claiming that she’s a feminist? (April Fools? … Plavix sale, j/k? … Plavix sale, No?)

As if we don’t have enough trouble battling blatant anti-woman forces…now we have to face a political celeb who mistakenly identifies herself as one of us? Oye.

With feminists like Sarah Palin, plavix sale, who needs enemies?

It seems that Palin thinks by putting the word “Conservative” in front of “feminist, plavix sale,” she’s able to magically change its intrinsic meaning. Plavix sale, It would be like calling yourself a meat-loving vegetarian—it just doesn’t work. Plavix sale, Their goals directly contradict each other.

Of course, plavix sale, many actual feminists have already refuted and condemned Palin’s false identification. Plavix sale, Simply put by Taylor Marsh, plavix sale,

“Anything less than supporting women’s full individual rights simply renders you a pretender, plavix sale, a fake, plavix sale, a feminist fraud.”

While there has been debate about whether or not you can be an anti-choice feminist, plavix sale, the majority of thought and most of the feminist community concludes that you can’t. Plavix sale, (Basically, plavix sale, an individual’s choice for or against abortion for themselves shouldn’t apply to everyone - but that’s a giant topic for another day.)

As Palin has done nothing but use her own personal decisions to showcase her anti-reproductive choice stance, plavix sale, it’s clear that she doesn’t support women’s freedom to make their own personal choices. Plavix sale, Heretofore, plavix sale, she is not a feminist.

In fact, plavix sale, I would argue that it’s worse than that: Sarah Palin’s politics, plavix sale, views, plavix sale, and approach are actually harmful to women.

I say this especially in light of her battle plans against female candidates who would actually advocate for women’s rights. Plavix sale, In fact, plavix sale, she’s targeting many WCF-Endorsed Candidates.

WCF works to get more women into public office, plavix sale, from both sides of the aisle. Plavix sale, But we, plavix sale, along with many women’s organizations, plavix sale, believe that it’s imperative to elect more women who will defend women’s reproductive health.

Unfortunately, plavix sale, Palin’s recent actions aren’t just threatening to women’s health—her venomous and uncompromising approach to politics harms our entire country.

Many note that Palin and Bachmann’s political approach disproves the idea that women collaborate more than men. Plavix sale, As former Rep. Plavix sale, Patricia Schroeder (D-Colo.) said, plavix sale,

“With Sarah and Michele [Bachmann], plavix sale, they’re not listeners — they want to tell you what to believe, plavix sale, so it’s a very different style than most women in politics have had.”

But at a time when explosive partisan politics continues to deepen our divisions, plavix sale, do we really want leaders who will only continue to tear that expanse further apart?

And I must remind everyone that Palin’s extreme reproductive choice views don’t reflect those of most Americans; who believe that individuals, plavix sale, not politicians or the government, plavix sale, should decide which option is best for themselves and their families.

It deeply saddens me to witness the destruction caused by women like Sarah Palin; who could use their powers for good, plavix sale, not evil; whose goals aren’t to truly empower women, plavix sale, but strip them of their freedoms; who don’t foster much-needed collaboration, plavix sale, but boast how they would further divide; who aren’t a true voice for all women, plavix sale, but tow the line of minority opinion.

As recent elections have overwhelmingly demonstrated, plavix sale, our current political system often fails women. Plavix sale, And Palin’s tactics only further polarize our political system, plavix sale, making it increasingly difficult for women to succeed within it.

I truly hope that voters this November will choose collaboration over division; new approaches over stale partisan politics; and advancing women’s rights instead of turning back the clock.

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As the divisive battle over reproductive health continues, synthroid, both sides continue to declare that their views are supported by most Americans.

But as the Women’s Donor Network’s research has discovered, synthroid, it’s all in the way you frame the question. Synthroid, And when asked about people’s freedom to make individual life choices, synthroid, it seems that most Americans want that right—which includes access to the full range of reproductive health choices.

An excerpt from their Moving Forward research findings is below:



The frame incorporates the word “life” in a new way and prompts people to naturally use language that conveys a set of core American values including individual decision-making, synthroid, responsibility, synthroid, respect, synthroid, freedom and prevention.

By using the word “decisions, synthroid,” we can highlight the more serious, synthroid, deliberative nature of making a choice, synthroid, supporting public opinion for many choices and options.

Birth control is supported by 91% of voters.

In the opinion of eight out of 10 voters (78%), synthroid, the government has a responsibility to ensure birth control methods, synthroid, emergency contraception and the HPV vaccine are safe and available.

A large majority (81%) believe that regarding these important life decisions, synthroid, individuals, synthroid, not politicians or the government, synthroid, should decide which option is best for themselves and their families, synthroid, according to their own circumstances and values. Synthroid,

Both men and women (78%) believe that for women to achieve equality, synthroid, they must have access to family planning services, synthroid, including birth control.

91% believe couples should be able to have access to birth control options.

86% believe that on comprehensive sex education, synthroid, schools can do a good job, synthroid, probably better than most parents, synthroid, on the biological and scientific aspects of sex education, synthroid, but it’s a parent’s job to provide the moral and ethical guidance.

76% believe that for teenagers, synthroid, prevention starts with comprehensive sex education including abstinence. Synthroid, But, synthroid, if we are serious about wanting to decrease unintended pregnancies, synthroid, we also need to make sure birth control is widely available and accessible.

A strong majority of voters (87%) agree insurance companies should be required to cover women’s preventive care and screenings, synthroid, such as contraception, synthroid, Pap tests for cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings.


The current political discussion focuses mostly on abortion, synthroid, but voters want a broader discussion that is more relevant to their everyday lives.

A strong majority of voters (81%) think that issues such as birth control, synthroid, emergency contraception, synthroid, comprehensive sex education, synthroid, stem cell research, synthroid, end-of-life decisions and the hpv vaccine are just as important as abortion.

Eight out of 10 voters (81%) agree that they “may have one position on abortion, synthroid, another on birth control and still a third on end-of-life decisions” and that “sometimes we must just agree to disagree.”

Support for legal, synthroid, safe abortions has been consistent for three decades.

In the view of eight out of 10 voters (81%), synthroid, we should each appreciate and respect our individual opinions.


Our research shows that regardless of religious affiliation, synthroid, church attendance, synthroid, abortion stand or voting history, synthroid, a strong majority of voters agree with key statements that support a broader agenda:

A strong majority of Catholic (81%) and Republican (62%) voters agree that: “The current political debate focuses on abortion. Synthroid, But there is a much broader discussion that needs to happen that includes issues such as birth control, synthroid, emergency contraception, synthroid, comprehensive sex education, synthroid, stem cell research, synthroid, end-of-life decisions, synthroid, and the HPV vaccine, synthroid, that are just as important.”

A strong majority of Catholic (85%) and Republican (66%) voters also agree that: “We need to respect people’s ability to make their own life decisions and not impose our values and views on them.” Support is strong regardless of religion, synthroid, church attendance, synthroid, voting history or abortion stance.


A cluster analysis of our research reveals that a small percentage of voters dominate the discussion of the broader agenda.

These extremely politically active voters are opposed to family planning and comprehensive sex education; their opposition is fueled by moral and religious beliefs.

They largely identify themselves are Republican voters: 81% (14% say they are ticketsplitters; 5% say they are Democrats).

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