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Jennifer Brunner gaining momentum for U.S. Senate

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, WCF Communications Fellow

After the DSCC turned its back on Secretary of the State Jennifer Brunner despite her high polling numbers, Brunner is now showing how running an extremely strong grassroots campaign can change the winds of a race.

Yesterday’s article in the National Journal stated:

“DSCC chair Bob Menendez has been upfront about his support for LG Lee Fisher (D) over Sec/State Jennifer Brunner (D) in the May 4 primary. But Dems in OH and DC have begun to whisper that Brunner may just pull out a come-from-behind primary victory. It’s a long-shot, they say, but even those who have worked against her behind the scenes say it’s possible”.

Furthermore, the article infers that Fisher still believes he is going to win purely based on fundraising numbers:

“The Fisher camp still believes the LG will roll ahead to victory and that the vast number of undecided voters will break his way because theirs is the campaign that has the money to communicate in the final few weeks of the race as voters begin to tune in.”

We all know that while money is very important component in a campaign, it most certainly is not a deal-breaker; especially in this particular election. Due in large part to her own party supporting her opponent, Brunner has far less cash on hand then Fisher—but is still managing to nip at his heels in the polls.

And Brunner’s purely grassroots campaign is definitely getting the attention of voters, as there has been a recent gain in momentum—most evident in the world of online social networks. A simple search on twitter leads to many tweets, within hours of each other, with the clear message of supporting Brunner:

Just voted for Jennifer Brunner for U.S. Senate and Oyango Snell for State Senate (15th Dis.). I encourage you to do the same!

Will bolster support as soon as OHDemParty stops throwing Jennifer Brunner under the bus.Shestood4Everone inthe State – no support.

Support Jennifer Brunner – Democratic candidate most likely to beat front running Republican for Senate. http://bit.ly/auUM1i – pls RT

In addition, the blogosphere is beginning to have a veritable field day with this race. The Ohio progressive blog “Plunderbund” published two posts yesterday regarding the Democratic primary, including one titled “Jennifer Brunner gets standing ovation in Shaker Heights, Lee Fisher’s base”.

Finally, Ohio voters and the nation are seeing what we knew from the beginning: That Jennifer Brunner is a force to be reckoned with. She’s an established leader, incredible progressive, and very much needed in the Senate.

There’s less than 3 weeks left until the May 4th primary and over 40% of Ohio voters claiming to be undecided. What will bring a candidate to victory—throwing money at the voters, or driving around on a bus and speaking with them face to face?

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