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Julie Hamos: The right choice for women

This post was submitted by Jean Qiao, WCF Communications Fellow

The Illinois primary is only one week away, and the pressure is on for candidates vying to win the democratic primary. The beginning of 2010 has not been an easy ride for the Democratic Party. With the recent defeat of Martha Coakley, healthcare reform has been put in severe jeopardy—which will directly affect millions of women. Now more than ever, we need strong women serving in U.S. Congress.

IL State Representative Julie Hamos is seeking nomination to be the democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 10th district. Hamos has been a strong proponent for women’s rights for over 30 years, even before being elected to serve as State Senator of Illinois. Prior to serving in public office, she wrote the first laws to protect battered women and co-founded the Illinois State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

In addition, Hamos fought to secure safe shelters for battered women and children in Illinois. With the upcoming reauthorization of the Violence against Women Act, her knowledge and experience with the issue will help ensure a comprehensive act that will protect victims of domestic violence.

Hamos is also a strong advocate of a public health insurance policy that ensures coverage for everyone. With the recent loss of the crucial 60th vote for health care, there is no better time to elect someone who is as knowledgeable and passionate about the issue.

Julie is staunchly against the recently defeated Stupak-Pitts amendment, which if passed, would severely limit women’s access to reproductive care. On Stupak, she said:

“I fundamentally disagreed with the inclusion of the Stupak Amendment into the health care reform bill that would deny women access to reproductive health care. This amendment represents a major step backwards in the fight for reproductive freedoms and its very inclusion in the bill is a stark reminder of why we need strong Democratic women in Congress now as much as ever.”

Out of the 435 members in the House of Representatives, only 76 are women. In a time when members of Congress are jumping at every opportunity to limit women’s reproductive freedoms, we need leaders like Julie Hamos.

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