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Beck and Limbaugh: “Sen. Mary Landrieu is a high-class prostitute”

I know that nothing good ever comes out of the mouths of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Ever. That said, we can no longer ignore the disgusting filth and misogyny that they are spewing over their air waves.

Exactly when did it become acceptable to call a Senator a prostitute? And not just call her a whore, but go on for almost two minutes with a “metaphor” about exactly how she’s a whore?

This vile transcript of Glenn Beck and Pay Gray talking about Senator Mary Landrieu speaks for itself (click here to listen to the audio from Media Matters):

“She may be easy, but she’s not cheap. We’re with a high-class prostitute. Right. You’re not at Motel 6…you’re not in a back alley saying “what do you say, five bucks?” No no no. This one comes to your four seasons hotel room and does it right and doesn’t dress really slutty dresses nice, you might even think she’s the wife of the CEO.”

“There’s nobody that’s going to look at her and say ‘oh my god that’s a whore,’ you’re going to look at her and say ‘oh, wow, she’s classy’ and then when somebody whispers, ‘she’s a prostitute’ you think OK yeah but she’s not cheap.”

“You’ll dismiss it because it’s like well yeah she’s not getting 20 bucks an hour right? Exactly. This is high class. She’s the one when you say, ‘you’re a HOOKER! You’re like you know having sex for 100 bucks,’ she says, ‘It’s not 100 bucks, it’s 5,000 bucks,’ and then you respect her.”

“Then you’re like ohhh. It’s the type of high class prostitute that actually purchases a wedding ring so that when she’s walking through the plaza, people think that she’s actually married to the person she’s walking into. That’s how classy she is. You don’t sell your principles for $50 on a street corner. No no no. $300 mil and a 3 page definition – that’s how you sell your principles.”

Not one to shy away from any opportunity to bash a woman, Limbaugh added on his show that Landrieu “may be the most expensive prostitute in the history of prostitution.”

Why were these chauvinists calling Senator Landrieu a prostitute? It doesn’t matter. This kind of blatant misogyny and disrespect are completely unacceptable. I’m shocked that these anti-woman figures are still allowed to speak in any kind of public spaceā€”let alone paid to do so.

No wonder women don’t have equality in public office, with these kind of attacks on women being launched and greeted with ambivalence and even acceptance.

Speak out against Beck and Limbaugh today:

Email Rush Limbaugh, ElRushbo@eibnet.com

Email Glenn Beck, me@glennbeck.com

Sign our petition to Limbaugh and Beck here.

This kind of misogyny against women elected officials, candidates, and public figures will not stand. If we value women in our society at all, we have a responsibility to speak out against this kind of hateful speech.

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