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Fire Nancy Pelosi fundraising attack campaign

In case you didn’t think that the 2010 elections won’t be important, and that anti-choice forces wouldn’t pull out all the stops to unseat candidates who support healthcare reform and reproductive choices…

…enter the firey devil version of Speaker Pelosi. Yes, over one million dollars has been raised using a photoshopped image of our House Speaker with flames in the background. Let me also point out that the ridiculous amount of wrinkles added to her face is especially classy.

So out of all the other people they could have chosen to attack, they chose the woman. Shocking.

As Christina Ballantoni from TPM points out, their PollTracker shows that Pelosi is more popular than Republican Minority Leaders in the House and Senate. She also mentions,

“Pelosi, on the other hand, has a wide fan base being the first female speaker in history. What’s more is the GOP has attempted to demonize Pelosi for the last two election cycles to little benefit.”

And here’s a little gem from GOP pollster Wes Anderson:

“The only other person voters are as concerned about is President Obama. They find she shares his ideology but not his charm.”

Ah, yes. We can’t have a female leader who lacks charm! That must means she’s a devil woman worthy of being juxtaposed with evil flames!

What’s really sad here is that this over-the-top tact really works on social conservatives, since they have a tendency to embrace sexist stereotypes and reject powerful female leaders.

Make no mistake about it, folks—this November will be a knock down, drag out battle to protect pro-choice seats and defend against vitriolic attempts to elect more anti-reproductive rights candidates.

The time has never been more vital to ensure more female candidates are elected to protect women’s health and increase our voices at the decision-making table.

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